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  1. I'd be interested to know what these teams really think about playing the falcons and if they are "scared" a bit given our offensive awesomeness and hopefully improved defense can you imagine being a defensive coordinator against the falcons' multi tiered attack and the fact that ryan threw TDs to so many diff receivers?! also when are we going to hear about freeman's contract and how long we'll be keeping him ?
  2. so.... how much have NE, TB, Green Bay, Dallas, SEA improved with off season signings and who do we NOT match up well with in the coming season? obviously NE has added a ridiculous amount of talent, and TB seems to added a couple of scary pieces ... but have the other teams improved much? We basically destroyed GB and SEA, and GB beat dallas, ergo unless they have made real improvements I'm pretty confident about them esp. since GB and Dallas' defense aren't special. also how did our defense improve so much over the past few games and do you predict they will be a top 10 defense given our additions and more experience?
  3. the question to me is: can any afc team beat the patriots so we don't have to see them again in the super bowl? really are any afc teams close to matching them?? gazoo--in all honesty do you think we'll be in the super bowl this year? I love your optimism and would appreciate your perspective on this.
  4. is anyone worried that the Patriots seem MUCH better this year? I both hate and admire brady and the NFL won't be the same when he's gone, but ... I just want to destroy them and am not thinking Christian thoughts! can we beat Gronk and the new free agents they've brought in? My goals for the season: 1) beat the Pats 2) be in the NFL championship game and play well 3) Make Wilbon admit the falcons are deserving of respect
  5. if poe plays great will we be able to afford a multi year contract for him next year? esp. with all the other guys we have to pay? Didn't ESPN FPI say that our defense would be ranked number 19 this year? but people here are saying top 10. what is more realistic? I wonder how we peaked so well at the end of last year defensively and if we can continue that level of play going forward???
  6. I just want wilbon to admit we're actually a great team after we win the super bowl this year I'm still upset he gave us no props after destroying the Pats for three quarters, just found it obnoxious and I've always liked him are any of the prognosticators, football magazines etc predicting the Falcons will be back in the super bowl? please show links
  7. what's interesting to me is how we were so mediocre defensively until the very end of the year, then just completely dominated three post season games until we got tired in the SB. was all that just the 'luck of the stars' or are we truly that good? And how much better will we be with this year's additions? what can we realistically expect from Takk and Poe? I'm afraid we have a much harder schedule this year with dallas, GB and patriots esp.-- the Pats seem MUCH better with their additions. what will our defense look like against such high powered QBs? time will tell...
  8. how big of a factor will Poe be? How good is he at this point in his career, after "falling off" last year? Would you put him as a top 5 def. tackle? how does he compare to other elite defensive linemen?
  9. gazoo wrote something interesting: The decision was made when TD brought Ryan in for an interview. When coaches gave him he dry erase board Ryan aced it and TD said the only other QB he'd ever seen do that was Tom Brady. TD said at that very moment they decided Ryan would be their pick instead of Dorsey. I wonder if ryan can be a similar QB to Brady (not that anyone could win nearly as many super bowls, but still dominant for the next 3-4 years). They are both cerebral and ryan seemed to have similar fire and confidence this past year. I thought what ryan was always missing compared to brady was brady's incredible offensive line, where he could stand back with time and just destroy defenses. do you think we have a great offensive line at this point and ryan will start looking more like brady?
  10. isn't the problem that the Pats are MUCH MUCH better this year because of all the free agents they brought in and Gronk being healthy? other than the great receiver from new Orleans, how good are their other Free Agents and how much better will their team be? I'm afraid we missed our window last year and that teams like green bay dallas pats raiders will be better, even the bucs at the same time, we WON"T do what the panthers did---our QB is tougher and we did add talent, so I'm sure we'll be in the running, just a tougher way to the super bowl the real question is, how much better will our defense be with our additions? If we're top 10, then we may be going back!
  11. I have to admit that despite my sardonic comment I'm a little concerned as Kayoh is. I thought we should have traded down in the fourth with all three 5th picks and perhaps gotten a better offensive lineman that ESPN was talking about (basically, I'd go with fewer but higher quality picks), but my knowledge of football is minimal at best. I also thought the same thing last year but of course it turned out fantastically despite what the prognosticators said. I'm wondering if it's not so much about getting quality players as simply finding a 'fit' within Quinn's system (including personality traits like playing with wild abandon and speed), and mediocre college players suddenly look like pro bowlers...
  12. clearly we need to stop making the super bowl, so that we will have higher draft picks to choose from and satisfy everyone here
  13. do we now have someone who can stop all those 'death by a thousand cuts' plays over the middle with TEs or quick little receivers that kill us like the super bowl? will riley help that situation much?
  14. I just saw this comment: duke riley, lb, lsu grade: b The Deion Jones pick last year worked out like gangbusters, so the Falcons went back to the well to pick up Jones’s former teammate—a player not entirely dissimilar from Jones himself. Nothing wrong with adding depth at linebacker, but Atlanta had much more of a hole at guard.
  15. do difference of course just having fun playing GM basically two years from now if willis is great and our pick awful (or the other way around) we can say '**** why didn't Quinn pick my guy!"