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  1. Hold on what did gronk sa
  2. All I felt was vindication every time we scored..every time we hit brady..and when he sat on the bench by himself dejected I thought we finally made it...the guys played there **** hearts out only for everything they did to get taken away by ******** decision making..I'll never forgive shannahan for that..robbed a whole fan base a city of exercising 50 some odd years of losing and what if's and wishing it was us just to **** the bed because he was too busy trying to be a head coach of a **** team and now we are a bigger joke than we ever were **** him..I will forever hate the day March 28 now..I won't watch that game many ******* ppl worked there *** off to get there...I feel bad for Babs that was his last ride and we could even send off the right way..I'm done talking about it because it just brings up terrible feelings because and I'm in a good place this morning and I'm going to stay there.**** that.
  3. Totally agree with that we are built to last I can't wait to see what happens this year
  4. Yeah but with the way we were playing last year we could score at any's speculation of course but I just think he would have hit something big..but yeah we just completely abandon the run after it had been working just alot of mistakes were made that caused our demise
  5. Also to add there was pics of that play from Matts perspective and he had Gabe and Aldrick coming free and if free had caught Hightower who knows what would have happen..I think it would have been a big play or touchdown had he had the time..but what could have been
  6. What ever happened to spot on DTAN?
  7. Probably not Sadly but then again I said that about Alford and tru and was wrong there
  8. Af
  9. I know..if anybody I feel bad for him the most..I think he would have won mvp with how he played..definitely a star doubt he picks up where he left off this season.
  10. Infinitely..I love every bit of it
  11. Man I hope so I really really do
  12. Yeah I don't want to imagine a world with out Julio..nope
  14. I never said OKC had a team of bums but let's be real here look at the two rosters where would u rather be? Golden state gave him the best chance to win period..let's just be realistic..if he stayed it would have literally been him and Westbrook..Westbrook WAS his team this year.and if I was Westbrook I'd get the **** on too while I was still in my prime and have a chance to win can't hate KD for bring smart and doing that