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  1. New york chicago and i think Cali all have them http://espn.go.com/newyork/ im kinda jealous and want a espn atlanta =( anyone know when we might get one? i mean with UGA braves falcons thrashers and hawks why not???
  2. when i found out in december of 07 that petrinos gay *** just up and left i was watching t.v and in my fit of anger threw my remote and cracked my lcd haha it worked out wife got me a new one for christmas lol
  3. BirdzEyeView and peyton you see what t.o has done to yall already and hes not on the falcons lol
  4. he would help think about it when t.o is on the field he is always doubled that leaves tony g open, white man coverage, harry open, and even norwood in the flats he is a good blocker for turner but on the bad he does have a rep but if he is there for one year what harm could he cause plus i think smitty would put him in his place lol
  5. either trade him or put him on Oline lol maybe he will be good there
  6. they said the same thing about steve smith when he first started lol
  7. look at the video hes running people over he did in high school too but also look at steve smith or sproles both small and tear it up with speed and drive
  8. true but he has great drive and good heart who knows just thought id add it
  9. played ball with my dude at garner NC and even though hes small hes a beast check him out even though its to late ive looked but havent found if hes been picked up yet or not if not hope we grab him With the NFL Scouting Combine a thing of the past now, one wide receiver who has been getting a good amount of hype from all the major sports Web sites is the speedy little receiver from Kansas State, Brandon Banks. Banks went into the combine projected as a very late round pick or perhaps even becoming an undrafted free agent pickup after the draft, but the performance the speedster displayed was very impressive for an athlete who stands at 5'7" and 149 pounds. Now, he is a lock for being drafted in the second half of April's draft. At the combine, Banks displayed very good hands, route-running ability in the field drills, and a burst of speed going in and out of his cuts that might leave defenders in the dust who are trying to run with him. A full-time starter at wide receiver for Kansas State in the two years he played there after transferring, Banks played much bigger on the field than his size would say. Banks finished his career at Kansas State with 123 receptions for 1,754 yards and 10 touchdowns. He also had one rushing touchdown and returned five kicks for touchdowns too, four of which were in 2009 alone. In a conversation this journalist had with Banks' representation on Thursday night, one play was recalled from the end of the 2009 season. "Banks caught the ball, but then was hit hard by Nebraska's [Ndamukong] Suh, and even though he is smaller, his toughness and size allowed him to bounce right off of Suh breaking the tackle," said Banks' rep. "I'm still trying to get that play on film, but I guarantee it would get a lot of attention once posted online." He may be small, but Banks displayed confidence in a pre-NFL Combine interview this journalist had with phone via a phone call. He still ran the 40-yard dash well, posting a time of 4.43 seconds which was tied for the fourth fastest time among the receivers. Banks brings his talent into the NFL Draft, but he will bring an explosiveness that many teams are lacking on offense and on special teams? He may only play on special teams in his rookie year, but Banks will instantly upgrade the return game for many teams that lacked in that area in 2009. The following, in no particular order, are teams that may be interested in picking Banks in the second half of April's draft. article
  10. im so glad we have some f'n fans somewhere wow what has happened to this board shat that was a great game looking forward to seeing them again and beating the deadskins next week GO FALCONS
  11. can everyone shut up about this matt ryan has lost it ohhhhhh noooo we suck agian SHUTTTTTTTTT UPPPPPPPP... we played a really **** good team today who has destroyed every team they have faced this season isnt over and we still have a lot of games to play so if you want to be a vick fan or a ryan hater either buy a vick jersey from eagles.com or find a new team LETS GO FALCONS oh yea AND MATT RYAN IS STILL MY QB.......... HATERS
  12. nah man i feel ya i was just saying there team is adding more and more fuel to there fire.
  13. i got you and your fam in my prayers. keep the faith he works wonders
  14. im pretty sure miami lead the league last year or maybe the giants one or the other in fewest turnovers and we got 5 lol so out D isnt that bad good pass rush and good run stop. But we will see. and beason was talking about the players and fans lol not just fans pats will be the test for defense
  15. normally i get to listen to the two live stew's until 3 on 620 the bull here in Raleigh but after the pacman show comes on, so every once in a while i indulge my self in listening to some panthers fans crying about how bad there QB really is..... LOL Well today they had mr john beason on and he went on saying its going to be a fist fight and how the panthers are hype for this game and us falcons are walking around with smiles on our faces and we dont know what were in for hahhahaa and im hoping hes not right.... that were sleeping on this team cuz there coming to prove a point and if we shut them down all we will have to worry about is the saints i cant make the game this year so get hype and shut these panthers up so i will see you all in carolina in nov for the part 2 *** beating the panthers are about to receive row 1 on the 10 away side holllla LETS GET IT
  16. this would make since if i actually wrote what he said but yea he got my name and wrote a gay comment in there buddy
  17. wow kid get laid please would help this board as well as the world so save up your lunch money for about hmmm lets say 3 months find your self a cheap hooker and go to town if ya know what i mean lol if not ask your pops to tell ya about the birds and the bees story for a night night bed time story
  18. never agree your post that has all the trolls going mad is wack and you dont know football thats why i called your twwwat *** out
  19. hahaha i was just talking about jedi and the twat anarchrist now i guess im shitting on the f@ggg to haha FLAME ON
  20. lol wow gay war now holly **** and i thought the kayne thing was funny tonight
  21. hahah i work to jobs buddy but i enjoy reading what my fellow falcons fans are talking about. not why there arguing about or jedi fighting with some kids everytime ive been on as of late thats all i see
  22. that means you **** i read your ignorant post watch football kinda like with the bills the get t.o, but when they pass it to him ooooooo all they do is throw t.o the ball. Well what do u think they brought him in for hahhahahaha welcome to the NFL KIND SIR
  23. not worried about the panthers stop the run stop the panties
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