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  1. cant win in the post season without a running game
  2. Thats true but matt ryan is still putting up great numbers and is being considered mvp thus far turner not so much most of his stats come late in games when were running the clock up
  3. Its always great to see bradys look of shame after a loss
  4. so lets just not run anymore then lol its a waste of downs
  5. yes it is did you watch the game today two players had negative yards turner had 33 lol our running game is no more
  6. No one can disagree on turners lack of yards or how all he does now is run to the line and fall down
  7. I think so.... Oakland is horrible on stopping the run and made us look like children Turner - 11 attempts for 33 yards with an average of 3.0 yards a carry LONG OF 9 matt ryan had almost half of that lol Seriously guys im going to say cut him and ship him out but **** this is horrible every time i watch turner run he does the same thing..... RUN TO THE LINE AND STOP Blame the o-line if you like the stats dont lie the decline is increasing TD needs to find another jem and bring him in because turner isnt burning anymore
  8. you can tell because turner said he did it out of respect to LT "After scoring, Michael Turner flipped the ball and posed like LaDainian Tomlinson during his Chargers career. "That was for L.T.," said Turner, Tomlinson's former understudy. "I know he was probably watching the game. Gave him a little love there."
  9. no you and the others are morons, where is there racism.... because we want our to team to move on from the vick BS or is it because we like ryan and know hes a good qb IGNORANCE IS BLISS
  10. Im just ready for the midway part of the season when all of the trolls throw there laptops out there windows. Who cares whos a better QB vick is gone Ryan is our QB its just effin sad that its been what 2-3 years now since hes been gone and there are still people making post and wearing vick jerseys Time to move on and hope ryan can win big games But racism lol....... ok its called a opinion
  11. Will this vick is better than ryan talk stop??? I mean its gone on long enough VICK ISN'T COMING BACK PEOPLE LET IT GOOOOOOOOOOOOO Cheer for your team and the QB thats behind your center if not become a eagles fan LETS GO FALCONS 1-1
  12. LOL go back to page one and read the OP's post you start out with rodgers talk saying matt ryan is no where close hahah look at the stats from last year there almost equal with major year differences. so please stop your making your self seem more ignorant and not a fan of this team.... PLAIN AND SIMPLE MATTY ICE ISNT GOING ANYWHERE GET USED TO IT LETS GO FALCONS
  13. and also look around the dome how many number 7 jerseys do you see???? its pathetic if you cant buy a new jersey wear a red T
  14. the point i was saying was be a true fan not completely rip on our QB and front office over one bad game im all for demands and hoping for more with our teams but there is a reason we are fans and they are playing/coaching and look at the original post and rethink your comment
  15. Sanchez also came into a great defense and o line matt ryan had no time to throw down field
  16. LOOK around the fourms you and others and horrible fans talking about how the season is over and getting luck with the first pick its week 1 bro and yea i left out passing attempts because completion rating takes care of that
  17. do some research buddy rodgers 7 years experience ryan 3 last year rodgers- 65.7 completion rating, Yards 3,922, TD 28, INTS 11, QB rating 101.2 ryan- 62.5 completion rating, Yards 3,705, TD 28, INTS 9, QB rating 91.0 so please think before you speak no one said he was better we are just tired of hearing how we need a new qb when he has turned this team around 13-3 is good right ?????
  18. Its the first game of the season and all i see on here is how we stink and the season is over lol ITS THE BEARS you do realize they were in the NFC championship game right ( i think that means they might be good) But yea TD is horrible and hasn't helped get us back to back winning seasons SMH
  19. i love how some people call them self's fans.... When we win they "called it" when we have a bad game ryan and the rest of the team is horrible lol cheer for the team and shut up please.....
  20. i mean really.....? what do you want him to do the bears are coming right through our o line give him a break hes still a beast
  21. couldn't have said it better
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