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  1. At the end of that game, I turned to my buddy in the stands and told him we were going to win the Super Bowl. That game completely convinced me we were the best team in the NFL. I was close to being right. I'm never getting over it.
  2. So, we're just going to completely ignore how bad his first season was, as well as calling a terrible Super Bowl. Let's be honest, it's as much on him as anyone. LOL at him being some savior OC.
  3. I don't see anything....
  4. That or screaming at Harry Douglas, "OTHER WAY, OTHER WAY!!" when he called an audible his rookie year.
  5. Why? What's the story on why he left? Hard feelings? Details, POR FAVOR.
  6. Anybody seen Keith Brooking? Haven't read anything on him in a while. Is he hurt? We need him this year.
  7. Considering what Atlanta gave up, I hated the Julio pick in 2011. It's worked out. Atlanta took the best player available. He's an impact guy day one. LOL at anyone thinking he's not a top-two receiver in the draft. He had freaking Hurts throwing him the ball at Bama. Hurts. A safety playing QB. And he was still a stud. My only complaint is he is a bit older than what you'd like, but we'll get over it.
  8. Even the training room shows how much the team wants to be quick, fast, and work on speed and explosion with hand placements. Can't be blocked if they can't get their hands on you.
  9. What kind of deal is he looking for? Ball park? Unfortunately, we're in an age where you absolutely have to have a QB to win, and there just aren't many good QBs. He's one that can take Atlanta all the way, so he has all the leverage. Even if you went out and put some pressure on him by signing his replacement, you're still in the same position.
  10. Well, the years he has gotten it right, it was a terrible pick, so....
  11. As a Clemson fan, I can't speak highly enough about DOD. Guy is a baller. If he's sitting there third or fourth round, Atlanta is getting a steal.
  12. Typical lazy tweet from them. There are hundreds of those examples from every team. I mean, the Falcons drafted freaking Peria Jerry in 2009. Go take a look at who was still on the board.
  13. Bring back Hageman? Why? Why would you want to bring back a woman-beating DT who isn't even that good? There's a reason he's been a FA all season. Vea would be a good pick and would be a great compliment with Grady.
  14. First time in the Benz this past Sunday and I thought it was a decent crowd. The atmosphere in general is good and noise travels and holds better. A lot of those empty seats are people just chilling at the bars or in the standing area. This stadium provides unique options and people are just going to have to get over it. And yes, attendance across the league is an issue. I also thought Minnesota fans had a really impressive showing Sunday.