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  1. They've been said this about Beasley. Before the Takk situation. I said this in other threads but DQ gives off a strong impression that he can get the best out of Beasley based on his skillset. Unless Beasley and his agent get outlandish with what they want I definitely see Beasley on the roster
  2. You need to put "Saints" in the title actually No knock to all the Saints threads btw because I love it.
  3. I just want to point out 1 thing Isn't "EAUX" in Nawlins language pronounced as "OH" not "EW?" - I'm 100% certain the phrase is supposed to be "NFL BLEW IT" , not "NFL BLOW IT" - Maybe if he had said "NFL BLEAUX ME" Now of course you can say it's supposed to mean "NFL BLOW IT" but "blew it" was consistently used after the game and I don't think he would go that route with the billboard Also if it was "NFL BLOW IT" then wouldn't there need to be a comma after "NFL?"
  4. What a double whammy this would be if not only they lost on a bad call but got penalized for the whistles.
  5. That's definitely heartbreaking, but I thinking the biggest thing for the Saints is the probability of winning. In both instances I believe the probability to win was above 98%. That's just crazy!
  6. In a row....I don't think he is far off, but the Billas may have something to say about that
  7. Didn't TB do this for Matt Ryan after the SB?
  8. Do you think the Falcons plan to use Brian Hill at FB? I seem to remember some rumblings about that at the end of the season.
  9. Thing is I’m not sure if anybody denied that the call was incorrect or that Payton was incorrect in his assessment. Thing is tho Before that call he shouldn’t have thrown it 2 times and risk the clock stopping, which it did, under two minutes. The other thing is they had defense to play and the ball first in overtime. We truly dont know what would have happened had the call be properly called. Maybe the next player fumbles. Maybe the kicker missed the chip shot field goal. So I agree the call was incorrect and the refs do too but the refs didn’t agree that it cost them the game and neither do I
  10. Actually the opportunity to run 3 times happened BEFORE that non call. And I was saying the whole time - from what we know about Payton - he’s going to be so caught up in that missed call that he is not going to be focused on the game.
  11. You know why I love it when the Saints lose, especially in this fashion? It's 100% the most unity we have on this board. Likes. For. Every. MF. Post.
  12. We need Mecole or a Mecole type not just for Special Teams but also to have a quick twitch player. A player that is almost guaranteed yards if played in man with a option route. Even Teco wasn't that type because Teco's quick twitch was limited by his lack of balance. 3 of the 4 final teams have that type of player
  13. Every noble action has selfish manifestation. This is a statement that I created myself learning a long time ago that not one person is beyond selfishness. I think as you mentioned earlier, if we understand that even the best of us are still human, then we would be less surprised or even concerned with the underlying intentions.
  14. Halfway right.... I could see us playing them but because they would be the winners *shudder* it would be in New Orleans, not Atlanta
  15. Well I don't believe Ryan went to Cali last year because of the twins. Hooper came down to Atlanta. Either way I get what you mean. Good to see him return to Cali this offseason tho.