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  1. I can see that especially with the coaches already kinda hyping him up.hopefully the rush will help him out has he grows but I think we got a good one
  2. Of course davison is gonna overshadow Senat.the staff is gonna give davison every chance to succeed/start and senat is just going to be another falcons myth never to be seen or heard from again.i hope I'm wrong about that and both of them show out
  3. You just made my stomach hurt with the thought of james carpenter starting at LG jesus christ save us from such a day
  4. Oh nice catch guy and yeah I'm sure you did say it to his face.
  5. Nah one part I highly respectfully disagree with is the 42 28 come back..I hope every time we play against shannahan doesn't matter the uniform we stick to him as much has we can..I'd prefer the 2016 green bay buzz saw treatment complete and utter defeat sad faces/sad body language on the side line and then after the game have to answer questions about how he choked again.then after that if u want the nail biter SB go forth and treat yourself.
  6. You already know he wouldn't..that's the problem with social media..givea way too much power for cowards to sit behind a phone or computer screen saying whatever garbage comes out knowing good and well when push comes to shove wouldnt say half the **** they type to someones face in real life..
  7. Will forever be my favorite falcons player period. Man wore my bday month and year 10/84.he didnt become a problem when we drafted julio..he payed it forward helping julio become the pro he is like how joe horn helped him.and the best part he HATED the saints.broke my heart when we released him.
  8. We have a winner...his camp could have waited till after the super bowl to start that contract crap..he would have gotten paid regardless.i will always have a small bitterness toward him for that.
  9. Yep and your an idiot nothing to see here folks
  10. On top of his throne looking down on all the peasants
  11. Yeah that's great and all but like I said earlier in the league your gonna be judged off of your super bowl wins and losses and hes had 2 horrible losses that stigma is gonna be on him till he shakes it
  12. Yeah I hear u that's great and all he can produce historic offense and scheme wins regardless of QB play and suspect o line play but what's the point of all that if you cant finish the job?? You do all that and cant win the big one because ultimately at the end of the day in this league that's what your judged on wins losses and super wins and losses..same way matt is criminally underrated in the eyes of the public because of super bowl wins and losses.its easy to be able to scheme wins and over come spotty qb play and a sus online when you have a world beating Defense..give matt half the talent that defense has and we have at least 2 rings.
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