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  1. ya'll dont get too excited huh...i look to see what games are on on saturday and i watch the most important college game, the one that looks the most exciting. Ya'll remind me of my old high school football coach..."four yards a carry, that's all you need" and when its third and two he ran the ball again. I was WR for god sake, there went my scholarship had to walk on and POS school. do ya'll take like valumes or somethin? like get pumped up man lol
  2. oh yeah i remember driving through dallas. everybody driving crazy there but there was one guy over in the slow lane doin the speed limit and i was thinking wow best driver on the road right there. looked over and hes turnin up a budweiser
  3. hmm i just thought about how many thousands of people drive home drunk from the GA dome every sunday...wow. probably the best drivers in atlanta, go through atlanta any other time of the day they all think its speed racer time
  4. that is true but this is basiclly a playoff game
  5. I used to have dogs for sell in atlanta but not so so much anymore, business went down a lot since 2006
  6. this is the biggest game of the season, this is our super bowl right now we HAVE to beat the Panthers, they are #1 in the division we need to knock em down and hope tampa loses. not too worried about the saints right now.
  7. Erik Ainge suspended for steroids (Jets) HA HA poor little feller is tryina get big
  8. if the falcons moved i would be a titans fan which would kind of suck because games on cbs seem to be boring....
  9. I played minor league ball last year in chattanooga and tony brown (titans) was a big supporter and came out to a lot of the games and i'm a 5'8 corner standing beside tony brown made me feel like even more of a midget. Those nfl defensive linemen are huge, lol i don't see how doug flutie could see!
  10. in regards to the ray lewis comment and your probably going to think i am a psycho but man is the one with a concience man deserves more punishment than a dog that is being tortured due to instinct, especially in pit bulls who's instinct is to please there owner and what reward did the dog get for trying his hardest to "please" his owner, brutally murdered. if anyone should be brutally murdered it should be vick and all his little snitching buddies. It's also really nice to to throw a family pet in the ring with a dog thats been trained to kill and watch it get mauled yeah that's nice. There
  11. my in laws are from texas and they all worship the cowboys out there so its not too bad
  12. welli had a dream the other day that we were playing the broncos and we were winning 34-33 in the 4th qtr and lost 55-34
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