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  1. New Season! New Coach! New Goals!

  2. Ok...Brady also had the 9th ranked rushing game. He also has a way better line then Matt. No matter what he does it still will be viewed in negative light. I honestly believe that he would have these mitches in here a world of good had he just went down with a season ending injury.
  3. Let's not forget the Miami and Jets game that the defense gave the game aways after we scored at the end of the game (10-6)
  4. I think soccer make more sense then hockey in Atlanta. You have more children who plays soccer and actually like it. I believe the fan base is already here for it. Arthur Blank is a business man and he will somehow sale the idea of soccer in Atlanta. I didn't hear him state anything about creating a soccer team, I thought he said that he wanted to attract the World Cup to Atlanta. The stadium is a business move more than anything else and he knows it only increase the value of the Falcons worth.
  5. Well you think the contracts now is ridiculous, wait until the next string of quarterbacks contracts starts coming up. Cam Newton, Andrew Luck, Colin Kapernick, and Russell Wilson.
  6. I believe Holmes needs to realize that he's not the quarterback and he needs to wait for the snap count. As for Hawley, maybe if would have held his block long enough to complete a pass then maybe Ryan will have faith in him.
  7. We could be looking at a different record had Jackson caught the ball in the NO game. If Tiolilo would have caught the ball in the Patriots game our if the defense would have held up in the Jets game! Offensive line sucks! Defensive line sucks! Now you want to tell me that's it's Matt's fault we are not winning... I call ********! We are not winning because the TEAM sucks period!!!
  8. Thank you guys!! I'm still celebrating at 3:30. Shots of vodka!!
  10. You go sit behind this offensive line and take multiple hit and see how timid and fragile you will become. Matter of fact ask DD how his knee is feeling in the progress. Your quarterback takes hits after the ball is release because your oline is giving up on the play. Blame Matt all you want but he's not the major problem. Is he exempt feom blame?..no he's not but **** he's not the problem.
  11. We want Matt to be a superhero and save this team from drowning. It's not going to happen without the help of his ****** offensive line and 3rd rate receivers!! Need to bring Dirk azz from the box to the field as well. Now I'm not going to say Ryan do not shoulder some of the blame for yesterday lost but I also know he's far from being the problem. It's hard to be successful when you are a pocket quarterback without a pocket. It's hard to be successful when you have no running game.
  12. If Matt is injured and let's be honest...who didn't see it coming??
  13. They are 0-7 not because if their defense. It's because their offense can't score points.
  14. So we are going to fire a coach after one bad season? It's not going to happen!!
  15. He's doing well for a guy that had an iffy oline and no running game!!
  16. You forgot one..No starting Free Safety!!
  17. I think Roddy is the only person to ever speak the truth and apologize for it. It's a known fact that Carter suffer from then demons of abusing alcohol and drugs. I find it a bit of hypocritical of him to belittle Smith.
  18. I don't if I should laugh or be pissed. So I'm doing both at the same time.
  19. So outside of injuries, you are telling me that Stephen Jackson isn't a beast? I am quite sure people in the league feel very different. So your point is irrelevant!!
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