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  1. We will never know if we could have been elite with pitts julio and revamped off line. I can understand julio wanting to leave last year bc we sucked but he is no better off there than here and im afraid we lost our chance to be a darkhorse elite team this year esp given our easy schedule. So basically you wont be any happier in tenn and youve kindof taken any hope in the team away from me from being great. Pitts will be fun but pitts and julio would have been epic
  2. So does it look like he is staying now since no one is paying a kings ransom. And if he is not traded will he be playing when the season begins or hold out like the pain in the %%&%&** he is rapidly becoming?
  3. Not knowing anything about him how did he rank against other backs in the league with yards per run etc? Did he not have many runs bc mccafferey (sp?) Or other backs were being used a lot? Are we just hoping he will be a lot better than last year because of how big the guy is or could he reallly be elite?
  4. I don't know about the order of the games, but seems like a pretty easy schedule to me. honestly I'd like to see more of the elite teams--playing them will only make us stronger going into the playoffs (I'm just not afraid of saints without drew br., Pats and Dallas this year). 49ers, bills and bucs look toughest to me
  5. my question, coming out of ignorance of the salary cap, is do we HAVE to trade julio, esp. if we need to pay for our new FAs and the guys we drafted?? do we need the extra cap space to trade them?
  6. What would Dimitroff's draft have looked like this year? thought it would be interesting to see the difference in approaches In particular do you think our 2nd-4th rounders are better with our new GM?
  7. More than happy to be proven wrong! Glad to hear it.
  8. The nfl channel (i think? I keep switching channels!) seemed under impressed. Basivally he needs to beef up and might be rwady to start in 2 to 3 years
  9. Should we have gone with a cornerback instead to pair with terrell? I thought cornerbacks were more valuable?
  10. A simple question. How much impact will our second round safety pick and our free agent safety pick improve our fairly miserable secondary? Has it become a strength?
  11. A good idea if he can almost ensure that extra third round pick would be special, but I would MUCH prefer simply going for more certain talent with our current picks. we've had so much mediocrity with our mid round picks through the years, but maybe i've become cynical and our new coach can train our players up
  12. I titally agree and yes i was a tanker but we did it the right way by keeping julio out when it was justified to do so. I acknowledge for a pure football fan it is never right to give in but many of us care much more for the hope of getting to another super bowl or at leaat being relevant and if that means tanking to get more talent out of a dull and uninspiring team im all for it. And yes having a good position in the draft is incredibly exciting during the tedious months of having no football. I have hope for the first time in this team since after 2016. What is forgotten by non tank
  13. what if we go full madden and get a running back in the second and offensive guard in the third. Now you're talking! obviously we'd need a dominant runner and off line to start looking like 2016 honestly, in today's NFL is it compete lunacy to decide to simply be completely dominant on offense and mediocre on defense? (the rest of the draft and FA go defense)
  14. How much better is harris than etienne or the unc running backs?
  15. great, after this year with covid I now have to live with even more TER-ROARRRRR (terror)!!!!! news like this needs to be delivered on Terrifying Tuesdays
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