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  1. In my opinion Julio should ditch his agent-seems like maybe he overplayed his hand. I loves me some Julio but I want him at camp beginning next week ready to work, ball out and earn that big increase he'll certainly get next year. I have no doubt,and he probably knows down deep too that Arthur and Co. are going to do right by him. Good grief let's get this season underway
  2. It will cost me more than $5 to drive to Flowery Branch from my house~not to mention my time~More than glad to pay $5
  3. It disappoints me that JJ isn't attending Ryan's passing camp. Don't want to hear and see Julio bitchng when Ridley is getting the ball and not him when the timing is off. I certainly hope I am wrong because I LOVE me some Julio and am one of his biggest fans. I just hope that it's all worked out by the beginning of training camp and even if his contract talks are still ongoing I want him in camp. No doubt he wants to win~I just don't want TO to rub off on him too much.
  4. I spoke with a Sr. VP with the organization last night and he was very apologetic. In conversation I told him I knew it was Park Mobile's screw up which he admitted but later said that it ultimately fell on the Falcons organization. He said they'd been working with Park Mobile to make certain that PM could handle the load and they were assured all was well. . We screwed around with this for hours last night and were finally able to get the parking passes~although PM charged my AmEx card twice so there's that battle. I was told that the lots are privately owned and it's the lot owners that set the prices. We parked at Lot P last year and paid $441 for 10 games. This year that lot was well over $700!!! We ended up going back to Centennial Parking across from Philips Arena
  5. Thank's so much for the information! Any suggestions on places to stay near the stadium?
  6. We are thinking about going to Jacksonville in late August for the 3rd pre-season game. Curious if anyone has ever gone to Jacksonville to a game. We'd like to sit on the falcons side near the tunnel where they enter/exit the field but haven't been able to locate that information yet. Just wondering if anyone on here can provide any information~~~
  7. Has anyone heard when training camp opens? If it's been announced I've missed it.
  8. Don't get me wrong I love me some Julio Jones but when I compare the stats for the past 2 years with these guys it appears that Julio in comparison doesn't compare with the other 3 guys. I am so disappointed in Julio~I never thought he'd do something like this!!! He's better than this~I agree that if he performs at a higher level give the man some more $$$ but based on last year's performance sorry man I just don't see it! Get your butt into camp, put your head down, do the work and you will be rewarded with your payday. Get TO out of your head. 2017 2016 Antonio Brown 9 12 Jarvis Landry 9 4 Mike Evans 5 12 Julio Jones 3 6
  9. I love my Falcons but their media department makes it hard to stay current with what's going on ~ tough to get excited when we don't know what's going on. I've looked at other teams websites and ours pales in comparison.
  10. I absolutely cannot stand fat a$$ Hugh Douglas!!! He's such a pig. He was on the air earlier this week bemoaning how expensive it is to go to a Falcons game~ticket, parking, etc~ Don't you know Arthur Blank appreciates a mouthpiece for the flagship station of the Falcons talking like this? Oh yeah~he's an Eagle!
  11. I'm not sure. It's certainly worth checking into. We went down to the locker room and into one of Arthur's suites back in late March. It was pretty cool.
  12. I've got 2 tickets for the Draft Party at MBS on Thursday night. We aren't going but would hate to see the tickets not used. Let me know if anyone wants them.
  13. We are looking into buying tickets. I'd like to try and get tickets close to the tunnel that WE come out of. Can't seem to find anywhere that will give me that information. Can you help with a section?
  14. We are thinking about going down to Jacksonville for the 3rd preseason game in August. Does anyone know if there are any groups that go to games out of town?
  15. We were at an event on Saturday and I was getting my picture made with Reggie Davis. I asked him if he was going to be our return guy this year and he grinned, laughed and said that's the plan~~~
  16. Hope all is well with you and your family Tandy~thanks for the help with Lot P parking~we really enjoyed parking there and plan to do so again this year.
  17. We were told when we were first looking at buying PSL's in September before the stadium even opened and then again when we pulled the trigger and bought the PSL that if we wanted to move our seats that they would help us move seats~they weren't sure at that time what the process was but they would certainly be there to help us. Now we are told if we wanted to move we can but we have to sell ours first. When I last spoke with my rep I told her that I know there are people that aren't going to pay for their PSL for whatever reason and the Falcons will have PSL's back into their inventory~seems like they'd give current PSL holders an opportunity to buy those before putting them back out for the public~without the 10% fee. Seems like they are nickle and dimeing us to death.
  18. AMEN~we don't need him with his bad attitude here. Let him go elsewhere~he's almost over the hill anyway!
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