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  1. New Season! New Coach! New Goals!

  2. HFA... Superbowl Bound!!! To N.O we GOOOOO!!!

  3. 6 and 0 twerpbuckets!!!

  4. Just want my team to play like I know they can!!

  5. Just want my team to play like I know they can!!

  6. Ready for this season to start...Hurry up already!

  7. You know what is amazing about this team is that even in a lost we still have a lot of haters!! We must be doing something right.....huh?!?!?!

  8. Just got paid yall...And I have sent my 23.23 The $23 is in honor of Chris Houston, for turning his head around not only in the Redskins game, but the New Orleans game as well. I am very grateful to be part a fanbase that cares. Thank You guys for everything that you all do, especially Rev! May God continue to bless you and your family.
  9. I have had times where payday seems to come very slow. However it's really not coming fast enough to donate to this cause. Friday need to hurry up already so I can send my money. I am very anxious and excited. For me it would solidify my love for this team and coach. I have so much love for this team and organization it's crazy. So please Friday, Hurry up and get here!!! p.s. If this sounds kind of mushy, please do not forget. I am a girl!!!
  10. I want be able to send it until Friday. Will donotions still be accepted on Friday? If so, be expecting my 20.23 on Friday early morning.
  11. Let Coach know I have his back and I will throw in extra for next time!!!!