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  1. yes, I really pushed back on a few people here who wanted to get bell fired for something he said. I just get tired of the political correctness and lack of forgiveness if someone says something 'out of bounds'--people want other people's heads instead of accepting an apology and going on. there are just a few people as funny and outrageous as bell and I appreciate the guy for making me laugh in Atlanta traffic...
  2. I don't recall how knapp did before in Atlanta can he create a dynamic offense like shanahan (ok, no one is like shanahan, but close to it?)? would he throw to coleman more, want to throw downfield, etc? or is he slow paced and old school?
  3. trying to maintain a middle ground here without blaming. agree that Ryan is MUCH more deserving than Cousins and gerrapalo (sp) Ryan isn't 'wrong' to take the contract and the falcons weren't 'stupid' in offering it. The guy above who is 57, which is close to my age, said exactly what I'm getting at. I was impressed with the rams game last year and we looked for the first time like we did in our previous super bowl season. but even though we 'almost' beat the eagles, it just never felt comfortable, we were never DOMINANT like the year before and we would have lost badly to the Pats in the super bowl just as we did earlier last season at best we'll win a lot of close victories and MAYBE eek by into the super bowl this year but we're probably one of about 8 teams that can do the same. that's hardly reassuring and I think Ryan will regret the situation
  4. it's not that ryan doesn't deserve his money or that the contract wasn't structured in a smart way--I've been enlightened by some of the analytics of you guys when I was skeptical before (showing that he's not taking up a much higher percentage of the cap with his new deal). it's just that some of us think ryan can't get us to a super bowl without more money to protect him on the offensive line--he's obviously not Rodgers who can run around everywhere, but needs a great line like Brady. We probably need more money also for 1-2 more high quality defensive players. I've always wondered what Ryan could do if he had all that time Brady has behind the stellar offensive line of the **** Pats. If I were Ryan, I'd wonder that too and free up more money for that to occur. People say here "no one would do that, you're lying" but I genuinely believe I'd take a bit less to have a better chance at winning super bowls, given my salary would already be more than me or my family could ever hope to spend in a lifetime. We have a VERY short window - probably two years to keep a healthy Julio and freeman in their prime. I predict that we'll keep getting close but never win a super bowl with this team and that Ryan's career will have gaudy stats (probably a top 5 quarterback in history in throwing yards) but without a super bowl his legacy will always be tainted. This is not about blaming Ryan or saying the deal was terrible and will crush us. I just believe it's Ryan's responsibility, not his agent's--and he will regret not asking for less money as much as anyone precisely because he's not a greedy prima donna and wants desperately to win a super bowl.
  5. wish 680 would stop talking so much baseball I immediately tune out also tune out when 92.9 FM talks soccer or Hawks (until they stop sucking, I'll jump on bandwagon then). I know these stations sponsor those different sports (680 for baseball for instance), but it just makes me angry hearing 680 talk braves right after the nfl draft or big nfl game. also what's the point of having lawyers on unless there is a SPECIFIC legal issue facing sports (ie only occasionally) Love Mike Bell
  6. how does this get us any closer to a super bowl? it doesn't
  7. do you think sark will allow our running backs and esp. coleman to catch more balls downfield like shanahan did? that's what really opened up the offense to me were we doing more of that near end of the season last year? just trying to figure out if sark was improving by the time we got into the playoffs what do you all think?
  8. that was a good stat above: we were the 16th most pressured team and Matt was 3rd in QBR for QBs under pressure" however, in all honesty I just felt matt had VERY little time to throw the ball last year and I felt this was the reason we didn't seem to have lots of successful LONG throws down the field--and therefore not using Julio the best we could. does anyone have a sense of matt having less time than other QBs and being continually rushed to throw? Certainly, Brady always seems to have all day to throw, but I know he's an exception
  9. I understand the reasoning here. I just think we'd all feel much better if we'd been more active in free agency with getting more good players for both off and defensive lines what's the point in getting another great receiver if matt doesn't have time to throw downfield? did we not spend much on FA because of Ryan's contract? incredibly frustrating is so and sorry I hold matt responsible for that if that's the case. does he want to win a super bowl or not?
  10. losing coleman and Gabriel means we will never be the elite offensive machine that went to the super bowl depressing to say the least it's great to keep improving our defense but without our awesome strike capability, we're just another good team I love coleman!
  11. so how much would we have to give up if we switched positions with seattle? I saw a couple mock drafts saying he would go earlier to chargers or even earlier, so is this not even probable at this point? how much better is he than bryan who everyone is talking about for the falcons?
  12. seems like a much easier schedule than last two years won't matter in the long run unless we regain our offensive dominance and I see no reason we should be much better than last year sadly--'but we had too many dropped balls and we're going to not do that this year hopefully' isn't really a strategy. I so miss our DYNAMIC offense from two years ago where we were destroying defenses--now we're back to 'if we just didn't make this or that mistake...." I know we'll probably go defense in the first round but part of me wants the best TE in draft to bring back more energy to the offense, ryan really likes dominant TEs
  13. i'll never forgive shanahan for leaving after that catastrophe. A man would have said "I want revenge", defeat the Pats the next year, then go be a head coach. he'd already made his reputation, why not win out of pride then go elsewhere a year later? I'm sure there are opportunities for head coaching each year. Brilliant as he is, I think he is an egotistical coward. I fault ryan for not insisting that we play the same way the next year which previously won him an MVP--he knew that offense and could have told the new off coordinator how to run it. someone on this forum said 'he just went back to playing the plays that he was comfortable playing from previous years"--he'll always be just a better than average quarterback from now on due to this 'comfortable' attitude. (I don't really care that he's clearly the best qb the falcons have ever had--brady and the pats are relentless in insisting they do everything possible to win super bowls, they are relentless--Ryan will always defer to his coaches because he's a good soldier and Quinn refuses to admit his mistake in hiring shark)
  14. I literally had a friend of a friend who wore a Pats hat walk into my house and loudly announce "so have you guys won yet? is the game over?" (he's never been invited back since--I should have sicked my Chihuahua on him then and there) I hate to say this, but I'd honestly rather lose 4 super bowls in a row like the bills than never make it back again--which I think will be our fate given that we so quickly gave up on the idea of being the second 'greatest show on turf' (we could have brought in a top pro offensive coordinator who'd know how to run a similar offense, but no..... to me that's even more humiliating)
  15. I said almost impossible (did I hear 13% chance or was that earlier info?) of course, I was basically saying 'why make it a lot less likely? what a stupid thing to do" That was good info you provided that not all worst teams get the first pick, but I've seen a couple people use this as excusing the hawks from winning the last two games 'well, they probably wouldn't have gotten the first pick anyway!" of course, had they lost the games they'd have a much better chance to have that pick... they'd also be more likely to get one of the first three picks which I've heard are really the elite players I don't mean you personally as you're entirely entitled to your opinion I'm more responding to a trend I've seen during all these Atlanta sports disasters of reflexively defending our team's bad choices