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  1. Fanbase had a decade of Julio/Roddy then Julio/Ridley that they're a bit overzealous on the idea of a #2 WR.
  2. I blame myself for this dialogue. I never mentioned anything was ok, but I would imagine your post was created in such a manner mainly because you thought DLed asked the question right?
  3. He wasn't the one that asked the question
  4. Davis isn't going to come close to Turner first year for sure, but Davis may get to where people ACTUALLY thought Turner would be at. If we think about that, then that's a plus signing, which is what I'm thinking the OP was getting at.
  5. I'm sorry but anybody who thought Turner whose highest yardage total at the time was 500 yards yards 2 TDs was going to churn out 1700 yards and 17 TDs his first season here is bs-ing. You may have known he was going to be good, but not THAT good.
  6. To me a 1st rounder is a 1st rounder. Now vs later only makes you FEEL better. The only variables that REALLY matter when discussing 2022 1st rounder vs 2023 1st rounder is - What team do we get the 1st rounder from? - Did the team have a better or worse record between 2022 and 2023? - What players are coming out? (Always a variable) If we're thinking we can leverage that 1st rounder for a future QB, then 2023 may actually be more valuable than 2022. There's not a lot of love for the next drafts QBs right now. It could always change, but I think that's my point. If we simplify it, then a 1st rounder is a 1st rounder. As far as the 5th, I'm with you there. I was really just throwing out a round. Didn't put much thought into it about actual solid trade compensation.
  7. The way I read that and admittedly this could be projecting, but I'm thinking if it's a first round pick, then it's most likely a 2023 1st rounder instead of a 2022. That's not to say other compensation wouldn't come with it like a 2022 5th rounder or something of that nature. But for first round I'm think 2 years from now.
  8. Bruh you haven't learned from the draft that they don't show their cards. All this "TF hasn't shot down the idea" isn't any indication at all that there is or isn't "fire behind the smoke."
  9. Agreed. With Mayfield never playing Guard before I think he will more than likely need a year. That leaves Gono in the lead for that spot me thinks.
  10. Yea that's exactly why. Deflee one of the best looking girls that's ever been on the show.
  11. She's from the Real World and also has been on MTV's the Challenge and she won one of the seasons she was on as well. She's pregnant right now too.
  12. That's what I'm saying. The 4th round will tell the story for DL, meaning what they think vs what we think isn't complete yet. If they pick one or more up in the 4th, then I'd say they do think the same about the DL as we do.
  13. I was just saying this to my brothers during the first round about RB. I think the team is comfortable with the RB position, namely Davis and Cordarelle. I can see us not picking one up until UDFA. For DL I think this 4th round may tell the story.
  14. I'm not saying we don't. Although I've seen the worst of teams take a turn after a culture change. The big thing still remains that a lot of ppl are mocking off of need. IF, big if, we believe TF, then the convo really should be who's the bpa at 9, 35, 40, etc. More difficult to determine admittedly once you get past the first two rounds
  15. Interesting take. My only issue with the conversation so far is that people are still mocking off of need it seems. It's either you don't believe TF when he says truly BPA, you haven't adapted your mind to it, or you truly think the need is also the bpa. I see the word "need" a lot in this thread. The above is wild to me because we don't need a TE, but everybody seemingly is on the Pitts train. So it's like bpa if we stay put at 4 and need based if we trade back. I don't think a trade back changes the approach of TF.
  16. Well I hear you on that. I said a couple of weeks back, of the main options there's probably no wrong move. It's all a matter of preference at this point. There's data, examples, etc. of every angle discussed on here.
  17. I understand what you're saying but simply put you're leaving out two very important things. 1. Value of the pick 2. The power of "If"
  18. Perfect! No argument necessary about. If the players, who are most affected by it, can move forward, then so can we. That simple
  19. I haven't seen Hawkins but somebody posted a thread about Gainwell and I didn't really get the hype.
  20. I'm not on the "draft a QB" train but this is a good article and I definitely can see the perspective. I'll "dawg" you for annoying posts and I'll celebrate for good ones. This is a good one.
  21. Yea that's not impossible at all. As they continue to evaluate, opinions are confirmed, changed, adjusted, etc. When a new FO, HC comes into a building, then it's like a corporate hack-a-thon. You don't throw out any ideas all the way to actual action. You make moves before then that may lean a certain pathway but it doesn't eliminate the other paths that can be taken. I'm sure they created some Point B and there are checkpoints that fall within that, but they are never so specific that you can't deviate when needed.
  22. Surprised nobody said this yet, but it might not even matter if 49ers pick Lance anyway. If this is true, the decision could be made for us.
  23. No it's very possible there are difference of opinions. That fosters a great environment. Nobody is obligated to agree or disagree because of who said it. You can even expect that on draft day to an extent. With that being said, it's not even that big of a deal for them to differ as long as no long term animosity is built out of the situation.
  24. You're responding to my post that says if there is a viable LG option, then that works as well. I'm truly confused by your response.
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