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  1. Let's hope that Carries over to this year and going like to see the numbers of this venture to say not too high
  2. Hindsight..and julio was worth every bit of that trade.
  3. Dude is elite regardless of what ppl want to say he proves it year after year
  4. So pretty much clean the line up and watch matt pick apart it.
  5. Idc just bring in ppl that's actually gonna be a help to the lines and not a liability..get Julio and Grady taken care of first then do what u have to do.they have a 100 million dollar qb..all that doesnt make a difference if he is running for his life.stop talking and get the **** done.
  6. Gtfoh with that seriously...tired of yall trolls
  7. They aren't playing ****...
  8. Looks like the falcons aren't playing around..idk how to feel about this move.but got to trust the brains behind the operation.only question is who's next
  9. The losses begin.......
  10. Well if that is the case this time I'd take ford..we need more nastiness on the line.big reason I missed Harvey daul dude was nasty af and didn't care.
  11. Well guess what chiefs fans..welcome to moes..get over it.
  12. Just another thing for brees and the saints fans to ***** about.good the right guy won..good on mahomes.the hits keep super bowl trophy no mvp trophy lol do not pass go do not collect 200 dollars
  13. I'd take Oliver and hope to God some how jonah slid down far enough and try and trade back into the first and get him.yes I know wishful thinking.