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  1. Overrated is very aggressive. He could be a #3 in an effective offense. He could step in for a game or two at #2. Needs probably about two seasons of continued growth to be considered a low to mid #2.
  2. Perception is a wild one. Anybody can really take whatever quote and justify what it means for the purpose of what you want to do. This could easily go many ways and after it all goes down somebody is going to look back and say "SEE! I told you this is what he meant." It's the offseason and exciting especially after the terrible season so I'm happy we all get to speculate, but simply put....things do and don't mean what you think. Happy hunting for those next few quotes that give you "insight."
  3. Or perhaps the need to have a franchise QB is so integral to winning a championship that people overvalue the "top" ones in the draft to justify taking them.
  4. Nice, subtle change of I. Oliver to Safety
  5. Very possible. I guess the word that's implied in my post is "currently."
  6. I think we can all agree that it's a combination of both the DL and OL. With that being said, there's no DL player worthy of the 4th pick right now so it only makes sense for the OP to focus on the OL.
  7. This^^^ If it's there, then it's there but I'm certainly not of the mindset of going in thinking we HAVE to pick a WR or TE. We 100% have plenty we can work with and they won't hinder us from getting to a SB. Matter of fact, Olimade is developing quite nicely and is closer to Mecole Hardman than we think. Mecole is just in a better offense for his skill set. Put Olimade in KC offense and he might actually have better stats than Mecole.
  8. The fact that this came up the day after the Matthew Stafford trade helps me to assume that the FO is curious of what offer they would get for Matt Ryan. If it's something that's too hard to pass, then they will take it, but I imagine it has to be an outlandish offer for them to entertain it.
  9. Ehhh he definitely should have a game plan in mind. He was most likely asked that question in the interview actually. I know people have heard of a 30-60-90 plan. He had to give some sort of plan for the present and future with details.
  10. For sure but long-plan envisions isn't just resolved with a QB. That's one way of doing it, but not the only way of doing it.
  11. How is it a wasted year if they took the previous year to build out the rest of the roster? It's not wasted because of wins and losses. It's wasted if the players they draft or sign aren't good. Wouldn't a rookie QB that's not as good as Ryan still lead to a bad record? If they drafted the QB and sat him behind Matt and still had bad wins/losses, then would that be a wasted season? Wins/losses don't dictate a "lost" season
  12. Was thinking the exact same. I got the TV on mute and I was like why tf are they going for two. The juice isn't worth the squeeze to try and make it to where they only have to do one 2 point conversion.
  13. This is exactly how you maximize your draft position with your team dynamics and negate the "we may not pick this early again" reasoning Use the fact that you have stabilization at the QB position to your advantage.
  14. My bad I may have miscommunication my thoughts. I'm into improving the defense, but for me it doesn't have to be with the first pick in the draft. I do believe that right now OL is expected to be BPA, which would more than likely be Sewell.
  15. For him he usually does, but he was thrust into a needed receiver role with the injury on Michael Thomas and that was some extra wear and tear on his body. If he stays either in the KR/PR role or become a gadget slot player, then he should be fine based on what he has shown so far. He played well in the first round of the playoffs as receiver but like you said he's just small.
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