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  1. well **** im in Raleigh holding it down, all these **** panthers fans everywhere. Cant wait to fly that **** flag around these parts btw we need to get a spot to watch the games at everywhere i go is pantie fans im getting overran here people lets make this happen 2-0 against the pantieeeeeesssssss
  2. about the tickets i found out Approximately 7,000 tickets to the Carolina Panthers NFC Divisional Playoff game will go on sale Thursday, January 1 at 10 a.m. throughout the Carolinas. Ticket prices range from $62 to $400 and can be purchased one of three ways on January 1: online at www.ticketmaster.com, Ticketmaster Charge-By-Phone and Ticketmaster Ticket Centers. More o yeah get ready cus will be there and so i will WITH MY BEARD WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO
  3. its just constant nagging its horrible ***babbbby shave it its soooo ugly*** ***fine see if you get laid*** ***my mother hates it too shave it shave it** i hate life hahaha
  4. so this seems petty but im kinda big on superstitions about three or so weeks ago i started growing my beard back right after we lost to the saints well the wifey is trying to make me shave it and what she says goes but this is serious if i do and we loose i will possably kill my self any thoughts??? p.s if we beat arizona does anyone know how much the tickets would be for the panthers-falcons game
  5. dallas loosing to the ravens -- there D is sickkkk and bucs without gracia not looking good for them ither
  6. didnt have possession as he was going down little bit of juggling
  7. ok first its about being loyal to a guy who has stuck threw the trenchs when **** was beating at our door he could have left just like everyone else did when the YKW situation was going on but he didnt he truley loves this team. but he deserves the respect of any player on this team and in the nfl but no people **** on him and tell him to leave atlanta. and second joe horn being a mentor to white come one seriously thats a ****ing joke horn is overrated and hasnt done **** in the last 2 years and was there to play with YKW and im willing to bet his *** wished he would have stayed but i see your point CRANK that he is gettting older and needs to retire and become a linebacker coach or something but its the other people who just want to make him walk the plant and have no respect to him or anyother player like him that really pissess me off but i do see your point
  8. ok so were talking stats KB has 57 solo tackles this year lets get someone like brian urlacher he has 66 thats not a hudge diffrence but i bet when the bears loose they dont blame it on BU what do you think
  9. i mean think about it its kinda like on here when someone makes a dumb post and says dumb things should we kick them off the team for doing that now now now ronnie would that be fair because im pretty sure you would be gone
  10. haha so what does brooking have to do to get everyone to shut the **** up about him i mean 10 tackles last game what do you want INT'S and sacks i mean he cant do it all
  11. BECAUSE YOUR NOT BEING CONSTRUCTIVE OR CRITICAL your being a ****ing **** head your shitting on players, hating on our team, making your self look like a jack *** your not a fan your someone who comes along when were winning well we lost so **** off see sunday when we win
  12. i mean its straight up embaressing we have fans on our boards talking **** about our team not critics im talking about **** talkers SUPPORT YOUR TEAM OR DONT BE A ****ING FAN
  13. yeah burn your falcons gear and become a saints fan your a waste id rather have loyal fans than people like you F'N TROLLL
  14. yeah other than get the most tackles on the team
  15. dude haha i didnt read any of this i just wanted to count how many times you commented on your own topic hahaha
  16. read what you quoted then get back to me its not about frustration its about respect for our team and funny how our D isnt good but about 3-4 weeks ago out D was amazing and no one could stop JA55 or Foxworth so yea end topic read before you speak thanks
  17. i agree but what can you do i mean we gonna fight online lol
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