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  1. with steven jackson we can actually run the ball and keep our defense off the field. Instead of having to throw on 1st,2nd and 3rd downs
  2. Almost every game last year i saw turner run to the Oline stop then fall down and almost every time i watch steven jackson he cuts makes plays and actually looks like he wants to win something BRING THIS MAN IN
  3. i was just thinking about how nice it would be to have a running back that could score when we were in the redzone
  5. LMFAO why is it people get mad when proved incorrect??? But whatever you say GANGSTA Raleigh NC if you want to throw fistacuffs of stats and yards HAHAHA good night buddy
  6. he was trying to mock a previous post and failed lol
  7. LMFAO your insulting your own intelligence how about this instead of going week to week As of last week Turner was ranked 15th with 73 attempts for 324 yards with an average of 4.4 yards a carry longest run of 27 yards and only 2 20+ yard runs oh and yards a game is 64.8 THATS NOT GOOOOOOOD BUDDY get off turners balls heres the link http://espn.go.com/nfl/statistics/player/_/stat/rushing/sort/rushingYards/year/2012/seasontype/2 Do some research
  8. well ill contradict my self for a second New England or Colts never had a outstanding run game so theres hope but my point is why waste 1st and 2nd downs with pointless runs when we could take a shot down field to out playmakers???? Because oakland wasn't fooled by the run today lol
  9. Moral of the story is if you have your kid with you dont get involved with drunks or people arguing if you dont want your EGO POOPED ON Let men be men if someones shitting on a OLD PERSON in raiders jersey then yeah stand up and say something other wise take your kid home and hush hush
  10. I wont even make you wait long Lions running back mikel leshoure 15 carries 70 yards avg 4.7 DOUG MARTIN - 13 attempts 76 yards avg 5.8 DeMarco murray- 14 attempts 93 yards avg 6.6 (on the RAVENS Bet there were open holes there) Ahmad bradshaw- 27 attempts for 116 yards avg 4.3 ( against the 49ers) do i need to keep going REMINDER WE PLAYED THE RAIDERS
  11. I can pick any team in the NFL and find a play doesn't change the fact that a horrible run defense stuffed us on 1st and goal then 2nd and goal then 3rd and inches lmfao
  12. so there have been no holes for the last year and half lol ill re-post after the eagles game but just watch turner does the same thing every game just trying to open eyes
  13. Would Quizz or Snelling be a starting running back on any other team in the NFL????
  14. dude look foster, adrian peterson, mccoy, sproles, ray rice, and my favorite marshawn lynch (horrible OLINE and puts up great numbers) but all of those guys are the best of the best. they dont always have open holes but some how walk away with better than a 3.0 yard a carry game just go back and look at the game film turner runs to the line and stops every other team I watch finds a open hole thats all im saying does the oline need work YES
  15. no one said green was better than turner i was proving my point on turner runs to the line and falls down other running backs can at least get 4-5 yards a carry turner had 3 yards a carry today
  16. back to the point the answer to my question is YES we need another running back or at least some help every other team has multipurpose running backs if we cant run we become one dimensional and ryan feels the pressure
  17. did you see the jets highlights?? shonn green had someone in the back field as soon as they snapped the ball what happened SPIN MOVE FOR TOUCHDOWN us goal line smacked in the mouth for a loss BY THE RAIDERSSSSSSSS
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