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  1. this team has been basically awful to watch over the last couple of years   I can't bring myself to watch an entire game--either knowing they will just disappoint with making other teams look great with fantastic comebacks or win against mediocre teams.  Something has broken in me as a life long fan and I'm sure in many others.  I really don't care if anyone says 'you're not really a fan" as I have been there cheering for years of ups and downs.  I just don't care and that's the last thing Blank wants to hear from long time followers

    so I'm saying excitement needs to be brought back to this franchise and the only way I see this is if we get a GREAT new coach and very HIGH draft picks   picking at 16 again because we made a meaningless comeback on this already ruined season (esp with our salary cap problems) just sounds like more mediocrity and more blah

  2. we have already failed  winning more now means mediocrity in the future, just look what happened with our meaningless wins at the end of teh season last year.  i agree with baptist  I don't care about this team if we keep going 8-8   as a matter of fact wins like today just depress me and I can't sit through these wins against mediocre teams and pretending we have any hope at all against the elite  teams   i want at least a strong chance of making the nfc finals

  3. what's discouraging is how incredibly hard it is to have a consistent winner and be able to fill in so many holes each year  you fill a hole then he gets injured or old   a first rounder never lives up to his hype  it's exhausting thinking about all the options knowing the best laid plans usually fall apart     this is why our super bowl loss was so maddening, a once in a lifetime chance     

    the only hope I have is to get a great GM/coach    why can't blank just hire a consistent winner or are those coaches just too rare to find typically?

  4. Please don't yell at me that we can't trade ryan and julio because of dead money--I agree that it may be impossible.  This is only a question out of sheer curiosity.  What could we get for both players traded to different teams and who would likely take them?  On espn, they keep saying the patriots would love to trade for OBJ (but know it's unlikely) to compete against the chiefs and baltimore. That sort of scenario.

    would be intriguing to have three first rounders next year (including a top ten pick bc we suck) and a new coach.  a cause for hope.  yeah I know it probably won't (or can't) happen but maybe a team wanting to get over the top with an additional player of their caliber might be willing to give a king's ransom??

    or if you were the new GM and it was possible to trade them, what would you realistically ask for?

  5. a bit discouraging he wasn't in g-dawg's top twenty for second day

    1. Justin Madubuike, DT - Texas A&M
    2. A.J. Epenesa, DE - Iowa
    3. Zach Baun, LB/EDGE - Wisconsin
    4. Nevin Gallimore, DT - Oklahoma
    5. Ezra Cleveland, OT - Boise State
    6. J.K. Dobbins, RB - Ohio State
    7. Jeremy Chinn, S - Southern Illinois
    8. Jordan Elliott, DT - Missouri
    9. Lloyd Cushenberry, C/OG - LSU
    10. Ashtyn Davis, S - Cal
    11. Matt Hennessy, C - Temple
    12. Davon Hamilton, DT - Ohio State
    13. Curtis Weaver, EDGE - Boise State
    14. Willie Gay, OLB - Miss. State
    15. Julian Okwara, EDGE - Notre Dame
    16. Joshua Uche, EDGE - Michigan
    17. Akeem Davis-Gaither, LB - Appalachian State
    18. Logan Wilson, LB - Wyoming
    19. Raekwon Davis, DT - Alabama
    20. Chase Claypool, TE - Notre Dame
    21. Nick Harris, C - Washington
    22. Terrell Lewis, EDGE - Alabama
  6. yes there are die hards who want to win despite all consequences.  But what I care not at all about is seeing a mediocre team winning meaningless game--or better, many fans just stop watching altogether.  I tried but just couldn't watch this team the last half of the season for more than a few minutes here and there.  All I care about is getting to a super bowl and to do that we needed very high draft picks given how little money we have for FAs.  In my world, that makes me a fan.  I'm just not blindly loyal--it hurts too much to see us mediocre year after year.

    It's a little like the South continuing to fight a much stronger enemy that was bound to win in time, just stubborn pride.

  7. AMEN

    never been so discouraged as a fan, just meh   we HAD to bring in talent this year to be anything more than mediocre   how is it people on this board figure out such creative scenarios, and our GM can't even think to move back and get picks along with a great safety or the second best DE in the draft?  7-9 next year if we're lucky with so many good teams to play, but hey maybe tickets will be cheaper

  8. except we never would have had the 4th pick without tanking!

    I'd take 1989 Fan's picks any day over what we will end up with. 

    I agree I shouldn't have been so sensitive though, I really didn't mean to make it controversial and was trying something different from "those threads made all the time"  A thought experiment with an underlying point--without bold long term thinking (and risk taking) Blank will never produce what we all want.  I think it will be a good draft, but we probably need better than good if we want to do more than Blank's attitude of just needing to make the playoffs   like I said I am impressed with our FAs and hope they reach their potential

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