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  1. Lmmfao!!!! We just went to the Super Bowl in our 2nd year. How does this even make sense?
  2. When the coach or a player mentions one thing that they have a concern with it also means they are not concerned with anything else. Like ever. Coaches have one track minds and aren't able to focus on more than one thing at once. Not sure how they got the job in the first place. /purp
  3. Although I'm supremely done with being upset at this point. That ended for me on Monday. I agree with the premise of the post. Julio also missed a half a game so that has to be accounted for but I see A Brown and others get thrown to like crazy because the OC puts him in the position to capitalize. I haven't seen Julio go down on the first tackle all season long. He is playing like he wants it on every down. We have to feed that and feed it constantly.
  4. Nah can't get hung up on one play. There were plenty of things that cost us the game. I'm not going to knock playing with aggression. I believe him when he says this below. “I have to find a way to pull off,” Jarrett said. “But in the moment, it looked fair to me. I never intend to do (anything) dirty. That’s just how it went down. It was unfortunate.” I believe that he will play with more discipline the next time.
  5. This makes zero sense my fellow Falcon fan.
  6. He has to answer the question. He's not Belicheck or Pop (NBA) where he's rude after games. If they ask him a question, then he answers. It truly depends on how they ask the question.
  7. I don't think you understand how interviews and journalism works. I'm sorry but we're gonna have to stop right here because I'm not explaining this to you.
  8. You mean this statement from Grady.... “I have to find a way to pull off,” Jarrett said. “But in the moment, it looked fair to me. I never intend to do (anything) dirty. That’s just how it went down. It was unfortunate.”
  9. Man that hit wasn't dirty. Chill out.
  10. I'm not at all saying it wasn't a late hit. Im not sure how many times it needs to be said from me but I want to make it as clear as possible. My one and only gripe is that the refs called the flag for a neck and helmet hit. I have a major concern for how the refs are calling football games. This tells me that on the same hit but not late, then the refs would have still thrown the flag. That's a problem for me. I agree that Grady should take ownership for the late hit. I don't agree that Quinn isn't taking ownership because I saw the press conference and how the question was asked.
  11. It's truly about the question. Nobody knows how the question was asked or what the question was. Maybe Grady isn't taking responsibility by his statement but I know I and a lot of other folks asked for this type of attitude from our players. This comes with it.
  12. They're not putting it on officials tho. They are saying that this is what the officials told them. If the officials had told them that the flag was because of a late hit, then I'm ok with it but they didn't. It's perfectly reasonable for them or fans to question the validity of that. Do you think it was a hit in the helmet or neck area?
  13. Man a difference of three weeks. Y'all change quicker than a baby's diaper. To be completely honest it's kinda funny. People have got to simmer down.
  14. No you are buddy. Everybody in this forum can see that he didn't come in high. Late is debatable depending on the rules but I can understand how people saw it as a late hit. The point is the refs threw the flag for the wrong reason. If they threw it for a late hit, then I would have zero gripe with the refs. But they threw it for a hit to the neck and helmet and that's just completely false.