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  1. Is his height, weight and speed comparable to Tony gonzalez and other great TEs? If so, then I have faith all this hard work will pay off, but someone mentioned above that he lacks ability (speed?) to get separation?
  2. this is good news but we're assuming our mediocre offensive coordinator will actually use all these players to their potential. is there any indication sark intends to throw more to our running backs this year downfield ? that to me was the most exciting part of our indomitable offense when we went to the super bowl also will he put Julio all over the field the same way shanahan did--that really confused defenses. if we regain the ability to attack with multiple players all over the field, then I'm in
  3. help me understand why we are a lot better than last year. we still have a very mediocre offensive coordinator who slowed down our talented squad and we're assuming he'll be a lot better bc it's his second year will our new draft picks make a huge impact? the best answer may be that our young defense has more experience so maybe there's hope in that, but last year I saw a very talented team that barely won lots of games, played sloppy and couldn't DOMINATE like the year before. we were in the top 6 or so teams which is fine, but why are we suddenly going to win a super bowl? I do think we'll be better and it will be a fun year my point is unless we can dominate again and keep teams in awe of our talent like two years ago, we're just another good team
  4. it sounds like we'll restructure Julio's contract next year. will this have a huge impact on who we re-sign or will it just be a bit more money for Julio to keep him happy? are we likely to lose one of our top players because of this?
  5. what I don't understand is why our head coach and blank don't see this, really it's completely baffling to me
  6. Please forgive me for another Julio topic. This is the one time I will do this but it seems like an interesting question that goes well beyond Julio. Basically with Ryan's huge contract (even though it seems about the same percentage we'll be paying for him in the future from what people here have pointed out) ... how much extra is Julio asking for and what would it mean to signing our other players over the next 2-3 years? Can you see us also keeping our best young defensive talent when their contracts come up? will we have enough money to keep this team largely in tact for 2-3 years? I love Tevin coleman--any way we keep him? so who is up for a new contract or will most likely have to leave the falcons because of giving more money to Julio? finally, doesn't Julio have three more years on the contract? what if we just don't pay him any more (or rearrange the contract with more money up front)? would Julio become disgruntled and start to suck or even demand a trade? what typically happens in these circumstances? if you were Blank and Quinn what would you do??
  7. thank you for the 'that is the right question' comments. It's always good to admit one's ignorance, then people are gentle in their responses even after opening another Julio thread, ha! It is interesting that these answers don't specifically address the impact of adding $ to Julio's contract would be on paying for other players--in other words, regardless of whether we pay Julio more, it sounds like coleman and one of our elite defensive players are goners after this year (or the year after?). sad indeed. logically, it seems the best approach is to give him 'face saving' change to the contract that doesn't break the bank, but basically make him play through the three years of his contract. After three years, I imagine his physical abilities will be on a major decline given his injuries like dez Bryant or is he just a ridiculous physical specimen like LeBron who will play at a high level for multiple years? I wonder though if playing hardball will impact Julio psychologically--he won't play as hard or become a locker room cancer (hard to believe Julio would do that given his team player image)?
  8. I don't really know how all this works. can Julio decide to sit out the entire season? what if we refuse to give him new money, can he force a trade? what could we get for him if he's traded (the last thing I want to do--I'd rather have him than two first rounders you never know how they'll turn out)?
  9. to those like me who had the dubious pleasure of groaning up -- excuse me, that was a typo -- growing up in Atlanta and made to witness all the close calls and humiliations just as it looks like we're going to have respectability (a prostitution charge the night before our first super bowl, dog fighting--seriously, think of the ridiculousness of that!--the most infamous loss in super bowl history two years ago, even the braves only earning one championship with their greatest ever pitching staff), i'm always looking for the 'one fatal flaw' that keeps us from winning championships. Heist just named it above. and yes I keep hoping because growing up in Atlanta makes one a freakin masochist and I'm just grateful I don't have a son (just daughters) who would be as traumatized as I guess I am..... Dammit, falcons, you guys are so close ... just win one for us. be ruthless and only care about winning: get a top knotch off coordinator if needed the pats are quickly fading, this is our year if we just learn to have a winner's mentality and stop making excuses
  10. by the way I know even using the same playbook doesn't show the nuances of shanahan's ability to make adjustments mid game ... just why doesn't sark try his best to copy one of the most prolific offenses in history? many people on this forum more knowledgeable than I have pointed out basic plays and strategies of shanahan's that sark didn't use
  11. I know this is naïve and frankly I don't have the football acumen to make this generalization, but why didn't sark just take shanahan's playbook and do something extremely similar? just seems odd and ridiculous that so many of shanahan's top play types (throwing to the running backs down the field etc) were ignored last year
  12. well k train that was an impressive answer to my question! maybe it comes down to his physical traits (height, strength, leaping ability) compared to those other tight ends how does he compare generally or do you think he has those tools?
  13. this is all very optimistic. other than a couple very good 1st and second round draft picks and a better than average right guard, how will things be any different from last year? just because sark has 'one more year under his belt?" why will 'Hooper will have a break out season' when he was mediocre last year? my real hope is that returning Beasley to DE to pair with Takk will be a significant improvement. perhaps that and our new cornerback may bring our defense to an elite level? will one more year of experience for our young defense make a huge impact? if so, I share in everyone's excitement. it's a long wait for the season to begin......
  14. As a fellow drama queen, I totally support the OP. We have a very small window and our entire success (if we truly want to win a super bowl and be dominant and not just another top 4-5 team) depends upon whether we can score close to what we were scoring during our super bowl run. It's baffling to me that Blank doesn't just hire the BEST current offensive coordinator guru available (or MAKE one available by offering him unreal money) rather than this 'wait and see' approach to his second year. if the offense is still stuck in slow drive over the first 3-4 games this year, what is our alternative strategy? hire someone else? will it be too late then? long suffering falcons fans are too patient and trusting in the process - look at the best teams in both football and the NBA championships (Golden State) -- they completely dominate and have incredible coaches. we have the personel (sp?) but last year showed we go nowhere without elite coaching
  15. yes, I really pushed back on a few people here who wanted to get bell fired for something he said. I just get tired of the political correctness and lack of forgiveness if someone says something 'out of bounds'--people want other people's heads instead of accepting an apology and going on. there are just a few people as funny and outrageous as bell and I appreciate the guy for making me laugh in Atlanta traffic...
  16. I don't recall how knapp did before in Atlanta can he create a dynamic offense like shanahan (ok, no one is like shanahan, but close to it?)? would he throw to coleman more, want to throw downfield, etc? or is he slow paced and old school?
  17. trying to maintain a middle ground here without blaming. agree that Ryan is MUCH more deserving than Cousins and gerrapalo (sp) Ryan isn't 'wrong' to take the contract and the falcons weren't 'stupid' in offering it. The guy above who is 57, which is close to my age, said exactly what I'm getting at. I was impressed with the rams game last year and we looked for the first time like we did in our previous super bowl season. but even though we 'almost' beat the eagles, it just never felt comfortable, we were never DOMINANT like the year before and we would have lost badly to the Pats in the super bowl just as we did earlier last season at best we'll win a lot of close victories and MAYBE eek by into the super bowl this year but we're probably one of about 8 teams that can do the same. that's hardly reassuring and I think Ryan will regret the situation
  18. it's not that ryan doesn't deserve his money or that the contract wasn't structured in a smart way--I've been enlightened by some of the analytics of you guys when I was skeptical before (showing that he's not taking up a much higher percentage of the cap with his new deal). it's just that some of us think ryan can't get us to a super bowl without more money to protect him on the offensive line--he's obviously not Rodgers who can run around everywhere, but needs a great line like Brady. We probably need more money also for 1-2 more high quality defensive players. I've always wondered what Ryan could do if he had all that time Brady has behind the stellar offensive line of the **** Pats. If I were Ryan, I'd wonder that too and free up more money for that to occur. People say here "no one would do that, you're lying" but I genuinely believe I'd take a bit less to have a better chance at winning super bowls, given my salary would already be more than me or my family could ever hope to spend in a lifetime. We have a VERY short window - probably two years to keep a healthy Julio and freeman in their prime. I predict that we'll keep getting close but never win a super bowl with this team and that Ryan's career will have gaudy stats (probably a top 5 quarterback in history in throwing yards) but without a super bowl his legacy will always be tainted. This is not about blaming Ryan or saying the deal was terrible and will crush us. I just believe it's Ryan's responsibility, not his agent's--and he will regret not asking for less money as much as anyone precisely because he's not a greedy prima donna and wants desperately to win a super bowl.
  19. wish 680 would stop talking so much baseball I immediately tune out also tune out when 92.9 FM talks soccer or Hawks (until they stop sucking, I'll jump on bandwagon then). I know these stations sponsor those different sports (680 for baseball for instance), but it just makes me angry hearing 680 talk braves right after the nfl draft or big nfl game. also what's the point of having lawyers on unless there is a SPECIFIC legal issue facing sports (ie only occasionally) Love Mike Bell
  20. how does this get us any closer to a super bowl? it doesn't
  21. do you think sark will allow our running backs and esp. coleman to catch more balls downfield like shanahan did? that's what really opened up the offense to me were we doing more of that near end of the season last year? just trying to figure out if sark was improving by the time we got into the playoffs what do you all think?
  22. that was a good stat above: we were the 16th most pressured team and Matt was 3rd in QBR for QBs under pressure" however, in all honesty I just felt matt had VERY little time to throw the ball last year and I felt this was the reason we didn't seem to have lots of successful LONG throws down the field--and therefore not using Julio the best we could. does anyone have a sense of matt having less time than other QBs and being continually rushed to throw? Certainly, Brady always seems to have all day to throw, but I know he's an exception
  23. I understand the reasoning here. I just think we'd all feel much better if we'd been more active in free agency with getting more good players for both off and defensive lines what's the point in getting another great receiver if matt doesn't have time to throw downfield? did we not spend much on FA because of Ryan's contract? incredibly frustrating is so and sorry I hold matt responsible for that if that's the case. does he want to win a super bowl or not?
  24. losing coleman and Gabriel means we will never be the elite offensive machine that went to the super bowl depressing to say the least it's great to keep improving our defense but without our awesome strike capability, we're just another good team I love coleman!
  25. so how much would we have to give up if we switched positions with seattle? I saw a couple mock drafts saying he would go earlier to chargers or even earlier, so is this not even probable at this point? how much better is he than bryan who everyone is talking about for the falcons?