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  1. Didn't check emails for a couple of days. Just saw that email and have gotten a pair of tix for the Peach Bowl~Thanks for the heads up!
  2. Be sure you get there pretty early too since the stadium opens 2 hours before the game starts and the players are there way before that. We were standing there with Tandy and her husband when 2 security people ran us off but at the last game we stood there for a little while and there was no one telling us to leave. It was cool just to see them pull up~my husband was able to yell out to Matt Ryan and he waved back at us!
  3. If I'm not mistaken you are on the other side but still I agree with you it's just cool to be in the building!
  4. We are in section 344 upper level sideline. The worst thing about it is that they are on the away side. Our tickets are between the 10-15 yard line. We sat in the end zone field level for the GT v Tenn game and we both actually commented that we saw better in our seats. You can actually see the plays develop and with the Halo board its really much better than the Dome. What section are your seats?
  5. I love Warrick Dunn and think he is just a class act! Too bad more players today aren't like him. Well deserved! I'm going to have to dig my #28 jersey out for December 7th.
  6. We arrived at the stadium early last week and were standing on the ramp over where the players parked and were watching the players arrive. A couple of fans were calling out to the players as they arrived (Matt Ryan) and the players actually acted like they enjoyed seeing the fans. A couple of police officers walked by and told everyone that we were not allowed to stand along the wall on the ramp~we had to move along. Did anyone else experience this? It was disappointing to say the least as this is probably as close as we will ever come to interacting with a player. I can understand not wanting fans near where the opposing team arrives but if you didn't want fans watching the players come in perhaps they should cover the area. Just curious if anyone else experienced this and if so, your thoughts?
  7. He is. He was on the sidelines with Tech last night. Seems like a really great guy.
  8. I'd heard that there were some seats that had either been held back for whatever reason or there were people that were turning in their seats that would be offered for sale. When I called the representative I was told that there would be some more available after the last preseason game. She said that logistically they couldn't entertain upgrading or changing seats until after the last preseason game. We are currently in Section 344, Row 16 but we have aisle seats. Several of the people sitting around us were really cool so we may not want to move but then again I sure would like to know what other options we might have out there.
  9. I like this kid! Genuine! Grandma would be proud!
  10. have not heard anything, it would have been nice to have, we missed the 1st 2 preseason games because it was blacked out on our playstation vue,
  11. I agree with someone else that said there's so much to see and it's just overwhelming to take in on one trip. It's so much bigger than the Dome, the concourses are huge and I love the self serve drink stations. Am pumped up for Saturday!
  12. So while checking out our seats at open house yesterday talking with an older gentleman and his wife sitting behind us, he asked what we paid for our PSL. We told him and he told us what he'd paid for his~which were $750 per seat LESS than what we paid. Has anyone else had this happen? I'm hoping that he was simply mistaken but seems like I've heard guys on the radio talking about how they've lowered prices in some of the sections. I asked the PSL people at the stadium yesterday and, of course, they said he was incorrect. Can't help but have a horrible feeling that we've been hoodwinked by someone.
  13. We sat behind Bears fans several years ago in the Georgia Dome and it was HORRIBLE. Those fans were awful. But I've heard from others that the Eagles fans are the worst! I remember them throwing a bottle at Keith Brooking's elderly father when we played up there. No class!
  14. I got an email that my tickets had shipped today about and hour before they were delivered!!! Sign up for UPS Choice and you can track your tickets. I found out this morning that my tickets were to be delivered today before I ever got the email. Crazy!!!
  15. I cannot tell you how touching this is! My mother was diagnosed with breast cancer in her late 40's and passed away at 51. We went through radiation and multiple rounds of chemo so when you talked about fatigue, mouth sores, etc I knew exactly what you were talking about. Prayers to you and your entire family. Keep fighting the brave fight and prayers for a long life together as Falcon Fans. Positive thoughts going your way!
  16. Well whatever they are doing you KNOW they are abiding by the rules of the NFL cause we all know that the Patriots would NEVER EVER CHEAT!!!
  17. Evidently the game is blacked out in Miami so it's not live on GamePass
  18. So I downloaded NFL Game Pass and since the game is blacked out we can only LISTEN to the game :-(
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