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  1. That's awful don' say that
  2. I mean that's fair but that might not be saying too much
  3. Pretty much **** em is what I say and the whole lot of em
  4. I felt like we have to restock on offense..namely the line..and a rb to replace Coleman and a fb I still feel like one of the biggest mistakes was them not resigning DiMarco.
  5. Lmaoooo omg
  6. Can u post that particular tweet??
  7. Please post that I've never seen it lol
  8. Lol I'm just enjoying the start of my offseason
  9. Nope aints and aints fans aren't real all of them can crawl back in what ever piss filled sewer they came from and bathe in it and this loss..
  10. You think those ******** would feel bad for us if we were in the same position? **** no he can suffer with the rest of em and I hope he dreams about it and it haunts his *** all offseason..SUFFER
  11. Nope suffer *****..him and all those bag heads..all that posing and **** talking for what?? Have seat.
  12. Okay whoever has twitter yall need to tweet this and make this a thing #thankyoudiggs