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  1. Wut are you excited for ? It’s going too be a ugly year …I think falcons should win this game thow
  2. Is this dumb game just about over I’m black out and wanna wacth sports center about my hawks
  3. None tired of drafting oline with no improvements from the line
  4. Hope the Bucs win mayb the falcons front office can learn something
  5. Nobody worth getting at this point might as well get best available
  6. Where there’s gose the nfl season
  7. Need too blow the team up now so they can contend in 3 years mayb
  8. Would love it for madden but we need too fix this defense
  9. Hope falcons offense is like the titans run run play action
  10. Texans blew a 24-0 lead in 3 minutes I feel better about that 28-3 lead now
  11. At least Bucs no how too lose meanless games falcons should take notes
  12. Bunch of idiots wining this game now we will picking around 12-14 range
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