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  1. if we could go back to playing at last year's levels, it would be exciting that we had the character to make a strong comeback and learn from our mistakes it makes me mad to see new Orleans and philly play like us last year when we would have slaughtered them a year ago. I really liked seeing poe play behind the line of scrimmage on offense at the end zone to help our running back push through is that something that would be effective going forward or just a gimmick play from the big man? at least they are trying to be creative
  2. Well, if we aren't going much closer to Shanahan's strategy (just executing the offense better), I'd say we won't go far in the playoffs. Players have good days and bad for 'execution'. It's shanahan's bewildering combination of offensive plays and 'staying one step ahead' that made us so unbelievably exciting and dominant. If we don't do that we're just another decent team that's unlikely to go far. Stating the obvious, but honestly why can't Quinn see that and Ryan force shark to call those type of plays? I'm sure Sun Tsu must have said something like 'the battle is won before it is fought' others seemed to indicate we're looking more like last year with playaction and motions, so perhaps I shouldn't be so pessimistic.
  3. I didn't get to see much of the game, but obviously we moved down the field in a much more dominating fashion than at any other time this year. I"m not really interested in a couple players playing better like Clayborne, since everyone has good and bad days. The ONLY hope I see for this team in the long run is going back to last year's Shanahan offense as much as possible. People on this forum have given reasons that Shark isn't nearly as effective in his playcalling--the most interesting observation is that Shanahan MADE ryan do things that were difficult for him but made him the MVP, and now Ryan is just doing what's comfortable (with less effectiveness). My question is strategic rather than tactical--are we starting to run more of Shanahan's playbook? more throwing to our running backs, etc. If not, today was just a lucky blip on the radar and we won't be going far in the playoffs
  4. my question is why a guy on this forum named FatBoy can see what is needed (see his comments above about pre snap counts) but our coaches can't. it's baffling and the waste of our talent disgusts me honestly. I thought this team wouldn't have post super bowl blues because of the character we showed last year but sadly mistaken.
  5. I think the main problem is sark but the players are being monumentally mediocre too I wonder if it's just fat and happy syndrome--I really thought there wouldn't be a super bowl hangover because of the character of this team last year. they didn't seem like a bunch of p**sies like the Carolina panthers the year after their super bowl. they played with audacity and pride and the young defense surprised everyone at the end of the season. None of that is happening now. I just don't know if Quinn's Ra Ra approach is going to make our players play at their potential and that's depressing.
  6. can you be specific about why his play calling is bad vs what shanahan did last year? and why isn't Quinn overriding him if it's so obvious?
  7. I accidentally read the title of this post "Patriots Envy" as ***** Envy..... I think this is apropos of my comments above
  8. I've really been looking forward to beating them since the super bowl calamity of epic proportions (SBCOEP). I like many here were completely pissed that we were CLEARLY the better team and generally the most exciting multi pronged offensive attack seen in years--and just let it go because of sheer stupidity that any high school football coach would have avoided with running out the clock. Last years team was so exciting with incredible players. This year's team looks completely mediocre and it's inexplicable to most of us how that incredible offensive engine has just broken down (with the same players from last year). The reason I'm not excited about the game and "righteous vengeance" from the super bowl loss ... we're simply not the same exciting and dominant team, we play scared, often look hapless on both sides of the ball, and this simply all can't be explained by hiring a new offensive coordinator. we have all the talent in the world (last year proved it) but we're playing like cowards and p***sies. There I said it, tough love. If we don't go back to who we were, we don't deserve to beat the hated Pats or make the playoffs for that matter. One more thing. If Sark isn't doing some of the most effective strategies that Shan did last year, it's QUINN'S responsibility to tell Sark to add these types of plays--throwing more to our running backs, etc. (Basically strategies people on this falcons board point out and should be obvious to our coaches). Tired of the excuses. I love last year's team and want to see us dominate again. It's just all a huge waste of once in a lifetime talent due to poor coaching and player execution.
  9. did I read somewhere that the turf is a lot slower because it was made for soccer? (more 'dust' kicking up than before?) doesn't that take away our speed advantage and make us just an average team like we saw when the falcons played on the slow bears field?
  10. is he playing this sunday and what's the likelihood that he'll be fully recovered and generally awesome for the rest of the season? any fear of lingering injury?
  11. what is the likelihood of any of these injuries being long term or getting reinjured later in the year? in other words once beasely and the others come back in 2-3 weeks will they be at full capacity or with lingering injuries? also someone mentioned our field might be causing injuries bc it's made for soccer and that's why Beasley got hurt? is that true and if so doesn't that mean we'll likely have injuries all year?
  12. I haven't seen pats play this year. isn't Brandon cooks (sp?) supposed to be their speedster, deep ball threat? Or is he just a fast short pass receiver? also how is Gronk doing or will he be perpetually injured this season? has his game gotten worse than two years ago? lastly, I thought that last year the pats had the best scoring defense in the nfl what has changed? didn't they actually bring in a good cornerback who was supposed to make them better?
  13. I don't understand why new England is giving up so many points. didn't they have just about the best scoring defense last year and bring in another corner back? cooks looks really dangerous and gronk is back--do you agree they are a lot better on offense this year?
  14. again they've already made their point again and again what is the end game here? what specific reasonable demands must be met, or are we going to have to see this year after year? this is the wrong emphasis--dishonoring the flag and the vast majority of police rather than looking at the true problems in the inner city--crime, lack of education and job opportunities, destruction of families with no father..... but that's much harder to solve than taking a knee in a 60's like 'the police are pigs' protest I am sympathetic to the problem but I'd support them much more if what I've listed above were what they were protesting and looking for a solution to.
  15. I don't agree that this was slowly going away although trump shouldn't have written it. it seems more and more players were doing this and frankly bringing football down with it--ratings are low in large part because of this it's like the baseball strike--once people get disgusted, their enthusiasm for the game leaves for good. one of the few bright spots in my life is football and I hate seeing this. If they had protested ONCE about the situation with police I would have been behind them making a statement of conscience. (At the same time, I believe it would be MUCH better for AAs to protest against horrible education and lack of job opportunities--I could get behind that, although the democrats own teachers unions do more to hurt blacks than anyone) I don't understand the end game here--supposing there will always be these incidents with police (which statistically seem small in comparison with other inner city problems), is the plan to protest FOREVER? are we going to see this next year and the next??? it just doesn't seem to lead anywhere--except more division in our society and virtue signalling also there are ways to protest without showing disrespect to the flag, that understandably pisses people off after being through a 15 year war I really feel that this and the concussion stuff is the beginning of the downfall of our beloved game. the reason trump won is because people are sick of the division and identity politics