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  1. You had clay Matthews on the board when u picked peria Jerry a bunch of those picks had better talent available and thats why I've always been a fan of bpa..im not missing out on an all pro or gold jacket guy potential for a need unless it's dire
  2. Id agree with the fixes but again the 4th pick its no one that is worth it that fits into those 3 categories..now if someone is there you go for the fixes but you do that without sacrificing for better talent on the board thats one of the reasons we are in the situation we are in now..going by needs based strictly.trust me im all for fixing the lines defense and run game but if we are in a position where we can't do that..like the 4th u do the next best thing..we didn't make the little quiet moves this offseason for nothing they did those things so they can have more options to move freely wit
  3. But if we can't trade down or don't like the offers given..then what? Its no defensive talent available that's worth the 4th this year..and no not even Patrick Surtain jr..so what do u do? U have to take the bpa..whether that's whatever qb is left if they like them or Pitts chase or Sewell.you have the rest of the draft to fill defense needs and if your creative with your moving around the draft u can get a bunch done..this d fix is going to be a multi year proposition anyway..it was never getting fix this year..you do what u can with the best you have
  4. Welp..that kills all talk of Kyle Pitts at 4
  5. Yeah the more the draft comes the more I just want Atlanta to stay i dont think we are going to rip someone off so if that's the case take the stud at 4 and feel good.
  6. Him being a piller ask me that in 2 years but to me its Just not any defensive player right now to me that is worth the 4th..its either qb Pitts or Sewell for me.
  7. Woah! These numbers are high. They are, however, not shocking. The team has been hard to watch. Having to see the Falcons not know they can recover an onside kick could make anyone wan to go and puff the magic dragon. Todd Gurley accidentally scoring a touchdown is enough for a fan to say, hey hey, smoke weed every game day. Pour up a tall one and check out the in-depth stats at this link: https://www.thefalcoholic.com/2021/4/10/22376529/study-falcons-fans-are-the-drunkest-and-highest-in-the-nfl-crunk-booze-weed-drugs
  8. Lol look if im not setting back a franchise 10 years with that trade im not listening
  9. Yep give me the superstar instead of multiple picks that may or may not pan out..yes its a chance that the superstar might bust too but the odds of that with Pitts being here its low..he's got too strong of a support system to learn from julio rid As he will be a star here within 2 years if not sooner
  10. I will be mad if they trade down and its for multiple next year or year after picks. Ima need bunch this year and a first next something.
  11. Im in the pitts camp I just think he is the best player in the draft and he's literally just going to be sitting here..AS loves te and can use them well just makes too much sense
  12. Yeah like your gonna have to come at me with something amazing for me to even listen to a trade down at this point..id rather them stay and just take the best talent on the board..we likely won't be picking that high again for awhile might as well take advantage..whether that be qb Pitts or chase or sewell.
  13. I feel you and your right i just look at the draft like this we are kinda in an awkward position because we NEED defense badly and we are in position to get a prime defensive talent but its not a 4 to take..so yes u field offers and I feel like what we would be offered isn't worth moving down especially if your talking future picks when we are trying to win and need help NOW..id rather stay put and just pick the best player.now if they think that whatever qb is there is that then okay if they think its Pitts okay..I just want the best value for the pick
  14. Yep..if people are going to go the cost route Pitts now is cheap and is going to be a difference maker instantly and you have him some what cheap for 5 years till u have to pay him..I wonder if we are going to have funds to pay rid..you know he's going to get PAID.
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