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  1. But wow, Kyle Pitts is Julio 2.0 on Madden. He catches everything. Hope he's like that in the real games this season.
  2. I love Julio. People here forget that it's not always the stats, it's the fear he instills in other teams' defenses and makes them scheme for him. Without that fear, they dictate. I think Pitts will be the same...that defenses will have to scheme for an individual player or they will take over. I am all for Julio being traded. I hope we get picks, but it would be nice if we got a great CB or defensive player in the deal, too. Trade him while he's worth a lot still. Anyone who watched Julio the past few seasons, has easily seen that he has NEVER been 100%. Yes, he performed, but he gave me no confidence that he could stay healthy. I think it's ironic that Pats are the ones looking to grab him. I was going to say getting rid of him while he is very high in value is the "Patriots Way," but yeah, their way must be changing.
  3. I predict we won't give up an onsides kick with the game on the line in the last few minutes of any game. I hope I'm right.
  4. So, I will get back to the original point of my post: If we are going to trade back, who is the team that is going to give us a #1 next year AND will be bad enough that their #1 will be a top 10 draft pick. If we make a trade with them, we can get additional picks this year and add serious talent to our defense. Then next year, when it's more realistic to be looking for a QB, we can bundle picks to trade up. I hope we do this...we need serious help on defense.
  5. I'm kidding. But every year it seems everyone acts like this is the final chance to grab a top QB. Guess what? There will be other "future stars" coming out next year and the year after who you probably haven't even heard of yet. AB seems pretty committed to Ryan staying another few years. So it may be early to get a QB this draft when we have SO many other needs. What I would do is trade down this year just a bit and get as many picks as possible. BUT, do it with a team who you think is going to be bad next year and will end up with a high draft pick. (Trade with Bengals or Dolphins, but not Patriots!) Then, we can choose best avail QB next year or the year after. But everyone says "we won't be at #4 again!" Hopefully not naturally. But if we trade and get a first rounder next year with the Bengals or someone, we could absolutely have a pick in the top 10...combined with our first round pick...and we're right back up there next year. I would also package Julio in there with someone this year or next...LOVE the guy, but his injuries aren't going to get better as he ages... Trade him while he has huge value. I would go defense big time this draft. I would trade down 3-10 places and try to get as many picks as possible with a team that is likely to tank next year. Then, next year get that QB who you haven't heard of yet. My $.02.
  6. Great game, so far. The biggest thing that I love is seeing our halftime adjustments. We have been terrible over the past few years in the 3rd quarter. Finally, they came out noticeably improved in the 2nd half. I love it. I hope that trend continues.
  7. Great point! We were the WORST at halftime adjustments the past few years. I am excited to see if we're better.
  8. So many great things to say about that half...but one non-obvious one is the sure and aggressive tackling. Other than Worrilow's miss, I've seen excellent, ATTACKING type tackling. Much better than standing and waiting for the backs/receivers to make a move, etc. Everything looks totally different on defense, so far, THANKFULLY. I liked Mike Smith, but tonight is a great example why we needed a change. Hope 2nd half is as good!
  9. Does anyone else's heart skip a beat when our offense is on the field and you hear "3rd and 1" or "3rd and inches." Memories of Mike Smith. Hope we can change that...
  10. "Best we've seen Josh Freeman play all pre-season." Yep. I hear that a lot vs our defense! Ugh. The good news, 3 preseason 1st QTRs and our first team defense allowed ZERO points. Now, they didn't look good tonight and benefitted from some lucky penalties, but still...something to be hopeful about.
  11. Again, I put "Philosophy" in the title instead of scheme because I'm not talking schemes...I'm talking attitude. Even the linemen that came back shed pounds (Babs in particular is looking great) so they can attack. They are not gaining weight to "hold down their space against the run." So, while I appreciate the technical analysis, I still think I would definitely call this line more of an "attacking" defense than last season. Of course it also has to do with effectiveness, players, schemes, etc. That's the thing I love about football...it is ALWAYS a combination of things to succeed or it's just one weak link in the chain that makes a team fail, if you can't hide it. Last season, we had far too many weak links especially once the injury bug hit us for a 2nd year in a row. I'm amazed at how little I hear people talk about the injuries we had on defense last year. I believe one game, we had 5 rookies out there on defense. That is crazy. You're talking half of the defense was JUST out of college. I'm no fan of our defense the past couple years, but we'll never know if we wouldn't have won 2-3 more games had we not been ravaged by injuries. That would have resulted in playoffs and possibly Mike Smith having his job still. N-if-L. Hopefully we have improved our injury luck this year (or get it out of our system in the pre-season).
  12. Yep. Week 3 is the only pre-season game with any meaning for the starters. I hope we look as good in week 3 as we did the in the first 2...especially on defense. I'm not worried about offense or special teams this year...but come on defense!
  13. Like many of you, I was so sick of the "bend don't break" philosophy the past many years. I get it...with all of the injuries we had the past 2 seasons, if you gamble too much with inexperienced players, big plays will happen...mistakes will happen. The problem is, our coaches should have seen it wasn't working after the first few games and changes. If you're going to lose, lose attacking instead of letting teams pick you apart. I am excited to see in just 2 short quarters of pre-season play, that Quinn's defense is NOT going to sit back and let lousy QB's light us up. Yes, I watched as the announcers talked of "Geno Smith's coming out party!" because he was playing the Falcons. I watched as rookie Bridgewater had his "Coming out party!" vs the Falcons. It's been painful watching this, but I don't think it will happen with Quinn. Yes, our players are different this season and hopefully better. Yes, schemes are going to be better suited to the players. But the #1 difference will be the philosophy of ATTACK and make the opposing team make plays to win. I liked Mike Smith and he did a LOT right the past few years. Had we not had 5 rookies starting on defense last year, it's possible he could still be the coach for years to come. However, his "bend don't break" philosophy "broke" his job... Can't wait for the new season to start!
  14. Hmm...we'll see about depth as we get some injuries and need guys to fill in. I'm not sold that our "depth" has gotten any better considering the 2 pre-season games were dominated by our first team and then totally downhill as soon as our "depth" came in against the other team's 2nd/3rd stringers. So, I think jury is still out. That said, it will be hard to not get better than last year. Ugh.
  15. Whew...practice if over. We have 3 TOUGH games coming up. Hope Matt Ryan keeps humble...this could get ugly.
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