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  1. https://www.dawgnation.com/football/camera-catches-baker-mayfield-saying-opening-quarter-cfp-semifinal-vs-uga
  2. Did anyone see the video of Mayfield making the throat cut gesture in the 1st half after Hot Rod missed the 1st field goal and mouthing to us that "you're done"? May just be me but Mayfield sure does remind one of that POS one trick pony we saw play last night
  3. Great job! So if we see anyone walking around tomorrow with these shirts on we will know it's a member of your family!
  4. Stadium will open at 2:00 tomorrow so if possible get there early enough so that you can walk around and look at everything in time to be in your seat. The others are correct~be in your seat early so that you can see the pre-game. Food is reasonable and is actually pretty good. What section are you sitting? Do be warned, it is a B&*%H getting out!!!! I have no idea who designed the exiting but it is horrific. Our seats are 300 level and after the New Orleans game everyone was leaving at the same time. The attendants held up the escalators for a couple of minutes, when they let us get on it going down there were so many people packed in that it was wall to wall people with no one moving forward but people being dumped off the escalator. If at all possible you might want to try stairs or the ramps. All in all it's really a fun time~ ENJOY!!!!
  5. While I agree 100% with this I just have to wonder if the refs had just been fair what would have been the outcome? Getting screwed over by the refs so badly had to have made an impact on the way the O played. Julio was raped over and over yesterday and no flags, the BS call on Free in the 1st half was BS and Julio's TD OMG just don't even get me started!!! I know some will say that a good team overcomes adversity and this is true but this was adversity like I've never seen. I've wondered if the refs in NY couldn't have called down to the swamp and tell those pathetic excuses for refs to get it together. It's making an already troubled NFL even worse!
  6. We are season ticket holders and will regrettably selling our tickets to the last game. Since it has been flexed we aren't going to be able to make this game. We've got 2 tickets and a parking pass across the street to sell. We really don't want to sell them to Panther fans. Message me if you are interested. Seats at in Section 344
  7. No doubt Marvin Hall cost that INT~he just flitted around and wasn't trying to go for the tipped ball. I'm sure that's taught in Pop Warner football.
  8. My husband heard on the 92.9 radio forecast that there will be a 28-3 "skit" either pre-game or half-time on the field. Mike Conti on 92.9 was an announcer for the Saints in the past and he was evidently p*$&#d about that because as he said this is the kind of thing that will come back and bit you in the a##. Let's hope that this is the case today. Talk about bulletin board material~~~I just hope our guys make that bunch of classless trash pay for this!!!!
  9. Sure hope our Falcons didn't have to fly out of Hartsfield this afternoon :-(
  10. The moment the lights dimmed the crowd went wild and did not stop the entire game! It was a great atmosphere!!!
  11. I saw the replay when when got home~what a piece of work he is!
  12. It's growing on me. My son's high school football team had a cannon that they shot every time the home team scored. It was so funny to watch opposing fans jump when it went off. Wonder if it catches other teams fans off guard like that?
  13. Before kickoff Thursday night there was an obnoxious Saints fan wanting to start talking trash even before kickoff~asking us how we wanted our falcon cooked baked or fried? I'd heard enough and told her to go sit her a$$ down, no one wanted to hear her c$@p. Our seats are on the aisle and I've never seen such stupid people trying to find their seats . I cannot tell you how many came up, stopped and looked around trying to find their seat. We'd have to tell them they were in the wrong section~DUH!!! My husband is a nice guy and he was trying to help this one group to find their seats ~ when we noticed they had a 28-3 sticker on their shirts we clammed up. F them~let them wander around with that stupid look on their faces and find their own seats. A group behind us were screaming "they cheating they cheating" but once we intercepted in the end zone they began flooding out of the stadium. It sure was a beautiful thing leaving the stadium chanting A-T-L and WhoDat~WE DAT with all of them pouting and very quiet. Our guys better watch themselves on the 24th because I'd be willing to bet the farm that the bounty is alive and well in that locker room~even though it's not being discussed in those terms.
  14. I didn't like them to begin with but honestly they kind of grew on me last night. The Aints looked like tampons out there in all white
  15. I've wondered all year why we didn't do something special when our team takes the field. I've seen how other teams dim the lights for a more dramatic entrance when their team takes the field. Last night we FINALLY did that and OMG the crowd WENT NUTS!!!! I didn't record it but hopefully someone did and can share it. Coach Quinn and the players asked for the crowd to get loud last night and we certainly were from the moment they turned down the lights until the bitter end.
  16. We'll miss you Tandy. Hope all is well with you and yours!
  17. WTH??? They already search bags and we pass thru a metal detector. What's next? Body scans?
  18. I did! Stupid penalties at crucial times, inability to run yet keep trying to even though there's not a lot of time left on the clock, questionable play calling and OL that seemed intent on getting our QB killed by not holding the line more than a second or two. Hopefully our Falcons have finally turned a corner and will start fast today and keep their feet on the gas!! I look for Julio to have a good game.
  19. Saw one set available ~ PSL originally $1500 now asking $7500!!!!
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