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  1. A lot of the things you say are assumptions. We don’t know what was said about mini camp. All the Falcons said was we anticipate he’ll be at camp. Says nothing about the conversations between the two parties. We don’t know how the conversation happened about the contract. Whether it started off as we will look at it and get back to you and then they looked at it and told him no or whatever. We don’t know why he cut off social media. I could just as easily assume that he cut it off because he knew this was coming and didn’t want to hear bs from fans like on this board assuming the worst about him because of this situation. And if that’s the reason why then he’s not a bad guy for doing that. Everybody on either side should really just stop making assumptions and judgment about a situation that they don’t even know 5% about, if that. And if you want to get emotional about it then at least admit that it’s all based on assumptions and you just feel like thinking about it the way you do.
  2. Beasley was pretty legit before he moved to LB last season. He had 4 sacks in his first 6 games. If not for the injury and the position switch, then that projects to having double digit sacks.
  3. Lol this is probably the most subtle and funny thing you’ve posted. They turn on you like a pitbull puppy. Real Quick. In 6 months nope 6 weeks, all will be forgiven. These people are fickle. Lol
  4. Not sure if this was said in the following pages but if I’m not mistaken the pro bowl is not nfc vs afc anymore. It’s a school yard draft where two individuals just pick the best players regardless of conference. So it’s possible that there could be 4 NFC QBs and 2 AFC QBs. Right?
  5. I understand why generecially people seeing this getting worst but that's not taking into account who we're dealing with. We have Arthur Blank, DQ, and TD on one side that have always been an upfront crew. Honest and communucative. We have Julio who has always been a team first guy and both are saying they are Falcons for life. I believe that both sides understand whatever reason they both had to take the routes that tbey took and it will continue on. The one common theme throughout this has been that the Falcons and Julio remained strong in their communication. Throughout this whole process neither side has talked negatively about eachother. The report is they told Julio a month ago he wouldnt get any updates to his contract and since then he has been at 2 or 3 player's camps. These are not the general type of personalities that would take things to the next emotional level that causes a negative impact.
  6. is reporting a promise to rework the deal next year.
  7. Exactly. Just last year. Aaron Donald did it and became the defensive MVP of the league. Julio is not egotistical and he is competitive. His holdout up to this point doesn’t change any of that. It’s easy to tell either the folks who haven’t been through strong disagreements or have been but don’t know how to handle it. Disagreements without hurt feelings happen in business ALL THE TIME.
  8. It could get ugly and it just as easily could not get ugly. I don’t think the Falcons are a typical Front Office and I don’t think Julio is a typical WR. Because of that a I don’t foresee it getting ugly. There’s an article talking about this same thing. And it says “communication between Julio and the Falcons remain strong.” That was said to indicate that there aren’t any problems or hurt feelings.
  9. Relax. Depending on how far this goes nobody is going to look back at Julio’s career and say “remember that one time...” His reputation is tarnished in the eyes of the 0.2% Falcons fans that can’t get a grip.
  10. Maybe .1% of the people hating on Julio's production made mention of it prior to the holdout. To me that says something about the 99.9% not Julio. I think some people just need to check their emotions and come with some rational thoughts.
  11. Yo our running game was dominating un that 3rd quarter. It was crazy how it went from bad to good after halftime.
  12. Oh for sure. I know how important the FS position is in this defense but I wasn't aware of his senior year in college. I could be totally wrong. I would like to see it tried in a meaningless game or two. It's possible that they've already tried it in practice before as well. I don't mind Rico actually. I see Poole being backup or depth at a position either way, not starting.
  13. I feel like you're in a different position as a FS. Yes, Poole can get beat deep playing some sort of man or press coverage but if he has everything in front of him where he can anticipate a move with some distance in front of him then it wouldn't be as bad. He's one of the best tacklers on the team because he takes great angles and he has great closing speed. I feel like he could use those same attributes in that role at FS.
  14. Man I’ve been on the Poole to FS train for the last year or so. He lacks the match up capabilities with quicker receivers but his closing speed is one of the better ones on our team. I would love to see him at FS.