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  1. True it was a group effort, but we all saw those guys blow plays they shouldn't have at times. DL is worse as a whole than LB I think, but they both need some improvement. Urlachers number seemed to be best with huge Keith Traylor in front of him, same goes with some other linebackers over the years.
  2. youre right they had a good run for a few years so I got them mixed up. The 2000 team made the playoffs with a great offense and bad D numbers. They scored 500+ pts and passed for a ton of yardage, but gave up lots of points. I guess that helps your point, but like you said they had a good D the year before... Either way, the Saints scare me more than any other division rival next year
  3. I see your point, but would you not agree that if their D was improved a little, that the team would improve? Those guys scored a lot of points this year, no matter the TOP they were good on Offense. I don't see how that makes Jason David, Bullocks, Harper, or Fujita any more inefficient. Without looking up stats, I think the 99 Rams and last year's Pats were also fast strike O's, but a little better. They also had slighty better D's, but not by much. Actually if I remember correctly, the 99 Rams D stats were pretty horrible, but I realize they were the exception to the norm
  4. I wouldn't say I'm worried, but the Saints with 1 or 2 upgrades on D should be solid. TB and CAR don't scare me at all...
  5. ok we're on the same page now. I wanted Dorsey like a lot of other people, but for the benefit of the team more than anything. When Ryan was drafted I was behind the guy. I follow NCAAF very closely, and I'm an SEC homer no doubt. I wanted the Falcons to get major OL or DL upgrades in the first round last year, nothing against Ryan... Now I'm reassured, as I often am, that the Falcons GM is a better decision maker than me. For #1 you don't have to tell me, I know. Like many people I thought MV was the great then, but I thought sitting the bench his rookie year was beneficial, and I thoug
  6. 1. that's pretty typical of a rookie QB... Just an example: Vick not starting his rookie year; I think that helped him IMO. 2. Okay, seriously-the condition of the franchise suggested to everyone that the Falcons would not win very many games. I was hoping for 6 wins to be honest. Also I've never thought that the QB alone wins the games. 3. Dunno, I guess it's like playing the lottery. BTW who is "you"? The doubters I'm guessing 4. Like that's not gonna happen. I didn't come on here doing it, but we all know almost every angle has been discussed anyways 5. What's wrong with hope? I ac
  7. not gonna get into the huge debate that is always ongoing here, but IMO the defense was much better back then(Vick days), and obviously receiving TE was way better. With that said, Turner/Norwood is a much better RB combo than we've had since the 98' running game(solely from RB's). I'm excited about the future, again.
  8. Either this is an "I told you so" thread like someone else said, or TS is being extremely sarcastic. What is TS's point? I'm curious, not flaming you
  9. lol, quit pulling for Ravens because of trashy fans, then pull for Eagles! I'm assuming the irony was intended. Best post in the thread man
  10. Sorry I know I'm a bias fool, but the Cards are not a better team than the Falcons. Now they may be better than the Panties, but I don't hold that team in high regard anyway. It's easy for me to get excited about Atlanta's future at this point, but CAR and ARZ are peaking right now, and I'm still not convinced they are championship material. With that said, it's nice to see the Panties getting smoked at home
  11. I know man! Maybe make another thread about Carolina overlooking the Cards!
  12. these two. OMG! 3rd and 16 killed me! All I could think of during the play was "C'mon, lets not do a 4th and 26 like the Packers a few years ago!"; and we did. It's all good though, I've never been this confident about ATL's future.
  13. just what I was thinking, I wouldn't say 2000 and beyond has been a ton better, but definitely better IMO. Most of the guys drafted throughout the 90's were horrible, or left for greener pastures. Obviously there are some exceptions, JA32, chuck smith, travis hall, etc. mostly from the 98 team. Tobeck and Tuggle werent even drafted, plus Tuggle came on board in the late 80's anyways
  14. I agree. The Falcons have a bright future, unlike teams like the Cards. Had they played Philly, or NYG and lost I'd be a little happier, but it's easy to see the Cards are not a good team. blah... Thanks for the awesome year Falcons!
  15. I was feeling strong like bull until Millen picked the Falcons to win... Whatever, GO FALCONS!!!
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