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  1. No motivation is not a coaching issue at this level. Climbing up the corporate ladder for almost 15 years and having to depend on people who have the need for external motivation is the worst team experience I've had. The best is having teammates and peers with internal motivation and then you come together for a common goal. I promise you that motivation is not a coaching issue. Can't cop out lazy players like that.
  2. The issues with the team are overstates by the OP and that's why he wants to trade Hooper. We fix passrusher and CB with a healthy OL and we're a much better team. SS, LB, RB and C are luxury right now. Many other teams have done better with worse. Namely our most hated rival. The above with better coaching changes A LOT. Not losing Hooper in the process helps tremendously. We have a true replacement for Sanu in Gage. We've all seen it. Jaden Graham is not a replacement for Hooper. He is, however, a replacement for Stocker.
  3. I don't know if I agree with the premise that our roster can't be better utilized with better coaching tbh. Prior to this season unfolding I didn't hear much disagreement that the roster was loaded with talent. Now that we're 1-6 we're in a rebuild and have multiple holes? It may be true but just seems a bit backwards from just 3 months ago.
  4. We really don't know what's pocket change to anybody. There's for sure something to managing your money but at the end of the day we don't have any context into these player's lives. Never assume
  5. Good stuff. Now along with that I think the Falcons franchise needs a disciplined coach and not a player's coach. We've tried the player's coach route wayyyyy too often. Do you think DeFilippo fits that mold?
  6. Over Kubiak? Interesting. Any particular reason why?
  7. It's 2 unsportmanslike conduct penalties. Roughing the passer doesn't count towards that.
  8. We haven't stopped them except for the first drive. This is sad. Scrap the whole defense. Whatever you have been planning all offseasons needs to be scrapped. It can't be any worse
  9. Yes those were our first two flags. I wasn't saying the refs were bad all game, just that they were BSing right now, like in the moment.
  10. That's two bad holding calls. Refs BSing right now
  11. Dan Quinn needs to give up this defensive adjustment he made in the off season and go back to the basics. It's sad to see people wide open every single game. It easily gets the opposing team into a rhythm.
  12. It’s all about the individual. Some people get bothered by stuff like that and some people don’t. And if an individual finds value in it, then it can for sure outweigh the negative.
  13. A lot of teams actually do this. Here's the problem. 1. Players should be reacting towards the ball on the throw. The tackle should be happening as soon as the pass is complete. Slow reaction. 2. Players are taking terrible angles and have been all season. I don't understand how this isn't fixed during practice. 3. Players aren't tackling well. Against Philly we tackled very well so unsure why it has been inconsistent in other weeks. That call is fine. It has worked for this team and other teams consistently before. The aforementioned things are the issue.
  14. I'm with you man. As an admitted optimist, I also showed much concern. Season isn't truly over but it's feeling like those lazy investments aren't turning out like many thought at least for this singular season. We 100% need some veteran free agent presence on this defense. We also need a powerful offensive mind because for some reason we have all these weapons on offense and can't capitalize.
  15. I almost did the same thing but he said at home. Lost to Chargers and Chiefs at home Beat Broncos and Raiders away
  16. He was always doing this. It has been documented in previous years before. The thing is that it's a weakness. When you work on your weaknesses, then you improve only incrementally instead of exponentially. It's just extremely possible that it's taking him longer than he or others expected to improve that weakness.
  17. Well the first drive that they started doing it a lot we drove down the field to the redzone, but then the interception happened. The 2 or 3 drives after that we didn't counter it, but they were some sneaky ones that came right at the snap.
  18. Listen I don't mind folks bringing this up but let's not complain without a solution presented. Who would replace Senat with? If you want the two big backs in as well, then who would you replace Senat, Olly, and Hill with?
  19. The NFL is going to absolutely hate that they caught that on camera.
  20. #22 completely sucks. They destroyed him the whole game and gave them a gimme catch at the end there too.
  21. Pleaseeeeeee!!!!! Week 1 will be a wash with the Saints loss
  22. Colvin #22 on the Texans has been getting destroyed all game long. They found the weak link and just kept at it. We really don't do that enough. They have confused the heck out of him and once he is confused, then they run straight at him with something simple.
  23. Colvin #22 on the Texans has been getting destroyed all game long. They found the weak link and just kept at it. We really don't do that enough. They have confused the heck out of him and once he is confused, then they run straight at him with something simple.
  24. Delete. Wrong Thread.
  25. I never knew that was considered unnecessary roughness. I truly feel like I've seen that type of tackle before with no penalty.