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  1. I agree the playoffs for alot of teams start now..I feel like every game is an Elimination game at this point
  2. Dude sit down and shut up..the man lost everything and paid back literally his debt to society and Is doing the right things and is active spreading the message of animal cruelty and helping kids with his story..what more do you want?? Ppl like you would rather watch that man die than see him do actual good and be an example.
  3. That was God awful never say those names around me again
  4. I just want to see them handle Seattle like they did green bays crippled bunch last year..beat the teams your suppose to beat.
  5. That's fair too..that's why I miss DiMarco just a mistake to let him walk felt that way then and now
  6. True but they need to figure that goal line offense and how to score consistently because we might not always have the luxury of having a 345 pound Dt blowing up multiple defenders
  7. The same folks that call a rookie that' hasn't even played a full year yet a bust and doesn't want him to touch the field.
  8. I said In another comment not every rook we draft is gonna be keanu or deion..we just been spoiled the last couple of drafts folks expecting world beaters every draft now and if not they are automatically bust when they don't play up to standard.
  9. Pretty Collins in the dime but leave things has is
  10. Much like this we all had some unrealistic expectations including think duke was gonna be Debo clone and come in and set the world on fire..he is a rookie yall regardless of whatever outlandish expectation you put on him..not every rook we get is gonna be a keanu Neal or deion In point everyone was screaming how campbell sucked and wasn't as good has Jones but look at him now..just saying some stuff takes time.let him work special teams and if DQ wants him out there on defense then so be it...he's got to learn some time.
  11. Man Snelling was so reliable hurt when he retired so of our better rb/fb
  12. Funny to see McCown up there lol think he would Retire by now but good for him and low and behold our reigning map is still top 5 desire the cluster uck around him who knew
  13. I'm not more advantage for us and we need every bit of good luck and fortune for us going forward during this playoff push