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  1. Just saw Gurley's TD and to me it looked like he was trying to fall down right outside of the goal line. Have I understood that Morris threw him under the bus???? If that's true and I were Todd Gurley I'd have a come to Jesus with Morris today. It's NO ONES fault except Koetter (what a joke) and Morris for NOT taking the 3 points and going for it on 4th and 5!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Good Grief~so sick of this mediocracy!!!!! Our fans deserve better. Between the crappy playing on the field and the **** mask Nazi coming around to our seats shoving a sign in my face when I'm trying to drink my Coke I'm done for this year!!!
  2. I hope he pounds him so bad the ambulance is called-not the police!!! I have such hatred for this guy - I hope someone is keeping up with his comments and will post them before the Sucks games and shut him down - FOR GOOD!!
  3. I know I'll get crucified for this statement but .... he needs to take some lessons from Vic Beasley~last year almost everyone was bashing Vic but you never saw him whining like a little girl because his feelings were hurt. Takk appears to have very thin skin and if he wants to survive in the NFL he's got to grow up quickly. Having said that, I'm hoping he has a great year this year (assuming there is football this year). I love his story about his grandmother and when he's playing I love watching his excitement and energy when he gets to the QB but he's not performing like we need him to and he becomes a beast!!!
  4. We can thank Shanahan for him not being able to retire on his terms! For that and many more reasons I will forever despise that man!
  5. If you want to PM me your info I'll send you one of ours-
  6. Maybe if Takk would grow up and spend more time watching film and studying the playbook he wouldn't be the joke he is!!!! He's part of our problem-
  7. I actually wondered about her earlier this week and thought about sending her a message. I cannot imagine the loss that she's experiencing. I'm sure she's getting a lot of love from her "blood" family and hopefully she knows those of us on this message board have her in our thoughts as well~extending a HUGE hug to her!
  8. Oh Tandy I am so sorry to hear this. I remember the day during the first season at MBS that you guys walked up watching the players arriving. You husband was such a gentleman and a sweetheart. Our thoughts and prayers are with you and your entire family during this extremely difficult time.
  9. Trufant is always a couple of steps away and ends up chasing the receiver
  10. Does it seem like he hasn't been himself since the pre-season game in Jax and then getting ejected and fined earlier this year?
  11. Too early!!! Just realized I posted to the wrong person LOL.
  12. Good to see you on here Tandy! Hope all is well with you and yours!
  13. That's what I was thinking. We were a little farther down so if was hard to see all of the sideline but I thought that would be very out of character for Matt Ryan -more lilike something Jeff George would have done.
  14. We were at the game last night so we haven't watched the televised replay of the game. I saw somewhere earlier today that said Matt Ryan and Sark were supposedly having words on the sideline last night. Can't find anything about this. I'm wondering if anyone else saw this or if whoever posted was wrong. Just curious
  15. Saw that at the end of the Jacksonville game this past weekend there were six Vikings hurt-1 inn the concussion protocol after a vicious hit. They price themselves on being nasty just how we come out of that game healthy..
  16. Only good for today~I just ordered a few things that I've been wanting!
  17. We are going! Our seats are in Section 140. Where are you
  18. This was Academy Award quality acting by Alford. I still laugh when I see this.
  19. Wasn't able to catch this yesterday so i wanted to watch on demand or online. What network was this on?
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