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  1. Guess you need to go back and quote the rest of my post where I mentioned that I'm not talking about from a completion percentage standpoint? It's from pinpointing the ball. He can fit the ball in a position better than Matt can. Anybody watching can see that. I'm not knocking Matt at all. It's just what Ben is better at.
  2. Ben is a better deep ball thrower than Matt. Julio gets open like that all the time but Matt doesn't fit it in on a consistent basis like Ben does. I'm not talking from a completion percentage standpoint. I'm talking pinpointing the ball.
  3. That wasn't towards you btw. Not sure if that's what you thought of it.
  4. People on this forum have a habit of using one game or even one play to bring out "told you so" and then end up looking dumb in the process.
  5. He is absolutely undervalued by some Falcons fans. I wasn't talking about the media. In my post I mentioned Falcons fans so I'm basically talking about within these walls.
  6. Someone is getting annoyed....
  7. Cam is a great playmaker. Cam is essentially Vick without dogfighting and a more developed understanding of how to read defenses. Cam's passing skills will never get better. He will continue to be a sub 60% thrower. He will forever throw off of his back foot. He will also continue to make wild plays in the pocket like the touchdown throw to Funchess today. He's inconsistent which makes him good, not elite. Some Falcons fans and @SamMills51 need to stop overvaluing him and some Falcons fans need to stop undervaluing him.
  8. I want a Super Bowl. Don't care how we get into the playoffs. We don't have the luxury to be bougie about it.
  9. A big part of it is that you rarely see Matt Ryan complain or look to the refs for a late hit call. He looked at the ref in disgust as soon as he fell.
  10. I think that's the big misconception about the roughing the passer penalty. Truly the only times how vicious the hit matters is when it's a below the hip hit or when they are driven to the ground. If the QB is hit LATE, it doesn't matter how vicious the hit is. And Matt didn't sell that bruh. He got pushed by a 300lb player. Lol. Did you think Grady's hit against Cutler was roughing the passer?
  11. People were absolutely pissed at Grady about a very similar play. The only difference is where he was pushed from and there wasn't a crowd of people around Grady impeding the severity of it.
  12. It's all about familiarity. Shanny knew how to use Gabriel because he had coached him previously. Sark knows how to use Marvin Hall because he had coached him previously at Washington. That's the difference. That's the difference with the whole offense. Whether you run the same plays or not too many people, including myself to a degree, minimized how much familiarity plays a part in success. It's why Josh McDaniels went back to the Patriots after he left for a HC job and has removed his name from HC jobs recently.
  13. Well you specifically mentioned the last scoring offensive drive as when you would have like this to happen. Unless I somehow missed any reference to earlier drives in a second read through of your post
  14. I agree with running the clock down. That's smart game management. The best decision is to run the clock down AND score a touchdown which was the attempt. It's only in hindsight after we kick a field goal can you truly make this judgment about Sark. What I can agree is we get in our best personnel that puts the Saints defense in a disadvantage from a personnel standpoint and run no huddle with a clock run down so that the Saints can't substitute. If they try to substitute, then run a play and catch then 12 men on the field. Rinse and repeat.
  15. They can chat with him in the booth as well.....welcome to 2017 where technology is booming.