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  1. I knew I was taking a chance with posting this. No problem if people don't want to jump in. There is a book called What If of articles by well known historians with questions like "What if D Day had failed?" Or "What if the british soldier who had Washington in his sights had chosen to shoot?" I happen to find these questions interesting, and am tired of the innumerable "we will pick Chaisson or Kenlaw" posts. It's a boring time of the year so I tried to mix it up. It's impractical and unrealistic I know, given our situation. But what it does point to is the idea that we'd be in a
  2. not sure why you have to be an obnoxious ^&&** about it. I specifically said this wasn't a tank vs non tank thread. are you truly saying no tanking has ever occurred? all year long I heard the experts say the dolphins were tanking (on nfl channel, espn) by letting go of some of their best players (their great OT for example) and trying to draft tua it may be that players don't want to tank but organizations might and other threads have mentioned how this might be done--playing their top players less because of "fear of injury" etc. I thought it would be interesting to see wh
  3. Like many of you (perhaps the silent majority?) I am an admitted tanker. While I'm surprised how well our FA choices have looked and think we can get a good first rounder at 16, this team needed both a new head coach (who can make changes mid way through games) and a boatload of great draft picks to have any chance at being elite. Imagine for a moment if we had both a great new coach and picked within the top 5 for the draft. The excitement would be real-I personally pretty much lost interest in the second half of the season and that's never happened before. This is NOT a debate tanking vs
  4. A cowardly tanker I am then! again, I'd gladly bet if the nfl wasn't so ridiculously unpredictable the falcons just beat the 49ers! ha I always wonder about those vegas guys who advertise and claim to win all the time if so why do they need me to put down bets? wouldn't they already be ridiculously rich? do they do this out of the goodness of their hearts? also I wonder if the nfl is rigged but that's another can of worms you can go on youtube and find a couple rather 'questionable' incidents including where a running back signals with his hand to a defensive player to let him
  5. unless you are rich, I'd say you might want to stop gambling altogether seriously that's a lot to lose the problem is that it's almost impossible to consistently bet well in the nfl I frequently think "I'll pretend I will bet on game X and game Y because obviously so and so team will win" but I'm often humbled. so many teams win that simply shouldn't given their past against seemingly much better teams sorry if I sound judgmental, I truly don't mean to be
  6. i think it's crazy to call a top 10 pick wildly overrated. we might not have done a great job in the past but we're much more likely to find elite talent there we needed an elite draft and we just wrecked our chances since the next two games are relatively easy to win we are picking at 12 at this point per tankathon I really think we've once again screwed ourselves and will be forever a bit above average especially given our lack of money for free agents, aging players, etc. I would have at least been really excited about the draft this year if we had a top 3-4 pick -- we could hav
  7. it's funny about TD true we always suck on the lines with his picks but we also really need our key players he picked up in the draft should we not have picked up Julio and ridley? what i'm getting at is just how **** hard it is to build a championship team. you've got to have the off and def line but also highly talented running backs, receivers, etc. also it's inevitable that the really good players get old and decline. It's like we need 3-4 first rounders to fill all our freakin holes! I'm not sure any GM can come in and fix this team, esp. with all our high priced contracts w
  8. it's just so depressing to watch them win meaningless games that will ensure we have LESS of a chance to get the elite talent we need in the draft. we'll definitely win at least one more game, which may we put us out of getting the top DE (young), CB (Okudah) or brown. what's really a shame is if we were say the second or third pick, we could trade back a bit and at least get another second or third rounder for a team desperate for a qb. because we've signed all those ridiculously high contracts the ONLY way we can become a good team is through a near perfect draft ... I've never b
  9. don't we have a stronger strength of schedule than ALL these bad teams and therefore we'd lose out if we have the same record? sorry if I'm confused
  10. my only hope is that maybe a team like redskins need an off lineman with their young quarterback and maybe we could get Young at 3 or 4 I think walterfootball mentioned this
  11. I think we want the jets to win since there's no way we will have a worse record than the bengals by end of season also any thoughts on my questions above ?
  12. 1) what is the lowest pick we could have and still get young? esp since tua will not be a top three pick anymore 2) which would have a bigger impact for our awful defense--best def tackle (derrick?) or best cb (ogbaduh)? sorry for my terrible spellings of these names, as I don't follow college football
  13. i think the best pick we can hope for is the cornerback okudah who is supposed to be elite no way we get chase young esp. with tua questionable as a top three pick now. maybe Thomas the offensive lineman would getting okudah be better than the derrick brown? isn't cornerback more important than a defensive tackle?
  14. I never understood why out of sheer pride shanahan didn't stay one more year and win a super bowl after the greatest fiasco in sports history. he would have had a head coaching job waiting for him anyway the next year even if we didn't make the super bowl any way blank could have paid him like a head coach and allowed him still to stay as off coordinator?
  15. that doesn't seem nearly as large a hit as I'd assumed, esp. if we drafted an incredible quarterback who gets a rookie salary not saying I want to see ryan go
  16. I have a hard time adjusting to the changing of the old guard. loved payton manning and favre. hate brady's team but admire the guy and want him to stay--I just wanted to beat the @#@@# out of the pats the year after the super bowl. always hated Rodgers bc thought him arrogant mahomes is outrageously good but i'm afraid it's similar to steph curry (sp?)--once they changed the rules in the nba it's become a video game, lacks defense, big men etc. mahomes seems perfect for a league that doesn't allow for defense anymore--fun to watch him do his side throws but ultimately 40 point games
  17. sorry I'm ignorant when it comes to the cap. If we trade ryan for picks, you are saying it doesn't make sense because we'd owe huge $? how much and would it just be for next year or multiple years? you're basically saying we can't realistically trade either Julio or ryan?
  18. what record typically gets a pick from 1-3 in the first round; what record for 4-6, etc? we need elite! we're we one pick away from getting Mack at some point? sigh
  19. how can we build strong OL and def lines when all our money goes to 5 freakin players? ((ok, I'm exaggerating here and have no idea how much a percentage of our cap goes to those big contracts, all I know is that we seem way too generous and it inevitably has an impact on the other players we can bring in to build our lines)) a question I've always had--what if we pushed back more on these big contracts, do we really think Julio, grady, freeman, ryan, etc would have walked if we offered a bit less while still giving them good contracts?
  20. mainly disgust but also hopelessness. the idea that we were recently in the super bowl and without much turnover we're just a bit above mediocre since then is ugh. also seeing teams like the Rams and Chiefs LOOK like we did offensively in the super bowl year when we were a juggernaut. the idea that we lose our off. coordinator and that incredible team becomes what it is today is simply breathtakingly idiotic and baffling. hopeless because I've come to realize that it's just too hard to build a consistently great team--you bring in a good player but another gets injured or too old. it'
  21. i think we will really need MORE THAN ONE very good player, besides a def end, given how much we sucked on defense against green bay will that be possible?
  22. I admit to knowing little about football other than being a casual fan. Is it true that the top 8 teams from last year aren't allowed to go and get great free agents, unless they give away a great player in return from their team? does this mean we can't get several key free agents like DE or CB? do we have a limit to how many we can get compared with bad teams? also i heard rumors that due to all the legal goings on at the moment and judges' ruling, that there may be far fewer free agents available. is that true? when can we start getting free agents adn how many GREAT defensive free agents
  23. I know very little about this topic. What is the likelihood there won't be a 2011 football season bc of labor disputes? who is in the right and wrong? how can it be avoided? what will I do with my sundays?
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