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  1. Yeah, I'm not going to look at one single game someone on a bad team had and let that determine if he's good. Guy is a freak. Stats don't lie. I can't say no to Clowney fast enough. Too much money and seriously overrated.
  2. Yannick Ngakoue all day. Arguably the best pass rusher in the NFL. My guess is he is franchise tagged, but if he gets free, he is the best option by a mile. Whether the Falcons could afford him is an entirely different conversation.
  3. One of the keys to winning the game that this board talked about (and rightfully so) was taking advantage of their young and inexperienced offensive line. It's a MAJOR red flag when that same offensive line absolutely dominated you up front all game. Does not bode well going forward.
  4. On defense, I can't argue with that. Of course, I don't know the depth chart for a lot of other teams, but I have a good hunch that their drop offs aren't quite as deep. The secondary is definitely a problem once you get past the starters. It could turn to a grease fire if we start having injuries back there.
  5. The NB job is Franks. Baker has to pick it up. He's going to get Ryan hurt this season. No excuses. Reynolds, all things considered, did pretty well at RG tonight. His pass protection was a bit spotty at times, but he did pretty well in his first action. I think the job is his. I'm stoked about Julio. I'm not going to get too giddy, but I was thrilled about what I saw. His game speed is incredible. Nobody his size should be running like that. Julio alone will really change the way we go about the offense, and it creates another dynamic to what we'll do. Again, I'm not going to go overboard wit
  6. Depth in the secondary is definitely a cause for concern. Starting DBs are set, but we have to stay healthy back there this year, or it'll become a grease fire.
  7. Good call, Grimes. That is a top-three man rule broken right there.
  8. Super Bowl or bust in Philly. And you usually don't win when you buy a team, which is exactly what they're doing. It's been an interesting FA offseason, that's for sure.
  9. I plan to take his job when I graduate next May. Stay patient, my friends.
  10. Julio didn't drop the pass. Get your heart rate down. Dunta is putting tight coverage on him, and, as I would hope any DB would do, is knocking the ball away. Bravo, Robinson.
  11. Your WR situation with Calvin and Andre is filthy, but is Julio the best you can do as a third WR/RB option? He could very well be a stud, but I'd think there'd be a lot more proven players out there for a third WR/RB option. But, hey, Julio could be the real deal and you can stick with him. It's just that I've been cautious with starting rookie skill players in the past. Your RB situation is decent. With mediocre to poor QB play from the Panthers, I don't know how effective their running game will be. If they had a decent QB situation, I think it'd be good, because Williams is a good RB (alth
  12. I'm glad to see the people not agreeing with the contract and saying "over paid." It's always nice to see which fans are clueless about the players. Fair contract. Clabo got his deal because he is on the wrong side of 30, but still has plenty left in the tank. Blalock is now entering into his prime and is becoming a top guard. Deal with it.
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