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  1. We can thank Shanahan for him not being able to retire on his terms! For that and many more reasons I will forever despise that man!
  2. He's such an arrogant a$$. Glad we handed it to him today!
  3. If you want to PM me your info I'll send you one of ours-
  4. Maybe if Takk would grow up and spend more time watching film and studying the playbook he wouldn't be the joke he is!!!! He's part of our problem-
  5. Our thoughts have been with you since the loss of your precious husband.
  6. I actually wondered about her earlier this week and thought about sending her a message. I cannot imagine the loss that she's experiencing. I'm sure she's getting a lot of love from her "blood" family and hopefully she knows those of us on this message board have her in our thoughts as well~extending a HUGE hug to her!
  7. Oh Tandy I am so sorry to hear this. I remember the day during the first season at MBS that you guys walked up watching the players arriving. You husband was such a gentleman and a sweetheart. Our thoughts and prayers are with you and your entire family during this extremely difficult time.