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  1. seems like a much easier schedule than last two years won't matter in the long run unless we regain our offensive dominance and I see no reason we should be much better than last year sadly--'but we had too many dropped balls and we're going to not do that this year hopefully' isn't really a strategy. I so miss our DYNAMIC offense from two years ago where we were destroying defenses--now we're back to 'if we just didn't make this or that mistake...." I know we'll probably go defense in the first round but part of me wants the best TE in draft to bring back more energy to the offense, ryan really likes dominant TEs
  2. i'll never forgive shanahan for leaving after that catastrophe. A man would have said "I want revenge", defeat the Pats the next year, then go be a head coach. he'd already made his reputation, why not win out of pride then go elsewhere a year later? I'm sure there are opportunities for head coaching each year. Brilliant as he is, I think he is an egotistical coward. I fault ryan for not insisting that we play the same way the next year which previously won him an MVP--he knew that offense and could have told the new off coordinator how to run it. someone on this forum said 'he just went back to playing the plays that he was comfortable playing from previous years"--he'll always be just a better than average quarterback from now on due to this 'comfortable' attitude. (I don't really care that he's clearly the best qb the falcons have ever had--brady and the pats are relentless in insisting they do everything possible to win super bowls, they are relentless--Ryan will always defer to his coaches because he's a good soldier and Quinn refuses to admit his mistake in hiring shark)
  3. I literally had a friend of a friend who wore a Pats hat walk into my house and loudly announce "so have you guys won yet? is the game over?" (he's never been invited back since--I should have sicked my Chihuahua on him then and there) I hate to say this, but I'd honestly rather lose 4 super bowls in a row like the bills than never make it back again--which I think will be our fate given that we so quickly gave up on the idea of being the second 'greatest show on turf' (we could have brought in a top pro offensive coordinator who'd know how to run a similar offense, but no..... to me that's even more humiliating)
  4. I admit not being much of a hawks fan, but since I am a shallow bandwagon jumper, I'd be really excited if we drafted a truly transformative player. Assuming we get a top 5 pick, are any of these guys likely to be truly elite on the Kobe level (ok that's not realistic, just beneath the kobe level)? I know they are rare but it seems that many teams drafting high over multiple years quickly become elite teams--their high draft picks are good but rarely transformative--a top 5 ALL Star. what is the likelihood of us getting the first or second pick? how soon is that decided and when is the draft? who would you pick?
  5. I said almost impossible (did I hear 13% chance or was that earlier info?) of course, I was basically saying 'why make it a lot less likely? what a stupid thing to do" That was good info you provided that not all worst teams get the first pick, but I've seen a couple people use this as excusing the hawks from winning the last two games 'well, they probably wouldn't have gotten the first pick anyway!" of course, had they lost the games they'd have a much better chance to have that pick... they'd also be more likely to get one of the first three picks which I've heard are really the elite players I don't mean you personally as you're entirely entitled to your opinion I'm more responding to a trend I've seen during all these Atlanta sports disasters of reflexively defending our team's bad choices
  6. just have to say it. I'm from Atlanta so I've had to deal with how our sports teams continually disappoint for 50 years. We invariably lose in such stupid and humiliating ways ... the recent super bowl will go down as the greatest choke in history (any high school coach would just run the game out and kick a field goal), Vick goes to the dogs (really, is there any more stupid way to lose $100,000,000?), our first super bowl and prostitution sting, winning only one world series with one of the best pitching staffs in history...... but how the hawks decided to win the last two games and make the first pick almost impossible, that's beyond me. We're such losers we can't even lose when we need to!
  7. when will they do the lottery and we'll learn what position they will draft from?
  8. didn't we just win our last game? **** that's stupid
  9. If we pick number 1 or 2, is there anyone that fits that criterion? I guess that's what I'm trying to get at otherwise I just think we'll suck forever!
  10. for those who make the 'we dropped too many balls' excuses, this is forgetting that with shanahan we were WAY out in front of opponents during games and could afford to make stupid errors to say 'if we'd just caught this ball on this or that play, we might have won' is to forget that for one glorious year we were absolutely dominant - something we'll never see again bc we stupidly brought in someone who is not an offensive guru--not his fault, I'm sure we'll incrementally improve, but that's not the dominance we need to win the super bowl esp. as our players age. We will look back on this time as the most disappointing in falcons history (after many disappointments over the years) precisely because we have so much talent and potential. I think next year will be exciting and fun to watch and I'll be there as a fan cheering away, but think it will end about the same as last year. why blank doesn't pay some elite off. coordinator to come in here rather than waste another year, I can't fathom.
  11. the % comparisons noted above make me feel a bit better the problem is there are a lot of very good YOUNG QBs emerging (Texans, Rams, Philly?) who we have to compete with and they have low salaries and can bring in better players out of curiosity, what would happen if we low-balled him (but still paid ryan one of the top 10 salaries for QBs)? what would be the LEAST he would agree to? is he being held hostage by his agent and can he override the agent's greed and need for prestige about ryan 'being the top paid player in the nfl'? I don't expect it to happen just curious
  12. I agree that this is the ONLY thing that matters at this point (esp. since we aren't doing anything big in FA). We went from one of the best offenses in history to general lameness in one year with the same players due to the loss of shanahan. I hate these 'oh we dropped too many balls complaints'--it is because we were not using the SAME STRATEGY of opening up the field, passing to multiple players, using Julio in ways the opposition couldn't figure out (I remember announcers impressed with how Julio was moved to different positions when lining up for a play that baffled the other teams), using coleman to catch passes down the field, and most of all staying ONE STEP AHEAD of the other team (knowing how to quickly react to whatever their defense was doing and strike where they were weakest). I just don't think we have the coordinator(s) who are intellectually capable of this 'greatest show on turf mentality" and sorry to say we'll probably never see a super bowl with this team. Doesn't sun tsu (sp?) say something like 'the battle is lost before it is even fought'? For the life of me, I don't know why Blank and Ryan aren't putting pressure on Quinn to bring in a top knotch off. coordinator. Such a waste of talent on our team. Yes, I'll always cheer for this team and be a fan, just don't have hope we will achieve to our potential.
  13. what do they know but we don't? hope it's not the "shanahan sucked in his first year then was awesome when the team learned his system, and therefore it will be the same for shark" mentality I think we take a step back esp. with wear and tear on players like freeman and maybe Julio losing a step, as well as our center positives: 1) how much better will the new guard be for our offensive line? 2) will our rush be much better with Beasley playing more of a defensive end role alongside Takk? (thought I heard that but maybe wrong)
  14. I stand corrected, thank you for the perspective I still don't feel good about where we'll be this year for the reason I mentioned--but I guess I won't be blaming Ryan for his contract now. what do you all think about my question about could SF have paid gerrafelo (sp?) less, what is the least ryan and his agent would accept and what if blank only offered what was minimally acceptable (perhaps less than Carr, gerrapelo, etc.)? I don't think it will happen bc blank spends big on players he likes, but it's an interesting question to me
  15. I would guess matt and his agent wants close to the top contract for qb's in the nfl. I agree with the OP that this would be disastrous for our team, but I've given up the notion that we'll be in the super bowl anyway with our less than inspiring offensive coordinator--losing Gabriel says so much about our team giving up on the idea of ever being similar to the 'greatest show on turf' again. out of curiosity, I wonder what it is the LEAST amount we could offer that wouldn't make ryan walk away from the team? I know Blank is a generous man and won't try to alienate ryan, but what if he's offered less than Garoppolo and Stafford, would he sign anyway or walk away? I really wonder why san fran gave such an outrageous contract to Garoppolo -- did they really have to do that esp for an unproven QB? seems suicidal for the team
  16. I just don't remember a time when we did not pick A SINGLE really good player or two in free agency. usually something to bring hope and excitement to the franchise also our rivals are getting much better completely depressing