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  1. That is the dumbest statement ever posted on this board.
  2. Ryan must have boned Brunell's wife at some point, or he's an idiot!! Rodgers is the only player on that list who i would trade Ryan for..
  3. Beasley was completely and by far the best option for us, i never put Beasley in my mocks because i didn't think he would fall to us. great pick A+ Gurley would have been a completely wasted pick
  4. I'm as excited about the last two picks as i was the first pick!!! Great draft
  5. I think for the first time in my life I am completely speechless, this will go down as the best draft in Falcons history.. I can't wait for the season to start, every pick has been selected with an obvious plan in mind, and every player so far will contribute next season!! Amazing Draft !!!!!
  6. Florio has no more access to a league source than I do, he's a hack. Edit: His source is probably the custodian or garbage man
  7. Anyone who believes that was possible has to much time invested in Madden Football, with no real concept of reality.
  8. Why would he go to jail for shooting his own foot?
  9. Dude we need to discuss something important, Like who is the chick in your Avatar
  10. To be honest I would love to see snelling as the feature back, we are to limited when Turner is playing. we could start doing screens, and other stuff that teams know we won't do now.
  11. Your a Dumb Azz, go hate somewhere else. Ryan isn't going anywhere he is the best Qb the Falcons have ever had.
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