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  1. Draft game TE Kyle Pitts QB Kellen Mond RB Javonte Williams RB Khalil Herbert DE/OLB Quincy Roche CB Kelvin Joseph OG/C Michael Menet S Richie Grant S Andre Cisco DE/OLB DeAngelo Malone OT/OG Walker Little RB Elijah Mitchell DE/OLB Gregory Rousseau CB Patrick Surtain QB Justin Fields QB Trey Lance DE/OLB Ronnie Perkins DE/OLB Jordan Smith LB Cam Mcgrone CB Ambry Thomas WR Marquez Stevenson S Tyree Gillespie CB Tyson Campbell OT/OG Kayode Awosika CB Keith Taylor Jr DB Mark Webb TE Brevin Jordan DT Jonathan Marshall WR Dazz Newsome DE/OLB Janarius Robinson QB 2. DE/OLB 3. S 4. RB Round 2 Round 1 Safety
  2. Draft game DT Javon Kinlaw S/LB Tanner Muse LB Patrick Queen S Grant Delpit CB Amik Robertson RB Clyde Edwards-Helaire RB Cam Akers CB Trevon Diggs DT Neville Gallimore DE/OLB Darrell Taylor DE Yetur Gross Matos C Nick Harris LB Logan Wilson OG Robert Hunt OG Jonah Jackson DE/OLB Curtis Weaver OT/OG Jon Runyan CB Jeff Okudah CB John Reid CB CJ Henderson CB, DT, OG, RB, S, DE CB, OG CB
  3. Really solid against the run but doesn't get any opportunities to rush the passer. I think he is athletic enough but the staff is set on this 'rotation'
  4. The conservative nature of Mike Smith...That's why.
  5. What you are forgetting as that our defense actually showed up in a big way against the elite QBs like Drew Brees, Eli Manning, Peyton Manning..etc. We just had trouble with the mobile QBs.
  6. One game, I think it would be extremely difficult to argue the fact that our coaching staff is committed to playing a very conservative style of football.
  7. First off, I am very happy that we have began to find some success in this league, but it is becoming painfully obvious that the formula that this coaching staff has instilled simply will not get the job done against quality opponents. Our entire philosophy is built around being conservative, taking very few chances, and limiting mistakes. From the outset, it is a very solid philosophy that can win many football games. The evidence of this is in our record from these past few seasons. We have absolutely no problem handling teams that we are supposed to beat, but often times get manhandled against teams that match up talent-wise. I asked myself this question: How many times have we had a dominating performance against a quality team since this regime came here? Honestly, I can't recall one. To beat quality opponents, teams have to develop special attributes that help them get over the edge. You have to have creative schemes and a killer instinct that makes you want to dominate your opponents. Unfortunately, I just don't think we will ever develop these attributes with this coaching staff. Finally, picture this: Matt Ryan and Redman are out. John Parker Wilson is making his first start. John Abraham is gone for the year. Roddy White leaves the game. What kind of performance do you think we would have gotten out of our team? Well, the Texans had a very similar scenario and still beat a potential playoff team. That shows resolve and give their coaching staff credit for being very prepared. In the end, I definitely feel like Mike Smith and his staff have taken us as far as we can go under their direction.
  8. I don't think it is a guarantee that we find a quality LT in the 2nd round. We can find a quality TE, CB, S, or RB. My gut tells me that we will go best available TE in the 2nd round. I still think we can grab an elite type of talent there.
  9. I think we are gradually moving towards a Matt Ryan lead offense. I don't think we are going to line up and give the ball to Turner (or any other RB) 300+ times anymore. You just don't make a huge move for Julio Jones if your plan is to keep the offense the same. We won't completely abandon the run, but we definitely won't be running the same type of offense that we have run in the past imo.
  10. Like everyone else, Sam started out slow. He really picked it up as the game went on though and looked very solid.
  11. Matt Ryan should be first on this list. I understand it is only preseason, but I am not a believer in the myth that a power switch can just be turned on once the regular season starts. He has to learn to stop playing so cautious and take a few risks. This is the time to be practicing taking shots down the field and working on adding that "explosive" element to our offense. It is no logical reason for him to check the ball down or throw it away that many times.
  12. Of course. He hasn't had his big payday yet. This is his chance and I really don't blame him if he is looking to cash in. We just need to step up and do our best to keep him. If he gets out of our pay range, then we just have to let him go.
  13. I think it is a good chance that Jenkins gets cut. If not, I definitely feel like we will try to restructure his contract. He will be making way too much for a #3 or #4 WR. Especially since we have some key guys to resign.
  14. I think part of the reason why some Viking's fans really don't like Edwards is because of his talk. I heard somewhere that he predicted that he would break the single season record for sacks. Overall he seems like a very confident/borderline cocky guy that might rub some people the wrong way.....especially when he doesn't back up his talk. I still think he is a very good player who is just entering his prime and can contribute for many years.
  15. Doubt it. These guys are trying to earn a living and Clabo is trying to land his first big contract. I'm sure he would like to stay, but we better act like we want to keep him here.
  16. I think our rotation had more to do with the fact that all of our DEs have severe weaknesses. Both Biermann and Abe struggle versus the run and neither JA98 nor Davis are very good pass rushers. I think the rotation was more about utilizing their strengths while covering their weaknesses. Edwards would instantly become our most "complete" DE with the ability to play all 3 downs effectively.
  17. I thought he and Robison rotated quite a bit? They must have saw something in Robison to pay him that much money. He also did miss two games because of injury.
  18. I think the idea behind grabbing a FA DE is getting someone who is not only productive, but is also young enough to give us multiple years of good production.
  19. Underrated thought- Tyson Clabo is setting up these workouts. Most guys who are potential FA's are sitting at home trying to protect themselves from injury. Hopefully this is a sign that he has a good chance to be back.
  20. Michael Turner is not going get 33% of the snaps next year. I expect his touches to go down between 260 and 290. We will still run the ball, but we made the move to get Julio so that our passing game can evolve.
  21. Because at this point, Edwards is the superior player. He has double the sacks that Biermann has had in the past two seasons and is a much better run defender. Biermann is better in a rotation and helping out on ST's. Even if he does become a 7+ sack guy (which he has not proven) we still need to continue to build our pass rush with the possibility that Abraham will be gone after next season. Edwards is already a very solid player in the run game and as a pass rusher. But the fact that he is only 26 is what leads me to believe that he still has room to grow.
  22. The thing about Edwards is that he is almost as good as you are going to get in FA. Everybody wants a double digit sack guy, but those guys rarely get a chance to hit the open market. Even if they do, you see them get paid these outrageous contracts that can cripple a franchise. If we can get Edwards for 5-7 Mil a year, I would be pleased. He isn't an elite DE, but he is definitely very solid in all facets of the game. He is still young at 26 and has yet to reach his ceiling. He is a guy who has proven that he can get a team 7+ sacks a year and should be able to help out our defense for awhile.
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