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  1. I hope he pounds him so bad the ambulance is called-not the police!!! I have such hatred for this guy - I hope someone is keeping up with his comments and will post them before the Sucks games and shut him down - FOR GOOD!!
  2. I know I'll get crucified for this statement but .... he needs to take some lessons from Vic Beasley~last year almost everyone was bashing Vic but you never saw him whining like a little girl because his feelings were hurt. Takk appears to have very thin skin and if he wants to survive in the NFL he's got to grow up quickly. Having said that, I'm hoping he has a great year this year (assuming there is football this year). I love his story about his grandmother and when he's playing I love watching his excitement and energy when he gets to the QB but he's not performing like we need him to a
  3. We can thank Shanahan for him not being able to retire on his terms! For that and many more reasons I will forever despise that man!
  4. If you want to PM me your info I'll send you one of ours-
  5. Maybe if Takk would grow up and spend more time watching film and studying the playbook he wouldn't be the joke he is!!!! He's part of our problem-
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