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  1. There were better passes thrown during the Pee-Wee Football halftime show, last night.
  2. If you're ever in the South Cobb Dr, 285 area.... US Cafe.
  3. tunein just plays podcasts of 790. 680 is live. 680 Chuck and Chernoff is good. Liked those guys when they were on 790. I might be the only one who likes Mayhem in The AM on 790. I do like Brian Finneran in the mornings 0n 680. 92.9 is horrible
  4. I was streaming the podcast earlier. I can't believe he went in like that!
  5. It looked like that in person too. Even in warmups, I didn't see them as hyped as they usually are. Weatherspoon maybe; Decoud is usually the most animated pregame... he was dead. Maybe it was the lack of having Moore. Asante was quiet too. Maybe because he knew he wasn't playing.
  6. And Quizz would make a nice play, then here would come Turner or Snelling or Smith. I don't understand. Roddy tripping on a deep pass that would have went for a TD. This game could have turned for us. As bad as it might have seemed, and was, I felt that this game could have turned our way, like it has. It just didn't.
  7. Knowing Samuel was ACTIVE, I watched him in warm-ups. I thought he looked good, and wasn't favoring his shoulder. For him and Moore to be held out, made me think that they (coaching staff) were more concerned for heatlh than anything. Panthers kill 8 minutes on the first drive for a TD, we go three and out, then another lonnnnng drive. As much heat as the Offense takes, the defense didn't help themselves at all. Its hard to keep Cam off the field when the defense can't make a stop. Hard to develop any type of offensive rhythm when you're on the sideline for 15 real minutes at a time. That failed 2-point conversion killed the momentum. I don't know what it looked like on TV, but I thought it was a good catch by Roddy.
  8. I was at the game. Boy, those fans know how to make some noise...banging on those empty seats. I heard the same **** from fans on my way out. I told one that Winning feels good, doesn't it? Y'all don't get to feel that much around here. And various responses similar to Bryant's. Love Bryant stood up though.
  9. Just wondering. Wanted to see them get hyped up for tomorrow's game.
  10. I didn't pick the Falcons just because that -600 kills the payout.
  11. I was 14 for the Hou/ATL game. My mom had tickets on the 50 Yard line, my 1st Falcon game ever. 50 yard line. 1st row. Which meant I saw the back of the Falcons bench all day. Had to watch the game on the Big Screen. Even still, I loved every minute of it. The weather was about to turn bad, but I will always remember how wild the stadium was.
  12. I guess since Asante gave up that touchdown to AJ Green, it means he will give up a touchdown to every other NFL receiver we play. In other words, **** the 1st game...just panic over the second one.
  13. Do other teams have stalled drives, or is it just us? Why is this considered a big deal in the preseason? Are we the only team not scoring touchdowns on every drive?
  14. Mike and Deion we're already stars. I'm talking about guys like Walls now, DJ, etc. The guys that people demand to start.
  15. I posted this question because of all the, "If Davis is cut, we're letting another star walk" talk. I just wanted to know who these other stars were.
  16. Facebook Group discussions and seeing the posts on here.... Who have we cut, who shined in the preseason, and they went on to star status?
  17. We've had plenty of 4-0 Preseasons. I'd take an 0-4 and a Playoff team, anyday. Anyone remember the great 4-0 preseason from Falcon Legend, Gilbert Renfroe?
  18. People act like the Falcons were perennial Super Bowl Champs before Ryan got here. Everybody cried about how the Braves were bums with their playoff seasons in the 90's. How bad Bobby Cox was.... Bobby's gone now... look what you have. Enjoy. I've never seen so much hatred heaped upon a 4000+ yard, WINNING QB. You have to MAKE the playoffs, to win the Super Bowl. A lot of these "better" QB's can't even do that. Or at least do it with any consistentcy.
  19. The NFL has to had out these punishments. One, they have been warned about it previously and the Saints continued to carry on with the bounty program. Two, years later, players would have come out of the woodwork suing the NFL for "injuries" they received from the program, the NFL knew about it, and they "did nothing."
  20. ****, seems like quite a few teams stopped it this season. The Redskins did TWICE. Are we worse than the Redskins?
  21. Funny how feelings change. http://philly.sportscolumn.com/showthread.php?t=5670
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