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  1. That was really good! That Public Enemy was perfect!
  2. #GetToTheQuarterback That team and player love thing prior to them getting in the NFL is overstated.
  3. I don't think that thinking about us going 19-0 and acknowledging the rarity and difficulty of it are differing opinions. I'm confident that if we lose one that there won't be a disappointed or heartbroken soul in here as long as the 1 isn't Patriot-like.
  4. Nah Aaron Donald is the best player in this draft. I'll give them the 2nd and 3rd tho.
  5. I know there's this concern with if he's the best fit for the position, but I think it's clear the Rico Allen is the leader on the defense. All the coaches are saying as much.
  6. Question....Do the NFL Players commitee have any type of part in the "rule accepting" process?
  7. I get what you are saying but as a business they absolutely can not go to any form of media or courtroom and say there is no way to limit or minimize head injuries. They absolutely have to have or give the appearance of passion behind eliminating these types of injuries. That's why I was talking from a business mindset.
  8. Well technically this rule is because of former players and coaches. People tend to forget that these rules are being put in place because the NFL have been under fire for concussions, CTE, etc. I may not necessarily agree with the rules as a viewer but I definitely understand as a businessman. This is not to say the NFL is doing everything right in response to the concussions and such, but it is a response to it.
  9. Unexpectedly lost my dad way back in 10th grade. Everybody deals with it differently, but I knew even before then that death is inevitable and although we all know that it made it easier to cope. I remember not even crying at his funeral. I remember cleaning up his house and selling his possessions, getting a lawyer, etc. I'm certain these are things that gritz is dealing with that you don't think about. Things that make it harder. Prayers up definitely and good luck with everything.
  10. Forget a big or huge's not even a deal.
  11. Bruh thisbis absolutely nothing. I don't like the guy either because he's a Panther but this is small stuff.
  12. It's also nice to see Jatavis Brown up there as well. I know a lot of people saw some skills in him as well. Deion Jones really did set this defense on fire the further he came along. To hear good things about the offseason from him and Neal is great for the dreaded sophomore slump. I would like to hear a bit more about Poole's and Campbell's offseason progression as well but we will see.
  13. I think if Pete Rose is in the Cincinatti Reds Hall of Fame exhibit/museum, then Vick can be honored by the Falcons. He quite possibly bet against the Reds as a player AND a manager.
  14. 1. The decision to forgive is up to you. I feel like forgiveness makes life easier but ultimately that's your decision so I don't really care if you or anybody forgives him or not. 2. Who cares what people post? Falcons related or not. Don't like it, then keep it moving. It will go away eventually or new information will come up. I'm not here to dictate what is relevant information to someone and what is not. - That's my philosophy on all the posts about Vick/Patriots/etc. That's simply put what I was saying in my 2 posts to you.