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  1. I may get called a horrible fan for saying this, but I knew once the OT coin toss happened the game was over... I seen 3 pats come out for the coin toss and only Matt Ryan came out for it. I shut the TV off and layed in bed for an hour then checked my phone for the score...
  2. I would totally be surprised if the NFL doesn't make the first game of the season Falcons at Patriots... And then the week after i think we will have the sunday night game to open the new dome.
  3. It will and should be a sure thing in a few hours... But it's not and espn isn't saying it will be.. They could easily say, " Brady is looking to be first qb blah blah blah to win 5 SB." same crap.
  4. Yeah im not buying anything, i have confidence in the Falcons to win the superbowl. I would rather spend my money on super bowl winning gear then Conference champs gear... Job isn't done yet.
  5. If we win today. I say we will wear black vs the patriots or red vs the steelers.
  6. Now we just need to find out which hotel their staying in. lmao
  7. That song kills it for me personally. Sounds like a afternoon school program commercial song. Explosions in the sky " your hand in mine." Would have been a better choice. Can't never go wrong with that. lol
  8. I signed... But the only positive i get out of this; is i would rather packer fans be there then in the dome...
  9. Didn't think i would ever find one where i live, but I found a Falcon supporter bar here in Denver! Going to watch the game there on Sunday.
  10. I know it's a great opportunity to be a head coach... BUT screw that! they fire HC's like its nothing. They don't even have a GM yet!?
  11. That's why i listen to our radio announcers instead....
  12. This is what i been afraid of going into Sunday. The Packers are trying to take over Atlanta. I hope im wrong but i think they will occupy 15-25% of the dome on Sunday... http://www.packers.com/news-and-events/article-press-release/article-1/Packers-Everywhere-set-to-host-free-playoff-pep-rally-for-fans-Saturday-in-Atlanta/c7eafc77-2513-4386-810f-071cf1441e88
  13. I hope this game goes to OT. Let them kill each other as long as possible. lol
  14. If you have been on this board for about 5 years now you already seen this video that i made back in 2008. I post it every year day before first game of the season. if you are fairly new to the board enjoy. never gets old!! http://blip.tv/espotv/atlanta-falcons-vindicated-2008-2395598
  15. if somebody beat you to it why would you still post it? :mellow:
  16. Yeah i know how you feel. Got rid of directv last year. But i think im going to get my gf to sign up for directv under her name cause they are giving new customers a year free of sunday ticket... see if you can try and beat the system that way. lol
  17. if you look at the first few comments from yesterday on there. thats me fighting with that packer fan lol
  18. maybe if every falcon fan across the world scream at exactly 8:05pm we will start tsunami or a mega quake, like the seahawk fans. lol
  19. ahh okay that sucks cause in new york they go all night.
  20. So im from new york but i live in orlando fl now... I love listening to late night sports talk radio. in ny they are always talking about local teams specially in the playoffs... i was just listening to 790 and 680 and i hear NO falcon talk the day before the game... Am i missing something? is there another station?
  21. But it's to the point where we are all sick of having to read all these negative threads... We get it.. We are the underdogs... We figured that out on monday... I could care less what any of them say. What they say means as much as what my butcher says about the upcoming game... They all said that the saints were going to destroy the seahawks... and then this happened...
  22. That's the clip that i used at the end of my falcons christmas carol . great footage.
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