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  1. +1. My first post since that ******* excuse for a playoff game but well deserved. Funny how some random person and a browser add-on can figure out how to get rid of something EVERYONE hates yet the site programmers haven't taken the time to do it 6 months later.
  2. I agree here. I remember being a lot more frustrated watching countless players run right by the QB's this season, maybe getting hand on them only to fall down on the way by or slip right before they got to them than I was by thinking "OMG WHY IS BVG BLITZING THATS CRAZY! WAT?"
  3. It will just grow back. Polamalacules! Go Steelers!
  4. Sorry if already posted but this brings back some great memories of this season and it's great hype for the game tonight. http://www.nfl.com/videos/atlanta-falcons/09000d5d81db1716/How-they-got-there-Falcons
  5. That's because every one that shakes Arthur Blanks hand wakes up as a millionaire.
  6. Virginia fan here. I can't stand the skins. But around my area (roanoke, new river valley) its about 50/50 redskin/cowboy fans. It's sickening at times. Falcon fans? where? I wear my falcons gear (Black Ryan throwback jersey, tribal falcon hat and black and red AND1 shoes) every sunday and run around before kickoff and I stick out like a sore thumb but it brings up a lot of conversations. Mostly about Ryan himself. Represent people!
  7. Sorry but I personally remember at least two touchdowns Robinson has given up by either missed tackle or falling down before contact....not to mention countless other missed tackles. Sure.. I remember a couple of the same things from grimes but Robinson doesn't lead the league in pass deflections and lead the team in interceptions.
  8. +1 for knowledge. These boards are "E" for entertaining lately.
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