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  1. Yeah, I'm not going to look at one single game someone on a bad team had and let that determine if he's good. Guy is a freak. Stats don't lie. I can't say no to Clowney fast enough. Too much money and seriously overrated.
  2. Yannick Ngakoue all day. Arguably the best pass rusher in the NFL. My guess is he is franchise tagged, but if he gets free, he is the best option by a mile. Whether the Falcons could afford him is an entirely different conversation.
  3. One of the keys to winning the game that this board talked about (and rightfully so) was taking advantage of their young and inexperienced offensive line. It's a MAJOR red flag when that same offensive line absolutely dominated you up front all game. Does not bode well going forward.
  4. Schefter reporting he was out 6-8 weeks last time he had the procedure. Not a huge blow, but he's missing a ton of valuable time (assuming the recovery period is the same).
  5. As a Clemson fan, I've always been shocked he didn't blow up in the NFL. He was a stud at Clemson. My guess is when he came in to New Orleans and was asked to be the guy and leader of the defense right off the bat, he just wasn't ready for it and never really adjusted. I never thought he was a MLB, but I thought he could succeed at any of the positions due to how much of a freak he is. Seems to have been down hill from that point, even after moving to OLB and moving on to Miami. I think a fresh start like this will be good for him, but it is surprising to see how little production he's had sin
  6. So, which game can I come over for? I make a mean 7-layer dip. Awesome set up. That silver on white helmet is awesome. Wouldn't want to see it in a game, but it's a pretty awesome decorative piece.
  7. LOL at the Saints fanbase getting lawyers involved on the outcome of the game. Imagine living a life where the Saints are all you had going for you. Trash fanbase gonna trash fanbase.
  8. He turned it down. I know the conspiracy theory is out that everyone in America hates every Falcons player ever, but there's no reality where Prescott or Trubisky get in over Matt. Trubisky and Prescott aren't even that good, but I can at least see Dak being an alternative. Just not over Matt. Trubisky shouldn't be anywhere near the Pro Bowl.
  9. Yikes. Grady and them better get something up the middle because right now it looks like ya boy Brees is gonna have some time to toss it around.
  10. That makes zero sense. It's handled the same way across the board in the NFL. The differences in how coaches handle players is minuscule. If anything, blame the low amount of practice time the players and coaches get. They're out there less and they're not playing as much in the pre-season. Not playing in the pre-season is fine, but you can at least offset that with a number of hours they're putting in practice. Hard to do that when you're that limited. How you think this is on anyone on the coaching staff is beyond me. It's happened a lot over the last few seasons.
  11. THANK you. I was waiting for someone to show this tweet. That's a stark contrast, and people need to realize Neal's impact. Is Kazee going to be a baller? No doubt. He's going to get some awesome experience and be a big part of the defense. But you don't replace what Neal brought to that run defense and intensity he brought on the field. Kazee isn't that type of player yet. This loss hurts.
  12. While you do have to take Philly's elite defense into consideration, I put a lot of this on Sark. You can't be as unbalanced as Atlanta was last night. Kudos to Philly for shutting down those stretch plays. They knew it was coming and was prepared. Even so, the lack of run game put a lot on Ryan. Freeman, while he was banged up at the end, had a good average. The running game wasn't being completely shut down. Sark needs to figure that out moving forward. Stretching to that edge is something that can be improved. The offensive line is good enough. What I can't forgive on Sark's end is the
  13. At the end of that game, I turned to my buddy in the stands and told him we were going to win the Super Bowl. That game completely convinced me we were the best team in the NFL. I was close to being right. I'm never getting over it.
  14. So, we're just going to completely ignore how bad his first season was, as well as calling a terrible Super Bowl. Let's be honest, it's as much on him as anyone. LOL at him being some savior OC.
  15. That or screaming at Harry Douglas, "OTHER WAY, OTHER WAY!!" when he called an audible his rookie year.
  16. Anybody seen Keith Brooking? Haven't read anything on him in a while. Is he hurt? We need him this year.
  17. Considering what Atlanta gave up, I hated the Julio pick in 2011. It's worked out. Atlanta took the best player available. He's an impact guy day one. LOL at anyone thinking he's not a top-two receiver in the draft. He had freaking Hurts throwing him the ball at Bama. Hurts. A safety playing QB. And he was still a stud. My only complaint is he is a bit older than what you'd like, but we'll get over it.
  18. Even the training room shows how much the team wants to be quick, fast, and work on speed and explosion with hand placements. Can't be blocked if they can't get their hands on you.
  19. What kind of deal is he looking for? Ball park? Unfortunately, we're in an age where you absolutely have to have a QB to win, and there just aren't many good QBs. He's one that can take Atlanta all the way, so he has all the leverage. Even if you went out and put some pressure on him by signing his replacement, you're still in the same position.
  20. Well, the years he has gotten it right, it was a terrible pick, so....
  21. As a Clemson fan, I can't speak highly enough about DOD. Guy is a baller. If he's sitting there third or fourth round, Atlanta is getting a steal.
  22. Typical lazy tweet from them. There are hundreds of those examples from every team. I mean, the Falcons drafted freaking Peria Jerry in 2009. Go take a look at who was still on the board.
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