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  1. haha whatever you say buddy
  2. i know right its the first quarter and there all ready to burn there falcons jerseys way to show your true colors boys
  3. LEARN TO TACKLE to many missed sacks in the backfield and way to many missed tackles in the open but the offense looks great other than the O line but i think that will be taken care of with time... But imagine our D line with edwards in there UT OHHHHHHH and not to mention Dunta head hunting when hes back LETS GO FALCONS
  4. lol lets make it -100. hahah horrible post what did you expect roddy to go 4 catches and 100 yards with 2 td's its pre season game one pump those brakes and pull your head out????
  5. why???? weems has great speed and OK hands why not give him a shot more often down field instead of strickland lol really
  6. HD looked amazing but props to our starting defense as well held it down for the first half
  7. i mean i see your point on if your not gonna return it let a rookie do it but why tweak a hammy or get clocked on the sideline and then what we dont have a returner but post was about him as a receiver not returner
  8. lol wrong thing then sorry still dumb to pay when you can watch for free aka bar or free web site
  9. its preseason why get hurt on punts lol
  10. exactly and without finn, weems could be a good third down guy
  11. Hopefully we wont have to use him too much
  12. Looks good..... Thoughts??????
  13. Nope its 20 a month and 50 for the year F THAT and thanks to all those who post the free sites
  14. Too many missed sacks but that will all change when mr edwards gets started Lets go falcons
  15. my thing is the pats won numberous playoffs and super bowls off adam vinatari(however u spell that name)... and they get all the credit in the world. But when we do it..... OH LORD WERE SO LUCKY AND SHOULD 5-6 F THE SAINTS and really they should have lost to f'n dallas lol CRY ME A RIVER AINTS FANS also am i the only one that loves that the panthers are 1-10. haha im in heaven in raleigh nc, waving my falcons flag every day
  16. try living it i already have 5 bets on the season. **** i hope we beat them twice i will be a rich man lol.
  17. your rite sorry i moved to north carolina 5 years ago, and i dont come back to GA to see friends and family. I should just switch to the panthers and everything else because im living in NC now. STFU so for those of us that live in NC or anyother state we have no imput thanks for clearing that up (doushe)
  18. and to all yall saying be carefull what you wish for, or espn sucks are the same mf'rs crying about how we dont get respect, and how everyone says we suck every year. and please click the link before just shitting on ideas its quite nice
  19. no **** i was talking about sports not how big a city is, the cubs=suck bears=suck Bulls=are getting better and for everyone who didnt click the link its not just PRO sports teams it has everything in the area so what i was saying is we have great fans who follow there teams so with a big *** city we should have one thanks....
  20. true but i mean north and south carolina has tons of braves fans. It would be smart for them to get start it up i mean chicago really?
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