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  1. Basically 2 first round picks and a round swap, but for a different year. The player swap isn't a big deal. Gave up a safety to get a better one. We gotta prepare for Mr. Adam's now in week 1.
  2. Honestly I think it's less a good plan and more no plan at all or not a clear plan.
  3. You could even add the QB because in a play action it could play a part in pausing the defender on "stopping the rusher ASAP."
  4. He's at least sounding like it by calling him the best and making comparisons to previously great Falcons teams
  5. Completely agree. I work for a fortune 500 and company and have been for 14 years and they broke a long time rule on silence about these issues. It was always seen as HR inappropriate but this one was different. I spoke out in multiple instances and the team and beyond are all the better for it. This one is different
  6. I'm confused. Was a question asked or a statement made about not having enough cap space and mocking people for calling you out on it?
  7. There's some on here that wanted us to draft a WR and also stated that we don't have a solid 3rd WR. Not sure what people are looking at tho.
  8. Campbell was tasked with A LOT of responsibilities and I don't think people realize it.
  9. We are on the same exact page man!
  10. I know the majority don't like Dirk, I'm not a fan of Dirk either, but if you read the full quote posted at the end it's nothing to be upset about.
  11. It said "improved pass rush UNIT" You don't have to play a down to recognize that. If in free agency I lost Ray Edward and added John Abraham, then that's a clear improvement of the unit. Doesn't mean it will translate to more sacks. That's what playing a game determines. You're right about the Charles Harris thing tho. Called him a Key Loss for Miami too. Said the same about Taco.
  12. We really don't have to invalidate Okudah to hype up Terrell. I liked Okudah better coming from college. I still do. Plays disciplined, man coverage, can tackle, very sound technique. All that being said it doesn't mean he'll be the better pro. The draft is really who does that team think will be a better NFL player and more specifically for their team.
  13. Y'all really some ignorant folks to use this to crap on what Takk did on draft day. Crap on what he does on the football field. Heck crap on what he does on social media. But how he grieves for his grandma should be off limits. Y'all trippin. Happy Mother's Day tho!
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