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  1. I think securing a top notch DT in this draft just became that much more important.
  2. I wouldn't trade up either but it does say for #35 so that would be 2nd round
  3. I think you're getting the seasons mixed up. This is not to say that I disagree with your overall point, but they year Beasley played like Abe wasn't the season our defense was top 10. It was the year after where we got Poe after the SB season and our defense was top 10.
  4. I can concede to the cap strapped perspective. Great point. Idk where I made a stretch though. The numbers are the numbers, injured or not. I didn't distort anything. Those are Fowler's sack numbers and those are Beasley's. Ok I see I put an extra number on there for Fowler. He had 4, 8, and 4 sack seasons I agree that they both haven't lived up to expectations. But you can't debate a career high of 16 and a career high of 8 sacks.
  5. "Nope. He had one great season as a pass rusher, but his career so far has been terribly inconsistent. BTW, I’m not saying rams are being any smarter than falcons are being. Overpaying for mediocrity is a recipe for good teams quick return to mediocrity." So when I originally posted you took every part of my post except for the above and then replied with "nope." I hope it's understood why I would think that you were saying Fowler has had a better career than VB. In regards to distorted sack numbers, isn't it always considered availability is a part of the package. It certainly impacts contracts. As far as trending up, both players have had "anomaly" seasons...Vic's was better. Comparatively speaking we got a better deal. Can only speak on the numbers present not the numbers wished, especially with the way things look in FA we don't know how things would have turned out otherwise.
  6. I agree both decisions are very suspect. I disagree that Beasley hasn’t had a better career than Dante Fowler. Just looking at sacks which is really what they are both used for. Ok Fowler can play the run a bit more but not sure how we can make claim to Fowler having a better career so far. Fowler is 4, 8, 2, and 2 in sacks Beasley is 4, 16, 5, and 5 in sacks
  7. Hasn't Beasley had a better career overall tho? Anomaly or not...Beasley was the sack leader for the NFL and Fowler hasn't come close to that. If we're truly making comparisons between the two, then the OP question is a valid question. No?
  8. Agreed about Jordy Nelson but you do realize GOAT means greatest of all time. That acronym is definitely being used too loosely these days.
  9. Thanks...I think I knew that but it totally slipped my mind.
  10. I'm inclined to listen to him, not only because of his elite status and career as an OL because not all elite players become good coaches/evaluators, but because his som turned out to have bad combine numbers if I recall correctly but went on to have a good rookie season.
  11. Tbh I saw Cameron Wake...
  12. Disagree with this a bit. He basically said the only thing he is SURE about is LT and C. And then he mentioned going back and looking at the tape. It seems clear to me that the tape revealed much more in the way of how well Sambrailo played in limited opportunities.
  13. Maybe I haven't seen it but are you able to be specific about what you don't like about Sambrailo?
  14. This honestly tells me that we are going for one big name in free agency. That big name imo will not be DT or OL, but will be an Edge defender. Sambrailo will be a starter. His versatility to play G or T will allow flexibility in FA and/or the draft.
  15. I haven't been on here too much lately so I apologize if this was already posted, but I have my DVR set to record anything with the tag "Atlanta Falcons" and by my surprise Damontae Kazee did an interview on FS1 about the season and his life. A decent interview and some insight into him on and off the football field as well as growing up. If you can find it, then be sure to check it out. Here's a snippet I found on Youtube below. Again if already known, then please delete
  16. Those one or two game Allen played nickel corner 2 seasons ago, he was balling. Idk have the inside knowledge and comparison tape to see who is better for the defense. Obviously the turnovers are a big deal but those small nuances in regards to bailing out your DBs I’m not sure about. But based on what I’ve seen. If Allen can play nickel like he did and Kazee can continue this turnover trend, then that would be the move I make. Maybe Kazee plays nickel better and is dominant there. Maybe it’s a consistent 3 safety look. Either way I’m excited to see what happens and have a feeling Quinn, being the turnover lover that he is, will find a way to incorporate Allen and Kazee on the field in the best possible way. If not, then I will for sure be disappointed.
  17. Yea man I was trying to find the whole interview but it wasn't anywhere so hopefully people are able to find it because it was interesting. I think he will definitely continue to shine no matter what position he plays.
  18. I'd trade that high 3rd for a low 2nd and get him there personally
  19. Dominicans in my experience
  20. Some of these responses in here are pretty despicable. I hope some people in here re-evaluate their outlook on things.
  21. I'm going to spin this positively and say that he is too busy in the lab getting prepared to be the #1 offense next year
  22. Ok so I said the same thing in an earlier post. We’re on the same page. Now the question would be who from last year’s OL are you keeping as that one spot aside from Jake and Mack of course.
  23. We will invest in 3 OL in the offseason but don’t get your hopes depending on that 3rd one to contribute next year. That’s very rare and extremely lucky
  24. So the numbers showed his pass blocking but not his run blocking and although I saw the TD quote from the Adam schefter podcast, I think you could still protect your QB with a solid run game. That's not to say you're wrong because we showed that in 2016 with Chris Chester.
  25. Here's the thing. We're not replacing 3 spots with quality OL in one offseason. That's not to say it hasn't happened before but that it's rare and lucky. So I'm personally preparing myself for 2 spots to be resolved with quality OL (1 free agent and 1 draftee) Next, I understand that one of these 3 will be starting on the OL next year --- Sambrailo, Schraeder, or Fusco Finally, I am hoping that with the above understood we still draft a future years replacement to one of those 3 for the 2020 season. If we do the above, then to me that does 3 things: 1. Opens up an opportunity to get one of these top DTs in the draft 2. Allows us to be financially responsible and still resolve 2 major holes 3. Sets us up for future success depending on the talent and development of the backup draftee