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  1. Just means also we can kinda do what we want in the draft
  2. Yeah that was just sheer frustration right there..
  3. Yeah I know smh I'm ehh on the new new Jerseys
  4. Meanwhile the bucs new Jerseys are clean as ****..when back to the old school look..was hoping we would have done something similar.
  5. It's a thing..that's why ppl say the refs definitely were pro Pats.when I saw that stat I shook my head and said of course
  6. Watch they take him at 16 lol
  7. I sat there with a S.E. grin on my face the whole time...the media actually thought they stood a chance with a destroyed secondary..Aaron Rodgers or not he stood no chance He makes that last pick hes probably mvp of the super bowl
  8. Dude we just steamrolled and marched to the superbowl I'd never seen a Falcons team just impose its will like it did..the only games we lost are the games we literally Beat YOURSELF.other than that other team stood no chance.just crazy.
  9. Never thought about that hmm
  10. We will never be that good ever again.and that hurts the worst.
  11. There was multiple guys coming free when Freeman missed that block..I read somewhere saying as much..Ryan could have picked where he wanted to go but of course we all know what happen
  12. I stayed off social media that whole week..I couldn't between the memes ppl trolling I couldn't.
  13. That's awful like to see the meltdown right in front of your eyes..I was watching with friends and it's a pro falcons house it was high fives screaming..and I remember thinking holy **** we might actually win this..then the screams went to complete utter shock and we just watched someone die..I just took off my Jersey went home and went to sleep.didnt even take of my clothes from the night.
  14. I understand it took me awhile to get over that..I cant imagine being the players having to own and live with that
  15. Dude I'm so sorry like your better than me..I take the falcons VERY seriously because its something me and my grandpa use to watch together before he died I was close to punch the **** out of that Pat's fan especially if he was relentless with his taunting..idk if I could have been at that game with that took me a while to get over that idk if I could if I saw it first hand