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  1. I'm sure you'd agree Foster is one of the best at this right? So far. 13 for 22 with a 1.7 ypc. I know what you're trying to say but Dline penetration stops cut backs. Gap control. There's no where to go and I don't care how good u might be. The game of football is won in the trenches.




  2. Now since you're so smart. Look at what the top backs are averaging a game in carries. 20-25. Turner 14. Can't get on me on this. I'm not on anybody balls I'm just giving I facts. Now since u trying to turn it into a disrespectful post then I can pm u an address to meet me at an tell me personally to get off another mans balls. You dont know me like i dont know youY'all Internet gangstas is funny. Now. YOU do more research. If you're good at math add it up. Put turners carries in average with the top backs with carries and ypc. Most backs have 50 more carries than turner so u missed the whole point of my debate. I don't disrespect any man on these boards so I will say gn to you.


    why is it people get mad when proved incorrect???

    But whatever you say GANGSTA Raleigh NC if you want to throw fistacuffs of stats and yards

    HAHAHA good night buddy

  3. Look dude. We can have a football discussion but please don't try my intelligence. I said a back EACH WEEK for just 11 carries. U failed to show ONE back that had just 11 carries and was effective. Turner had 13 carries for 103 on Carolina. 16 for 80 on SD. Quit playin wit me dude. Turner had a 4.4 ypc going into this game today and is still carrying a 4.3 ypc after the game. I'm still waiting on the 11 carry backs that were effective. We can all pull good weeks out for backs. Pull all those backs career numbers up smart guy. U killin your own argument bro.

    LMFAO your insulting your own intelligence how about this instead of going week to week

    As of last week Turner was ranked 15th with 73 attempts for 324 yards with an average of 4.4 yards a carry

    longest run of 27 yards and only 2 20+ yard runs oh and yards a game is 64.8


    get off turners balls

    heres the link http://espn.go.com/nfl/statistics/player/_/stat/rushing/sort/rushingYards/year/2012/seasontype/2

    Do some research

  4. Well since there is no RB here that can do better than Turner and we have no one on the PS that will make a difference, I guess we're just on the way to another playoff disaster, huh? You two are right, no running game in the playoffs will be a huge issue. No sarcasm honestly. Is it a done deal already?

    If so, that's fine. Always next year.

    well ill contradict my self for a second New England or Colts never had a outstanding run game so theres hope

    but my point is why waste 1st and 2nd downs with pointless runs when we could take a shot down field to out playmakers????

    Because oakland wasn't fooled by the run today lol

  5. The one play that showed me that turner is nearing the end was the play on the goal line where he was stopped dead. 2 years ago he would have walked in or ran over those two guys that stopped him. Not now he was too slow to the hole and it closed then he didn't have the power to run them over.


  6. Since 2008 turner is only second to Peterson. Lynch didn't have big numbers today, neither did peterson. Fosters line is excellent Long story short u gotta have good blocking. McCoy does not always put up big numbers and neither does rice. You gotta feed your rb to have efficiency as well. Turner had just 11 carries today. That's not enough. Show me backs that get it done with ONLY 11 carries each week??? I'll wait

    I wont even make you wait long

    Lions running back mikel leshoure 15 carries 70 yards avg 4.7

    DOUG MARTIN - 13 attempts 76 yards avg 5.8

    DeMarco murray- 14 attempts 93 yards avg 6.6 (on the RAVENS Bet there were open holes there)

    Ahmad bradshaw- 27 attempts for 116 yards avg 4.3 ( against the 49ers)

    do i need to keep going


  7. It's about the holes. If there are all these holes that people supposedly see that Turner can't fit through why can't Quizz fit through them? Oh that's right there arn't any holes.

    so there have been no holes for the last year and half lol

    ill re-post after the eagles game

    but just watch turner does the same thing every game

    just trying to open eyes blink.png

  8. I think some of y'all look at the game but don't watch it, others don't know the game, and others learned the game from madden or fantasy football. There's a whole lot more to a good running game than having a speedy shifty elusive or power back. There has to be push up front. Or a zone blocking scheme where the running back picks the lane and cuts back. There are plays when the line gets good push and we get 4+ yards. But mostly dlines have gotten good penetration.

    dude look foster, adrian peterson, mccoy, sproles, ray rice, and my favorite marshawn lynch (horrible OLINE and puts up great numbers)

    but all of those guys are the best of the best. they dont always have open holes but some how walk away with better than a 3.0 yard a carry game

    just go back and look at the game film turner runs to the line and stops every other team I watch finds a open hole thats all im saying

    does the oline need work YES

  9. Lol. U really gonna bring up one game and one play? What has Shon Greene done for a career. The goaline is the hardest place to run. Shon will probably never do that again on the goaline. They smacked the **** out of turner. It's a difference when teams are told to go high/low on a rb like they do turner. NO TEAM is gonna just let turner run. Elusiveness doesn't make Greene better than turner. I see elusive backs get shut down every week.

    no one said green was better than turner i was proving my point on turner runs to the line and falls down

    other running backs can at least get 4-5 yards a carry

    turner had 3 yards a carry today

  10. No they don't. No RB is consistently gonna run over 320 pound dlineman making a hole. It's all line push. No push no run. Dline gets push, loss of yards. Oline gets push, lanes to run through.

    did you see the jets highlights?? shonn green had someone in the back field as soon as they snapped the ball what happened


    us goal line smacked in the mouth for a loss BY THE RAIDERSSSSSSSS

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