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  1. You forgot to add these options " I couldn't care less " " Do you think the starter of this poll is an idiot" It would have been a tough choice between these two
  2. Don't know who Clay Travis but i do know he's a POS. How anyone could think disrespecting someone's dead grandmother would be funny is beyond my understanding.
  3. This article can't be true, TATF's very own Armchair GM said that there were three better DE still on the board at 31. /s Seriously I love the pick and the draft was great.
  4. haha yea but these idiots ranting certainly makes for an entertaining read. especially the one that believe they know more than the people that have proven they know what they're doing.
  5. He looks like he goes till the echo of the whistle , I love that. I believe he will be a great addition
  6. I believe it was a great draft: (A) I'll trust TD/DQ over arm chair GM's
  7. I give this draft an A+, I truly don't know what could have been done differently to make this team better. I can see what type of players TD/ DQ are trying to get. Which direction they are moving in I never felt that way with M. Smith.
  8. The first problem is you actually read something by Bedwetter, you will get much better info on the falcons from Supermarket Tabliods.
  9. The two men that get paid to make that decision disagrees with that comment. If TD/DQ wanted Riley he was the right choice
  10. If we take a knee three times and kick a field goal we are superbowl champions, you wouldn't remember how the defense played.
  11. Go away, find a sense of humor, it was a joke that he does for most games it's all in good fun..
  12. Anyone that believed we wouldn't be underdogs has lost their **** mind...
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