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  1. Stuff like this is ridiculous. Taunting in the heat of the game in that manner or using a stiff arm and then grabbing a facemask in the process shouldn't be fines. Pointing is a dumb thing to get fined for. Also who knows the intent of Ito behind grabbing the facemask? Do all facemasks get fined?
  2. Gono is too tall to be a Guard
  3. Big Boi doesn't have a song with Maroon 5 but he does have a song with Adam
  4. Very true! For sure Matt could have made some better throws and on the goal line there could have been some better blocks but even the 2016 season of that prolific offense, Philly’s defense/field gave us fits.
  5. Stop with the preseason thing. It’s brought up in every topic and shut down every time. The OL played all throughout preseason.
  6. Gono isn’t an OG right? Thought he was an OT
  7. Deion Jones got his foot inury in preseaso game 1. Takk had a shoulder injury during TC that kept him out. It's not because of lack of playing time in preseason.
  8. That’s incorrect. They already mentioned that Olsen will be out for at least 8 games, very similar to Deion Jones
  9. Omg I didn’t put a possessive in Duke Riley. I’m such a terrible poster
  10. I just want to say.....I told you so. That is all.
  11. I think there’s one thing we Falcons fans can ALL agree on. We have to find a viable way to get Duke off the field. I’m looking at a trade if I’m TD. It may not be an immediate replacement but in 2 games maybe. Never been as adamant about getting somebody off the field as I have Duke. Hopefully he shows something different this second half but I have never somebody turn their back to the ball so much in the middle of the field.
  12. Realllyyyy tried to tell people that Ito looked good in the preseason.
  13. Duke bumped him. He’s just always in the wrong place. That guy is terrible
  14. Duke is absolutely the worst LB I may have ever seen. This is not exaggeration. He’s completely terrible. We need to trade for somebody at this point.