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  1. Lol fair enough brother
  2. Seems to be an increase of that around here lately
  3. Don't have to worry about that one thing TD is good with I'd bring creative with the cap trust me Vic ain't going nowhere
  4. Oh yes hope lots of hits and rushed throws in the future..and the best part is they are all young so much room to grow and improve before they hit prime years..
  5. Totally agree don't think we see that happen thing I like about our staff is they do tend to learn from past mistakes and adjust well.
  6. Oh yeah I think the line is going to be a big problem for whoever they face wouldn't surprise me to see us being top 10 in sacks at least.dont think that's far fetched
  7. Very but I don't think they had a choice to though
  8. He's got nothing to prove at this point in my opinion..everyone with common sense knows he had a down year because he was moved from his natural position now he's going back full reason why he isn't a double digit guy again.
  9. The hero we need and the hero we deserve...merica f*ck yeah!!
  10. I think we win the first 5 games honestly I think we match up well with really anyone on our schedule
  11. I hope it translates year one but for all accounts dude is as good has advertised so I can't wait to see him
  12. Hey got a secret for u...logic doesn't reign supreme around these parts lol
  13. Difference a couple of years makes doesn't it