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  1. Well that sucks
  2. Lol I don't think you're reading my posts
  3. I get all of that and my post says as much just in other words. Again, I agree that it's highly unlikely the FO will take a chance on him. Maybe the convo here is do you agree with them taking him off the board because the 2017 infraction? I personally don't but it seems like you do.
  4. If your point is "Will the Falcons FO take a chance on him", then I'm with you. I think it's highly unlikely. If your point is "he should be off the board because of this", then I'm not with you. You can imagine that after being reinstated he was put through multiple random tests and he clearly passed them all.
  5. Can we get a similar idea for how Sheffield and Oliver played in the back half of the season?
  6. I don't disagree with the many variables, but that's with a lot of sports comparisons. Who decides if those variables make a huge difference or if they are insignificant or even if the variables work in favor of the comparison made.
  7. All I'm going to say is make sure you listen to more than what's between your ears. If you wasn't a part of placing Waldo in the book, then you will have to work harder to find him.
  8. He talks about this in the article and remember it's only a comparison to Peyton's first 5 years.
  9. It's not division. Redskins vs Panthers is the first one on the list and Packers vs 49ers 2nd. It's an list that's supposed to be about 2020. He's just inconsistent with his reasoning for each choice.
  10. To be fair, I wouldn't poop on the Dolphins and Patriots necessarily. Tom Brady has a 7-11 away record vs the Dolphins and none of those years the Dolphins have been good. So by the way that we define our rivalry with the Saints, in that how good the teams are don't matter it's always a battle, you can describe the Dolphins vs Pats the same way these past 20 years. On the flip side I believe he is 23-11 against them overall. Where the artical is inconsistent is that based on the reading it seems it's talking about 2020 upcoming top NFL rivalries and not overall because it's only explanation for choosing Bucs vs Saints is because of Brady vs Brees. He can't choose Pats vs Dolphins because of the past and Bucs vs Saints because of the future. At this moment nobody gives two sh1ts about Dolphins vs Pats next year. Now really the most egregious "rivalry" on this list is Redskins vs Panthers which is another choice based on the future in that Ron Rivera is now the coach there.
  11. I disagree with DE. I don't think we need one this draft anymore and good too because they suck in this draft. We have both Hurst and Graham as our starters and both can block very well so disagree with blocking TE. I also think the need for a C this year is over stated. That's a plug and play position. Saints just did it last draft with a round 2 pick I believe. Completely agree with speedy RB, DT, LB, and CB. I would save the speedy RB for the 4th round where we have two picks and double up on one of the above, preferably LB in the 4th as well. Thinking of CB too tho.
  12. Naming just one out of all the bad tackling DBs that did get "stopped" doesn't really set a positive standard for the position. At any rate I'm not opposed to Henderson, just don't trip when Drew Brees busts a spin move for a goal line touchdown. Lol!
  13. Tbh we've played with the DBs we currently have right now and successfully. Vondre did a lot. Covered LBs, RBs, and rushed the passer. A SLB in this defense can't be understated. I think Chaisson or Murray can both cover and rush. Murray is probably more well rounded imo. Another thing is there are multiple CB options that can be had in 2nd or 3rd round.
  14. Even with his lack of tackling with the way Trufant was eviscerated after the Browns game?
  15. I say LB because contributing CBs and DTs can be had later in the draft. Furthermore the makeup of our team has DTs and CBs that are capable as of now. The LB spot is bare. Although I think we are really understating a move for Foye to Campbell's position, which if so then it makes this question a bit harder. If Kinlaw drops, then he's the pick. If he doesn't drop and the choice is between Chaisson and Henderson, then that's super tough but I would go with Chaisson. If neither Kinlaw or Chaisson drops, then it's Henderson over Murray imo.