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  1. well in my own defense other then the sean taylor joke ...ive never said anything terribly offensive......i just have fun getting under saints fans skin. but your right i am trying to fill a void....and that is boredom....i just got layed off of a 80k a year job, and have nothing better to do...then to give you saints fans ****.
  2. lol you kknow the difference between me and you? i say things that piss ppl off because i could give a fvck what a bunch of screen names think of me.....and you make jokes because you want all these screen names to love you....you fill the empty void of your life...by trying to have friends on the message board. i say things that will piss ppl off because you guys all take the internet too seriously. thanks for bringing up the sean taylor joke ...i see it struck a nerve....once again...taking the internet too seriously joe.
  3. we arent laughing at the saints fans for thinking we arent the best offense.....we are laughing at the ******** saints fans(like most on this site, including you) who think its possible to put 8 in the box....and at the same time double cover our reciever and cover our tightend with safties? its commical....we know most saints fans lack real football intellect...since they barely have a NFL team to watch.....but his defensive strategy suggests that the saints are gonna put 12 men on the field.
  4. actually your run D hasnt been better then ours this pre season....we held steven jackson to less then 3 yards a carry....you guys were getting gashed by slaton
  5. lol so thats there secret plan? put 12 on the field against us.
  6. this is a quote from saints message board....we officially have no shot. this guy has figured out the falcons offense. my only question is....if your putting 8 in the box to stop turner.....wich didnt work well for most teams last year anyway........how the **** are you putting a saftey on gonzo and using the other one to double team roddy? lmao I think i'll take gonzo all day one on one with darren sharper btw. lucky to be top 20? are you kidding me? Defensive strategy against them shouldn't be that tough. 8 in the box to defend Turner, safety on Gonzo, CB and other safety doubling White, other CB on the other WR. It all depends on how Turner runs, though. If he repeats his '08, then they'll have a good offense but nowhere near top 5. If he doesn't, they'll be lucky to be top 20
  7. what do the bucs think there going to get for mcown or leftwich? a box of rocks? i dont know if they are worth that.
  8. brees all the way.....rivers is good....but i think he's kinda selfish and has an attitude problem
  9. well since there is no consistant team in the NFC south....that isnt saying much
  10. not a bad list....i think ryan has the potential to jump up a spot or 2 on your list this season......i'd put brees over tom brady...
  11. the last thing panthers fans want is anyone picking them anyway......in 2006 everyone and there mother picked the panthers to win the superbowl.....you couldnt find a site, an article, or a tv. sports show that didnt think the panthers were going to win the superbowl. it had panthers fans really believeing that they were un beatable all of you....every single panther fan i talked to that off season, and that pre season....believed 100% That the panthers were unbeatable. then opening day rolled around and vick and john abraham made a little visit to charolotte and we all know what happend after that......im sure you panthers fans were crushed......how could espn be so wrong? you see there are ppl that believe the falcons are a good team and are contenders........but never has the falcons recieved the hype the panthers got in 2006
  12. http://www.footballoutsiders.com/stats/qb i think matt ryan jumps into a top 5 qb this season.
  13. and the ravens had the number 2 defense in the NFL last year.....you would think that the number 2 defense would beat the number 1 defense atleast once out of 3 times.....maybe if you guys had matt ryan?
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