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  1. I don't like the guy, but I think he could help our offense out with his ability to catch out of the backfield. Thoughts?
  2. Now I didn't say all of that lol. Ur bein a little dramatic
  3. I agree with u all the way on this.. It's like when pat Willis was on the board n who do we take??? Ja98 wtf?? I like what philly did, ya u already have desean jackson but I'm still gonna get maclin!! Why can't we ever pick the obvious superstar? We can't draft for ****. Period!!
  4. Do u guys think he'll be an impact olb for us? His tackling was some of the worst I've ever seen n most olb come rt in and a a big impact. Idk I'm a little concern. Anyone else feel the same way?
  5. Man you are so right!!! Ryan is the only first round pick that is a stud.. ja98, baker, jerry are very disappointin. Spoon can't tackle for **** n I wanted us to take dez bryant. We need to take the best player available unless its a Qb
  6. imo he didnt have a good game at all yesterday.. he was leavin his feet on every tackle attempt, n with his ability he should be tryin to running through guys. he is just now gettin back from his injury, so im hopin he gets it together. rt now nic is lookin good on the run support n hes comin downhill makin plays.. anyone else agree?
  7. happy birthday to the best wr in the league
  8. he has locked down his side of the field so far this year!!! i havent seen too many passes caught on him, i think hes quietly havin a great season. anyone else agree???
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