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  1. Yea it’s definitely possible. I’m not too adept on the muscle building process and what types of bodies can or can’t transform so I couldn’t even debate you on it. This is where I understand my level of knowledge on the subject and say something like “I trust the coaches decision”
  2. Kazee will more than likely build some muscle in the off-season. That time in between college, combine (for some), pro days, draft, and OTAs and such is so small that it's hard to build up that mass. But usually the first two offseasons is where you start to see that transformation. Rico actually build that up, TeCo did too. So I'm waiting to see how he shapes up this off-season to make that determination.
  3. Tbh the way Rico played at NB when we were down a few corners was legit. Obviously it wasn't multiple games in a row but if cost effective that could be the move.
  4. Gotta remove these ideas of these positions at times. Need to be flexible and agile in our thinking. Normally you are right but when a increase of skill at the OG position can bring drastic change to your overall effectiveness, then it's not a problem. There's not a one size fits all approach to anything in the NFL.
  5. You must be a NFC South fan of the Falcons....
  6. Yep....the save me for the playoffs type and then I can start punishing people and not be tired.
  7. The Eagles ran Ajayi, Blount, and Clement. Now granted....none of them have the contract of Devonta Freeman but we've seen it work.
  8. Epitome of soft fanbase response.....
  9. I tell you what tho. Winning next year in Atlanta will exorcise about 71.7% of the demons.
  10. I just don't want the Falcons to get stuck on development like we have in the past. We really have to look at Wes and truly determine if he can develop and get better, is he completely done, or somewhere in between. I don't want them to get so headstrong into "Plan D" that they misevaluate the situation.
  11. Shouldn't we stop with the Matt LaFleur thing? Did we not see McVay calling the offensive plays and talking to his QB until 15 seconds remaining? I'm sure LaFleur did something but it wasn't calling plays.
  12. You slightly contradict yourself about needing talent and then placing blame on Knapp for his lack of QB development skills. Idc about his OC statistics because that's not his role. And tbh he got the absolute best out of Trevor and Brock, who both lack talent. He got Brock a ridiculous contract and he didn't play nearly as good anywhere else as he did with the Broncos.
  13. This doesn't explain the Shanny hire tho
  14. The cockiest team of losers I've ever seen in my life. All that picture taken and Twitter posting and lockerroom extras. If anything do it off camera but too bold. That's just amazing.
  15. It's actually not Hollywood or the View, although I get the latter, but it's just a millennial style brand of entertainment. That's the market right now so it's just smart to cater to that group.