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  1. Yeah, I'm not going to look at one single game someone on a bad team had and let that determine if he's good. Guy is a freak. Stats don't lie. I can't say no to Clowney fast enough. Too much money and seriously overrated.
  2. Yannick Ngakoue all day. Arguably the best pass rusher in the NFL. My guess is he is franchise tagged, but if he gets free, he is the best option by a mile. Whether the Falcons could afford him is an entirely different conversation.
  3. One of the keys to winning the game that this board talked about (and rightfully so) was taking advantage of their young and inexperienced offensive line. It's a MAJOR red flag when that same offensive line absolutely dominated you up front all game. Does not bode well going forward.
  4. They're saying it's a knee sprain right now. MRI to come. Either way, he's going to miss significant time.
  5. Of course they did. They're the Bucs. If you had stepped back and analyzed that entire deal, you could see from a mile away that it was a terrible move for Tampa. I had actually forgotten they made that move. Just another player robbing Tampa and moving to do bigger and better things. He'll do the same to the Jets. He's got his ring.
  6. This is obviously a really sensitive subject for you. I understand. Our dumpster fire status prior to 2008 was very similar. What exactly does "Paint their mistakes as All Pros" even mean? I wouldn't exactly say you were "smart" to dump them, but you did dump them. Along with $14 million. Along with signing guys who are going to be even worse. Seriously question: Who's the worst starter in the NFL. Conte or McClellan? It's now just a game to see how many ex-Bears Lovie will sign. Briggs and Peanut should be along shortly.
  7. Ah, yes. Paying for mistakes when they're not even with the team. The Buccaneers way. Where did I say I didn't want the Falcons going after him? I would have loved him in Atlanta. Anything to upgrade our joke of a pass rush. But we're doing that through the draft while adding some decent depth and not creating a dumpster fire out of free agency like Tampa Bay apparently is. Not a troll thread. Just dropping knowledge. No need to thank me.
  8. Johnson is a good DE. He played well with the Bengals and will continue to do that with them. Sorry Tampa doesn't have the coaching staff to allow good players to succeed on and off the field. Bad coaches (Like Morris, Schiano, and Lovie) don't know how to re-create teams. They just recycle former players that "fit their scheme." I mean, giving JOSH MCCOWN a two-year 10+ million dollar deal. Pretty incredible.
  9. Conte and Harris at safety? LOL. This is going to get ugly.
  10. Overpaid for Carter, who's already gone baked potato in a 4-3 cover two and doesn't stay healthy. Collins: Given a five-year deal. Cut one year in. Johnson: Given a five-year deal. Cut one year in. Goldson: Given a five-year deal. Cut two years in. How about quit with these huge FA signings? Especially when you have no clue how all of this works. You cleared $9 million in cap space to sign Johnny Whogivesadamn and now will be paying those three players $14 million this year to not even play for your team. Put that on top of throwing Glennon under the bus in favor for McCown while proceedi
  11. LOL at the idea of Panther fans taking over the stadium. It's the Carolina Panthers, not Green Bay or Dallas. It's going to be rocking in the Dome next week.
  12. We should all enjoy the pre-2006 era of enraged Saints fans and dumpster fire status. Lettuce enjoy.
  13. Malliciah Goodman? LULZ Obviously a Clemson fan. Goodman was an absolute bust for Clemson. Waited until the last game of his career to do anything relevant. Only thing he's known for is his freakishly big hands. Taylor will be an interesting pick for a team. He doesn't have near the athleticism and explosiveness of an Aldon, but he plays incredible assignment football, insanely athletic for his size, and is actually still very raw both physically and in the game of football. He'll be a lot like a Michael Smith. Will need time to develop into the NFL, but will be a good player once he does.
  14. Ravens will most likely resign both. If Kruger walked, I'd love him, but the price tag would be way too high for us. He's going to be asking for elite money.
  15. What D-III team did the Saints go halfsies with on the power bill this month?
  16. The more time that goes by, the more time I get to think about what's going to happen to this board and Falcons fans if we go one-and-done in the playoffs again.
  17. It still puts the players in a bad position, and I doubt they really enjoyed the approach. But, at the same time, I think they understand. Going into a bye week like that is best-case scenario. Players are sharp and pissed off.
  18. I'm really not questioning the move. It's obvious the players came out flat because they had everything wrapped up. It showed with the play calling and the play on the field. Smith was pissed the entire game because if you're going to have your starters play, you expect full effort. Well, it wasn't there. So, instead of losing with a bunch of backups, we lose with the starters not caring and Smith is pissed. I'll take that scenario either way, because I think it's a wake up call for the playoffs. We don't know what the mindset would be if the players had the day off. We know what it'll be now.
  19. Sherman is playing at another level right now. Sherman not being suspended is huge for that team. Seattle is on fire.
  20. First off, Seattle's stadium is designed to be loud. Sound bounces around very easily and doesn't escape easily, so when you have 67,000 fans, or at least the majority, going crazy, it gets very, very loud. It's just smart designing to keep that kind of noise aimed at the field. It's as close as you'll get to a college atmosphere. And no, I don't think they use any help. They don't need it.
  21. I've seen both Sam Montgomery and Tyle Eifert in the first. I wouldn't be opposed to either of those picks. If we go offense in the first, it has to be a game-changing TE like Eifert. We'll go heavy in the trenches in this draft, and getting Montgomery this late in the draft would be a steal. Grabbing a RB like Ball in the third or fourth would also be a good move. This is a very deep d-line class, so even if we go in the direction of Eifert in the first, we can grab quality players in the later rounds. However, if we don't go Eifert in the first, I say you go RB, such as Ball, in the third or
  22. A fumble forward can be recovered by a teammate unless it is inside of two minutes of either 2nd or 4th quarter.
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