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  1. On the bright side Taysom didn't get a passing touchdown against us...
  2. It's clear what the Saints are doing on defense and I hope we have some 2nd half adjustments ready. The Saints DBs are aggressively holding for the 5 yard marks to slow the routes down and allow the pass rush to succeed. Matt has to do a better job of anticipating receivers getting open after the cut. He's missed about 3 receivers that I could see on replays during some of those pressures and sacks. I think Matt is playing timid and not to lose from what I'm seeing. Defense is doing better after they started to bracket Michael Thomas a bit. The Sanders play was fluky. It's real
  3. Where did I mention anything about the refs? I responded to you talking about Debo. Hey kids today we're going to talk about momentum. Say it with me...Mo-Men-Tum. Momentum allows a heavier object to moved easier than it normally would be.
  4. So that screen pass on the 2nd series was set up well, Carpenter screwed it COMPLETELY UP.
  5. I thought the same but Powell is the punt returner as well.
  6. While I appreciate the thought process and sentiment, the whole post was missing key elements. Racism in so many ways and in every facet is about power. That's the reason why the hardest position for a black player to infiltrate was the QB position. Because it's not just about run and hit, it's about using your brain a bit more, being the leader and the face. So in the idea of it's a business, athleticism is much easier to swallow and see from a "value" standpoint. But coaching, GM, ownership has nothing to do with athleticism and almost everything to do with brain power. The root of
  7. Adam Gase is a prime example of it not being a flat playing field. Furthermore, being color blind is the wrong route to take. Nobody should have to strip away somebody’s race to make things even. Just see the race of these coaches and remove thoughts of inferiority either conscious or unconscious because of a different race. Because people in general, including the NFL Execs, have a hard time doing it there’s these dumb *** rules that neither side likes in place, but it’s necessary until some sort of trend or justice is served.
  8. I'm only referring to the comments in this thread above mine, not the overall TATF. But comments like below as an example is too far imo, specifically the bold part. "Good turn around so far for Oliver. He wasn’t terrible outside this year either but the few big plays were just back breakers." But I'll take out the "way too far" and replace it with "a bit too far."
  9. People are going way too far with the Oliver love. He was bad in the beginning and has played much better in the slot. Is it the slot or is it the passing offenses? We will definitely see after the bye.
  10. I'll add two things here. 1. Since the coaching change 2. Since moving Oliver to nickel
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