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  1. The "guys wanted to play for Brady" is over-hyped (though Gronk and AB fit- but AB has been a role player and nothing more). That said, get real. Nobody is going to be like "OH, Ryan went to Miami/Colts/SF, I want to play there now!" Matt isn't even in the same solar system there.
  2. Mahomes is one of the best pocket passers in the league. He just has an added dimension. It's not like he's Kordell Stewart or Lamar Jackson. The idea he's a "running QB" as opposed to a "passing QB" is just idiotic.
  3. No, there really isn't. Other than maybe if you never watched the guy play. Guy makes people crazy with jealousy, but after a while you need to sit back and just appreciate greatness.
  4. Yeah, David Carr was awful. Derek though isn't having a bad year.
  5. Not many second tier QBs throw for over 5k yards, but look who joined that club just last year. And that guy ain't even second tier. Brady, Manning, Wilson, Rodgers, Brees, Big Ben, those are the S tier guys. Maybe even Rivers. Ryan is a **** good QB but he has never been in the conversation of top 5 QBs any year he has played. Even the MVP year people credited Shanny more than him. He's always been in the second tier of guys.
  6. The only one's who choke are the Falcons. Signature move.
  7. Because Luck isn't playing and the longer Matt plays the more obvious it is he's a second tier QB at best?
  8. This is just nonsense. LF Didn't get drafted where he was because he was just a big guy, he has absolutely incredible agility. His problems in the pros have been injuries, pass pro, and attitude (though he may get a JAX mulligan on the last and has improved on the pass pro)
  9. LMAO. So much whistling past the graveyard here. If Brady goes to the Bucs, Falcons are finishing 3rd in the division. Brady has never had the weapons Tampa offers him in his entire career. He's gonna feel about 10 years younger With Evans, Godwin, Howard and Brate.
  10. It cracks me up that you guys are bashing Ryan. And stupidly too. He absolutely makes throws in tight windows. He has solid pocket presence. Yeah, he isn't particularly mobile. So what? Most QBs aren't. He's a **** good QB. Like I said earlier, if you want to understand what is happening to your offense, look at what we are doing now in Tampa compared to the last few years. We haven't had a running game in years, now we do and a RB who Koetter wouldn't play all year last year is having a great start to the season (4.7 ypc). Winston is suddenly playing like a real QB. Ryan's num
  11. Buc fan here. This ish isn't on Ryan, or your OL or Freeman. It's Koetter. He doesn't give the QB options. Many/most of his plays the shallowest receiver is 10+ yards downfield. And he has no skill at calling running plays. The guy is 100% boom or bust. Winston is a lot more elusive than Ryan, and a lot riskier with his throws. He was put in the same situation, sometimes he made things work with his feet, sometimes he made incredible throws, and a lot of times he got intercepted trying to make incredible throws because he had no option and wouldn't throw it away. Ryan won't make plays
  12. Meanwhile, the other Ryan (Fitzpatrick) has 7 TDS halfway through week 2
  13. LOL @ this article. I'm a Bucs fan and even I can see this article is making a mountain out of a molehill. Glad to see we aren't the olny franchise with crap writers taking our players out of context.
  14. You guys are being built for long-term success. I think the Freeman signing was a short-term move though, that will be regretted later) Build that D and then have a decent QB like Ryan to make sure you have sufficient offense to go along with it. You have a **** of a roster right now. The biggest challenges to a Falcons' Dynasty would be Quinn's in-game decisions and the NFC South. Brees is going soon, but the Bucs and Panthers are going to be very good teams challenging hard for the division title, this ain't the AFC East.
  15. Missed, as in the part where I said "only one started at the ATL 25" ? You play it like they were defending short fields repeatedly, but they only had to once. The other 3 were long drives. You were completely wrong. You looked at the end TOP and see that as a cause rather than an effect of defensive failure. But go ahead, run away and declare victory...
  16. Here are the drives: Partiots Drives. # Quarter Time LOS Plays Length Yds Result 1 1 15:00 NWE 25 3 1:23 9 Punt 2 1 10:28 NWE 10 9 5:20 41 Punt 3 1 01:36 NWE 18 5 2:28 53 Fumble 4 2
  17. They were, but barely. This was a sensitive situation and everyone knows what you do during that time - you toe the company line and don't name names. If you are going to start naming names, it's because you are blaming and can't let go of it. Kyle's "16 second playcalls" led to the best year of Ryan's career by a huge margin. Throwing them out there at this juncture as a problem is blaming plain and simple. The O did well. The Pats adjusted and the O couldn't keep it up, but they had already handed what should have been an insurmountable lead to the D. Blaming Shanahan is ju
  18. Remind me who surrendered all those points. Remind me how your offense failed you in OT. Tell me how many points your O should have scored against that great Patriots defense before before they "did their part" to bring home a win. It's OK, we all know the answer already. Your O did **** well against a NE Defense. Your D wasn't up to facing Brady. THAT is why you lost. Everything else is looking for excuses. But yeah, expecting a defense to hold a 25 point lead for a single quarter is just ridiculous in your eyes, right?
  19. So Matt had his best year by far with his least amount of ability to change the plays called.
  20. Don't pay Freeman. Look at how your team is being built. Too many teams put too much emphasis on getting/keeping their offense stacked. Quinn is focusing on building that defense. High quality defense with a competent offense. Ryan >>> Wilson. It wasn't your offense that lost the Super Bowl.
  21. Meh. Atlanty Dalton had a great fluke year, punctuated by a predictable "Matty Ice Choke:" moment and it bumped his stats in a small sample pool. I'll hold off on the "we're witnessing greatness" fanboi-gasms for now, thanks.
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