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  1. lol im ending this argument its the same thing hes gone we let him go thats cut/trade/get the **** out of atlanta same thing
  2. march 20 - Traded CB DeAngelo Hall to Oakland for a second-round pick in 2008 and a fifth-round pick in 2009 thats pretty much a cut in my book
  3. ***slams foot to ground*** DANG I WISH THE FALCONS WOULDNT HAVE CUT ME
  4. hahaha this has made me laugh i mean really who cares about white black latino everyone wants to see big plays i mean we all loved vick because he gave big plays. NOW Matt is our hope thats why we love him hes a smart QB if matt ryan was black and played like he did we would still love him so seriously people who cares
  5. look im not supporting him lol im just saying cuting someone from the team and putting a rookie in his spot (harry douglas) isnt the most smartest thing in the world and i mean he made a mistake theres a reason why hes out there and were talking about it online. But dont get me wrong i see your point yes he screwed up but get off this post and read the others GET RID OF JENNINGS, JENNINGS SUCKS i read the same thing about ryan thats all and if its all vick **** suckers im sorry lol
  6. haha i thought it was a nasty hit i couldnt stop laughing, i didnt mean to get anyone riled up lol i was just putting milloys side out there hahahahha
  7. lol.... whatever you say buddy ive read to many topics about how matt ryan hasnt thrown from more than 200 yards in the first 3 games or how he throws the ball away instead of being sacked. btw i wasnt talking about everyone on this **** board i was talking about the people who bash the **** out of this team but when were winning brag and boast so thanks for the comment and i know Jennings has had one good return and one touch down and also 551 yards in his career. But if im not mistaking rossum was in his place for what the last 3 years so yeah let me say this one more time "dont get me wrong im liking a lot of the post that are up here but i mean come every week its something else 3 weeks ago it was get rid of ryan this week its jennings witch btw he isnt that bad he had a bad game it happens thats football
  8. Posted on Sun, Oct. 26, 2008 Milloy stands by hard hit on L.J. Smith By Phil Anastasia INQUIRER STAFF WRITER Lawyer Milloy looked like his first name: Three-piece gray suit, striped dress shirt, silk tie. Standing in front of his locker in the visitor's dressing room, Milloy made his case: He's a seasoned veteran. He knows the rules, both written and unwritten. And he's not a cheap-shot artist. "I didn't play 13 years in this league to get labeled as a dirty player," Milloy said. Milloy made perhaps the most memorable play of today's NFC clash between the Eagles and Atlanta Falcons in Lincoln Financial Field. The 6-foot-tall, 216-pound safety for the Falcons delivered a thunderous hit on Eagles tight end L.J. Smith early in the fourth quarter. Milloy was flagged for unnecessary roughness on the play. He might hear from the NFL office about a fine or suspension. But he was adamant after the game: He was just doing his job. "I'm not a dirty player," Milloy said. "I hope he's OK. But when the quarterback is looking that way and his eyes get wide and he throws the ball on a rope, I have to do my job." Some of the Eagles were upset because Smith was defenseless on the play, and the football already had ricocheted off another Atlanta defender. "It was bad. It was a bad deal, man," Eagles wide receiver DeSean Jackson said. "It wasn't a good thing to see. The ball was past him [smith] and he had no chance to catch it. Milloy, he knew he shouldn't have done that. He admitted it, so we just go from there." Eagles quarterback Donovan McNabb said the play was "devastating" to watch. Eagles coach Andy Reid called it a "bang-bang deal" and exonerated Milloy. "It is an emotional game, and sometimes things happen," Reid said. "I hated to see it happen to L.J. He was having a heck of a game. "That's part of the game. Lawyer is not a cheap-shot guy, that's not his deal. He's been in this league a long time, and he's a clean player." Eagles cornerback Sheldon Brown saw the play from the perspective of a defensive back who has been in Milloy's cleats. "Did I think it's dirty? I'm not gonna say it's dirty because I don't know what the guy saw," Brown said. "Did the guy put his forearm up? If you put your forearm up, to me that's better than leading with your head. I mean, he's going to get fined. Anytime you hit somebody and they don't get up, you're going to get fined, regardless." Smith sustained a concussion on the play, which occured with 11:55 remaining in the fourth quarter, and did not return to the game. His status for Sunday's game at Seattle is undetermined. Milloy said he was focused on Smith and didn't realize the pass had been deflected. "I didn't know it hit off my player," Milloy said of the football. NFL officials have been vigilant in levying fines against players this season for hits that are regarded as unnecessary and/or dangerous. Milloy said he knew he might be hearing from the league office but was careful not to inflame the situation. "Everything is under the scope," Milloy said. "From hits like that, to our socks."
  9. agreed but hes a rookie the same mistake could come up fumbles questioning getting hit **** like that but that or norwood
  10. Sorry im on a blog site not a resume. I will start using commas and **** if it make you smile lol. Have a nice day
  11. Is there a message board wheres theres actually people who know what there talking about/ like the falcons dont get me wrong im liking a lot of the post that are up here but i mean come every week its something else 3 weeks ago it was get rid of ryan this week its jennings witch btw he isnt that bad he had a bad game it happens thats football and i knew sunday watching that game that all i was going to read on here was how bad the refs were but really think about this 1. jennings "should have called a fair catch" but he didnt the refs didnt have the view that we did there on the field thats life we cant change that 2. we got ran all over sunday but i think we did pretty well against the pass our corners looked good 3. phillys defense is one of the best in the league witch i think we did pretty **** good agianst 4. ryan threw an horrible pass that should have led to a feild goal or a touchdown on that series 5. HAHAH and i cant help but laughing when talking about this BUT THE HIT ON L.J SMITH WAS AMAZING LOL un called for but AMAZING i almost pissed my pants lol 6. ALL IM SAYING PEOPLE IS LETS GET BEHIND OUR TEAM AND BECOME FANS WITH SMART COMMENTS ABOUT GAMES OR PREVIOUS GAMES THATS ALL IS THAT TO MUCH TO ASK THANKS
  12. agreed everyone is blaming turner but we were going up agianst a good defense turner will come threw in time
  13. SERIOUSLY PEOPLE MATT RYAN IS A ROOKIE THATS IT NOT TOM BRADY OR THE MANNINGS think about it we played two good Defenses and two NOT GOOD DEFENSES and we did really well as a rookie team in all 4 games i mean **** people we were predicted to to be 0-4 right now we are at 500 be a **** fan of your team let vick go HES NOT YOUR QB ANY MORE HES NOT COMING BACK VICK IS NOT A FALCON ANYMORE MATT RYAN IS I mean **** white couldnt stay on his feet harry douglas droped 2 or 3 key passes i mean were struggling in a lot of other possitions other than QB think about it we hung in there agianst carolina we just couldnt get in the end zone on 3 of the red zones attempts thats football we are a rookie team not a superbowl team [size="4"]SUPPORT YOUR TEAM STOP TRASHING YOUR QB AND BTW VICK IS GONE,DONE,NEVER COMING BACK,NOT A QB ANYMORE thanks
  14. nah man if you watch the replay dunn had the ball on the white line and if touchs that at all its a TD but i did see where his knee was down but im going to have to say td man but we played a tough game and we are a young team thats all there is to it
  15. Matt ryan did well for it being his second start as a NFL QB and it wasnt the lions. He had pressure and he made a lot of mistakes but who doesnt!!! Big props for our D-LINE it was an outstanding defensive game although we need a lot of work in our secondary if tampa had a better qb in there i personally think the score would have been a lot worse.(from deep balls) But back to matt he was lost out there making quick choices that he shouldnt have done, he was intissapating hits that werent coming,and i think he needs to trust that O-LINE that i thought did a very good job protecting him. He was too mobile he needs to stay in the pocket where he belongs because we all know that this isnt BC but i think he learned from this game that its time to step it up and were not facing teams that have a D like the lions. like i said HE WILL COME THROUGH BUT GIVE HIM TIME 1 loss isnt going to kill us we will come out strong agiasnt KC
  16. Whats up people im a huge falcons fan just like the rest of you but im living in Raleigh NC i go every year to the bank of america stadium. But the one thing i hate most is the panthers and there fans. But honstly the panthers are looking good as much as i hate to say it. But after watching the chargers not getting into that back field im courious if john and jamal will be able to get to that guy the call a qb. And will our cb's be able to hold smith while covering the rest of the field? Thoughts and answers?
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