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  1. Yeah Columbus in certain areas are good the area im in is solid
  2. I didnt know the guy went to my high school and lived in the same city..and this town has gotten bad with crime,just this to it..very sad situation.and his defense is "it was her idea"
  3. Thats the nature of football..from the outhouse to the penthouse and vice versa..
  4. Of course he is smh..when will the injuries stop? And quite frankly he should have had knee surgery and get it out the way..but do we let go free and keep coleman
  5. I critique hard and i praise when its earned.
  6. Exactly ppl won't let go of the sark narrative..and **** i was one of them i was one of the main ones with my torch and pickfork..but idk what happened but hes turned it around and the offense is clicking..and yes he has a few headscratchers playcall but that doesnt take away from the overall body of work.hes done good so far his arrow is trending up..its just a **** shame the defense is decimated when the offense is just finding its way again
  7. Didnt we spend alot of time with Karl? I think we were linked to him quiet a bit
  8. Isis beard thats horrible but i laughed
  9. Boy im telling u if desean would have caught that lol
  10. Id rather him not if it means he gets hurt worse..our luck is not good with that
  11. If he got away from reed i was going to legit turn off my tv and be done lol
  12. I was about to say my god