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  1. Which would be the ideal scenario because those douchebags don't deserve a Top - 5 pick .
  2. I knew it would be only a matter of time before someone suggested that the Falcons sign Jackson . Dude has too many injury issues .
  3. I wouldn't be satisfied at all , but team's that finish with losing records get higher draft picks for the following year . That's their hardware . It's a testiment to the FO that this team gets multiple chances at the postseason . Most team's usually don't .
  4. The Panties had 10 days to practise and put their gameplan in place and that still didn't get them the win . The Redskins had the normal week . Though it's possible we lose this game , it won't be for an opponent having extra time to prepare . The Deadskins still have to stop Matt & co .
  5. I like the team's mindset that they are displaying this season . They seem to be playing with a more determined resolve than in previous seasons . It's like a giant black cloud has been removed over them and now they're playing like they can breathe again . I know that doesn't mean much one quarter into the season , but if they can keep this up , the postseason often favors the team with the most determination . This mindset will allow them to shrug off the pressure that goes with being in the postseason , and play loose and easy .
  6. I'll be glad to say that I was wrong about us trying to sign Mario Williams . Looking back it would have been a diseaster . Glad I'm not the one running the team . I also was wrong about Dent beinging ready to take over for Lofton , though it's not a forgone conclusion that he's won't be able to do so .
  7. I don't understand why everyone wants us to " fly under the radar " . This team hasn't been under the radar since 2008 , when this team came out of nowhere to make it as a wildcard . Since then this team has peeled off 4 straight winning seasons , a fact that hasn't escaped the media . Nobody has their eyes off this team , so there's no way that this team can be " under the radar " .
  8. A few of those sacks were on guys who hardly get reps at the spots they were used in Sunday's game . Hawley at FB ? Johnson at TE ? That one given up by Johnson he didn't have his feet set for pass protection and got ran over by CJ . Or was it Hardy ? Trying new stuff like that could of had an unsettleling effect on the entire line .
  9. Agreed . Line him up in the slot a few times a game may help , anything to help him get untracked .
  10. He should be somewhat not comfortable with HD since he hardly throws to him in games . I wonder if Harry even practises with the first team , because that would explain a lot .
  11. The Cowboys with a fierce pass rush ? Ha ! The 'boys rush is DeMarcus Ware and not much else .
  12. It shouldn't have really come down to Abe 's play if the refs called that PI call on that sideline pass to Jones . There were a number of baltant holding and PI calls that wasn't flagged in this game .
  13. Maybe because he's considered the face of the franchise and he gets lumped in with Blank , Smith , and Dimitroff .
  14. That's not really true . I 've deliberately avoided the threads bashing Ryan for the simple fact that the QB position in the NFL is the most critized position on a team and some of the stuff is warranted . However when people start to pull stuff out of their @ss to bash them , at what point do we say nonsense ? I never had a problem with the crititizism that has gone on this board regarding Ryan . But if you're gonna post an opinion on something you better well be able to defend it .
  15. It sure looks to me he can hit a reciever in stride .
  16. The screen was never really in the Murlarkey playbook to start with , he simply didn't believe in them . Ask any Steeler fan .
  17. Yes , and it also proved we don't have to play a perfect game in order to win .
  18. Still managed too lose that game even with the ref's help . 0 - 4 .
  19. Looks to me they made a serious effort to run block in practise this week and didn't get much of their pass blocking reps in . It looked like they forgot how to pass block altogether . I was having Murlarkey flashbacks .
  20. I agree . But it definitely showed they made a concentrated effort this week in practise to get the running game going and they did . What this o - line lacks is consistency . When the gameplan involves a pass heavy attack , the o - line does a great job of keeping Ryan upright but the running game suffers . This game they manage to do a great job of opening lanes for Turner but were getting Ryan killed behind center . Seems we can do one or the other , not both in the same game .
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