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  1. Reminds me of the song by the Zac brown band with the singer from audioslave name is drawing a blank right now (too early) good song..
  2. Who was your cousin
  3. You can never have enough on the line
  4. Lmao I laughed at this can see TD trying to struggle to get out of his chair taped up looking sad with Quinn telling him to shut up while he' on the phone making the pick
  5. Lmaoo it be like that sometimes..
  6. Looks like they trying to win another sb before they have to do something about they big contracts
  7. Nah get that Arizona sweet tea pink lemonade mix like I was just telling yo dude it will change your life lmao
  8. Oh yeah and if you see Arizona sweet tea pink lemonade mix man that's pure heaven in your mouth..I'm sad that I can't find anymore where I am..
  9. Well it would be lasagna that's my favorite dish but it would have to be made by the finest of course..a nice Salad..garlic rolls..and blue bell chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream..I'm simple I could die happy with those things
  10. Arnold Palmers are the way
  11. Yeah that **** is awful might as well just got went for the diabetes and got no ice at all
  12. I bet we double dip on the d-ine round 1 and 2 looks like we will have too..
  13. I don't feel bad for him he decided to stay there.i get loyality but it's about greatness and winning championships and he was never winning one in Arizona
  14. Lol you know everyone thinks they are smarter than they actually are..
  15. Smh sighs I'm beginning to be with you on that .they are approaching saint hatred