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  1. Does it seem like he hasn't been himself since the pre-season game in Jax and then getting ejected and fined earlier this year?
  2. Any news on Neal?
  3. Too early!!! Just realized I posted to the wrong person LOL.
  4. Good to see you on here Tandy! Hope all is well with you and yours!
  5. That's what I was thinking. We were a little farther down so if was hard to see all of the sideline but I thought that would be very out of character for Matt Ryan -more lilike something Jeff George would have done.
  6. We were at the game last night so we haven't watched the televised replay of the game. I saw somewhere earlier today that said Matt Ryan and Sark were supposedly having words on the sideline last night. Can't find anything about this. I'm wondering if anyone else saw this or if whoever posted was wrong. Just curious
  7. Saw that at the end of the Jacksonville game this past weekend there were six Vikings hurt-1 inn the concussion protocol after a vicious hit. They price themselves on being nasty just how we come out of that game healthy..
  8. We are going to Jax for the weekend to watch that game. Cannot wait!
  9. Only good for today~I just ordered a few things that I've been wanting!
  10. We are going! Our seats are in Section 140. Where are you
  11. This was Academy Award quality acting by Alford. I still laugh when I see this.
  12. Wasn't able to catch this yesterday so i wanted to watch on demand or online. What network was this on?
  13. In my opinion Julio should ditch his agent-seems like maybe he overplayed his hand. I loves me some Julio but I want him at camp beginning next week ready to work, ball out and earn that big increase he'll certainly get next year. I have no doubt,and he probably knows down deep too that Arthur and Co. are going to do right by him. Good grief let's get this season underway
  14. Parking is less than $10-getting ours today