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  1. Dont forget that block by sanu too definitely was a part of that run
  2. Big facts could have been worse
  3. Would u want to be part of any of that honestly? We dont know what else has gone on behind the scenes to make ppl want to jump ship.
  4. Via Pro Football Talk Per a league source with knowledge of the situation, multiple Dolphins players contacted their agents after Sunday’s season-opening blowout loss and directed them to attempt to engineer trades elsewhere. The players believe that the coaching staff, despite claiming that they intend to try to win, aren’t serious about competing and winning and by all appearances have bought into the notion that the Dolphins will take their lumps now in the hopes of laying the foundation via high draft picks for building a successful team later. --- Only players I know on that team is 1st round pick DT Christian Wilkins, GA Boys- John Jenkins, and Reshad Jones That team is like the titanic I predict a fail of biblical proportions with them this year and if I'm a player and I had a choice I wouldnt want to be apart of that either..I just feel sorry for tua if he indeed gets drafted by them..
  5. Where do you find the podcast???
  6. Yeah I can see that I'd rather have a coach pissed and show it like the rest of us then be ehh we will get it next time and look like he not give a ****
  7. Just ******* great lol we can not just not get hurt smh
  8. Lol I'm not letting this team run my blood pressure up no more..I'm at buffalo wild wings I'm just gonna enjoy some good food and my friends **** that.
  9. Yeah **** and improved run defense though right?? New and improved o line right? My ***
  10. ******* awful jesus christ I'm done
  11. What happens when your being harrassed all day long
  12. Welp here we go sighs
  13. Which is pathetic in and of itself