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  1. Do colleges sandbag scholarships for other years to stock pile then. Is that why we only have 19 commitments or what? Whats the deal with only 19 while other schools are in the upper 20's
  2. I am very excited about the energy that coach Fox has brought to the bulldogs. I really hope that he brings UGA basketball to an elite level. I really can't and don't watch basketball at all unless it is UGA or the Hawks playing. It would give me more of a reason to watch the dawgs play.
  3. Anybody got any info on the senior bowl practices?
  4. I am really excited about the coming years with these two guys especially. For some reason it just feels like we just hired a new head coach and defensive cordinator or something. I believe we have really put together a solid couple of coaches for our defense.
  5. Yes we did do it last year. the title would read, "With the 1st pick of the 2009 NFL Draft the Detroit Lions select....". Then people would really just reply I believe. I don't remember if there was a pole or not. The next day we would move to the next pick after a pick had been determined.
  6. Whats funny is that I was listenng to Colin Cowherd this morning and they were talking about the SEC violations. The woman on there google SEC violations and the very first team to come up was Vanderbilt. I just thought that was funny.
  7. I was kind of hoping ol Ed the man could step in. You guys know who I'm talking about
  8. I am pretty excited about the chance for us to become a 3-4 defense. Stats show those are the most confusing and successful at least in the recent history.
  9. Richt zeroing in on Cowboys' Grantham January, 12, 2010 Jan 122:15PM ETComment Email Print Share By Chris Low Georgia coach Mark Richt has amped up his pursuit of Dallas Cowboys defensive line coach Todd Grantham to be the Bulldogs next defensive coordinator. Richt knows he cant allow this to drag on much longer, especially with national signing day approaching. Alabamas Kirby Smart became the third different person to turn down Richt on Monday despite being offered a three-year deal worth $750,000 annually. Several people close to the situation say Grantham is very interested, but doesnt wa
  10. Well my opinion might differ from some of the others, but Peerless was probably a combination of him not being a #1 receiver only benefitting from having an all pro on the other side of him in Buffalo, and not having a true passer being able to throw the ball. Not only did him and Jenkins take greif back then, but I distinctly remember ol Roddy taking a beating as well. Those are all gone now. Things might have been different then then.
  11. Cleveland under Romeo, Dallas under Wade, does this mean he's a 3-4 guy?
  12. Sounds Great!! They talked about him a little bit yesterday during the practice. He looks awesome. Lets hope he pans out well.
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