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  1. Well it bleeds into the team as well. For two years my brother and I talk about the lack of situational awareness we have on any down, in particular the defense. I don't have a specific situation to recall at this moment but it's as if the players are taught to trust the system and not allowed to play off of instincts. It has to be the reason why we play yards off the receiver on 3rd and short or we let them run the same slant play with the RB coming out of the backfield and the slant route slowing down the LB in coverage.
  2. My sentiments exactly. Whether true or not, having a mentality of if this, then that is not going to help you get better.
  3. But he was 95 years old. Worst news is the Falcons losing to the Browns. Cant get that one back. We got 95 years of Excelsior!
  4. Yep my new SB for the season. The original SB is still an option but Falcons have to show me more.
  5. Definitely a new one got me.
  6. All of the above
  7. I'm going to the game...I feel great. Oh are you the "don't skip games" type?
  8. We're going to beat the Saints on Thanksgiving. Don't debate me. I don't give a ..... what you say.
  9. This was a total team failure. I can't look to one person or side more than any other. Nobody is absolved on this one. Sad.
  10. This is a game where everybody should be in agreement that it was a disgrace, disgusting, embarrassing, and ridiculous. If you don't agree with the above, then I'm not sure how. The Falcons should be ashamed with how they played from beginning to end. The run defense was trash, the off throws, the dumb Sanu turnover, shotgun from the inch line, no challenge on the FIRST Hoop TD, the punt return in crunch time, the constant display of inept coverage on trick plays, our veteran corners playing 10 yards off on every play. After the Redskins win, after the Panthers destruction on Thursday, against a 2-6-1 team in the Browns who mess up historically worst than we do. We had every opportunity to put ourselves in the best position to get into the playoffs. This goes down as top 5 frustrating losses in my 30 years as a fan. Frustrating being the key word.
  11. Stop it....we are down anyway. Now's the time to be aggressive.
  12. It was a clesr TD on the replay so it definitely would have changed the if we're talking the outcome of the whole game, then I agree with you
  13. We played like chumps this whole game. Shotgun at the inch line....smh
  14. I understand that but he's not playing well this game. Missed a wide open Ridley on the first drive that stalled it. Missed Ridley again on that last drive. Underthrowing Coleman and Ito. He's playing terrible.