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  1. facts lol i pop in there once a day just too much football ignorance for me
  2. roddy was never not mr falcon to begin with
  3. lol the main falcons group is TOXXXICCCC when it comes to matt
  4. its the equal of when we had kerney abe coleman and jackson it was suppose to be *** beating..just another what if
  5. espicially if he wins a ring retire the number period
  6. yep 10,000 per offside 40,000 per holding call false starts 15,000 oh pass interference 100,000 gonna learn to turn your head to the ball today
  7. yeah the lines and defense is going to be a multi year fix anyway i think we all know that and have made peace with it
  8. why did i read this and hear micheals and collinsworth talking lol
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