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  1. I think it would be a disaster for this team and ryan. he is NOT a quarterback who can succeed without a strong Off Line or great receivers. (Ryan is VERY good when he has these pieces) he is already handicapped by not having shanahan and we'll never see him play like two years ago bc our stupid off coordinator and Quinn won't copy what made us dominant. we're just another better than average team at this point. It's not that ryan doesn't deserve the money, he does. But unless he takes a brady like discount, he should pretend that he wants another super bowl because it's not going to happen. By the way, would his agent LET him take a lower contract? by the way, how long will we have tevin coleman? I really think we need this guy will we lose him next year?
  2. It's not that I don't think ryan deserves a large contract. it's just that to my mind he can't demand a max contract close to 30 million and pretend that he wants to go to another super bowl. Seattle did well for years because their young QB wasn’t paid much and they had lots of money to spend on a great defense. He can pretend to want to win championships like Brady, but Brady was willing to take a large pay cut. We’ll never have enough money to build a great offensive line which will protect him and still keep our elite running backs and receivers. I don’t think for a second Ryan would be willing to do so and he will be “justified” in his own mind as well as the opinion of many other people on this forum. But he won’t see another super bowl and the memory of the last one will leave a deep emotional scar on him and this city for years to come. Just stating the truth.
  3. " Gabriel's career has been made by being with Kyle Shanahan. The years Gabriel has not had him as his OC, he has not been an NFL caliber player" doesn't this beg the obvious question of why our new OC can't use a talent like Gabriel's and also refuses to throw down the field more often? what's the point of bringing in a new first round WR if our coaches don't know how to use him or if Ryan has no time to throw downfield bc our OL sucks?
  4. a sad bro face we'll be seeing it next year too unfortunately
  5. every year we all get caught up in the draft however, none of it matters if we have the wrong coaches and strategies as played out last night. If we don't go back playing the same strategy (high octane offense) last year, and it sounds like our coaches are too thick headed and stubborn to do so, whoever we pick doesn't matter at all. (due to the psychic trauma of losing the way we did in the super bowl, Quinn choosing to discard what made us the 7th best offense in history and 'become a defensive team' is just asinine.) we'll just be another better than average team, there will be a few exciting games next year and we'll lose in the playoffs. although there is always a need for new talent, we don't need new players--this team has the talent to win the super bowl as we showed last year. Our strategy is off. The battle is lost before we even take the field.
  6. so what would happen if Beasley also played the same role he did last year as primarily a sack guy (I've heard he has a new role this year) along with takk on the other end? would we have a completely dominant pass rush?
  7. I think the comment above from falconsdave is insightful (listed below) but I really disagree with this approach. It just makes us another better than average team when we have the rare opportunity to be absolutely dominant like last year. I think Quinn is completely overreacting to the super bowl fiasco--all we should have learned is to run the ball to burn clock at the end of our games when we're so far ahead--not slow down our offense entirely like this year! yes our defense looked badass last night. but remember we got killed by the saints and the patriots this year. we're just not good enough to beat the elite teams without our ELITE offense. we score about 10 or 11 points less this year per game and when we make mistakes like we've done all year (we didn't fortunately last night), we're in danger of losing close games and that's sadly what will happen sometime this post season, I'm afraid. " I can promise you that Quinn will never again allows any OC to expose HIS defense to 99 snaps in a post season game. If we get a quick strike it will be because one play pops...not because the offense covers 80 yards in 5 plays in 1:43 and then runs the defense back out there"
  8. I have to agree with what is said above. We'll never see last year's dominating, incredibly exciting team again. Ever. I'm completely heartbroken / pissed that our coaching staff and Ryan can't just basically run the same **** playbook and be close to as good offensively as last year. What was said above: "Throwing to those two backs out of the backfield was lethal". Why the *** can't we do that now? Why do people on this board know more than our coaches???? Why doesn't Quinn kick everyone's ** and instill discipline so they don't constantly make stupid mistakes? There is also the matter of the character of this year's team. I admired those guys so much last year--they just fought against all the naysayers on the national scene, beat the elite teams, constantly improved on defense with rookies. When everyone said that there was going to be a post super bowl slump this year and that we got lucky, I discounted that because I believed in the character of our team. I didn't think we'd be like the panthers after their super bowl loss. I thought we'd want REVENGE and improve, not be this inconsistent, penalty riven team that I've seen this year. I simply can't comprehend how the MVP can play so poorly the next year. I've been a falcons fan since I was a kid here, but this year's team has just broken something inside me. They seem pretty unexciting and just another decent team like the old falcons typically were and whether they win a game or two in the playoffs just won't thrill me like last year. I just don't trust this team. It's the waste of talent that irks me--we won't have Julio playing at a high level in a couple years most likely. It's that incredibly dynamic tandem of running backs who also catch passes down the field, Julio, Sanu, the other guys--opposing teams never knew how we were going to hit them. That's all gone now even though the same players are here, completely baffling. Above all, I just wanted to see us beat the Patriots this year in the super bowl and have our revenge, but esp. after the way we played them this year, the thought is pretty laughable. I'm more than happy for the falcons TO PROVE ME WRONG!
  9. help me understand how shanahan's offense is different from sark's? or are they fairly similar like we were told at the beginning of the year? sorry I am obviously no expert in football, just interested. basically, is sark trying to become like shanahan's offense or is it something quite different?
  10. I saw two falcons talking during the game on one of the nfl channel postgame shows sorry I don't remember who
  11. we DESTROYED all the best teams in the NFC and actually the patriots until we gave it away I don't think the rams and philly would do any better this whole season is just such a ridiculous and depressing waste of talent I'll never forget there was a falcons player during the super bowl who said something like "they've (Patriots) have never seen anything like this."
  12. so I guess the obvious question is why can't our coaches see all of this? Shark was literally HANDED one of the top offenses in HISTORY and we look only a bit above adequate now. I know this is naïve, but why not just use the same **** playbook and run the same **** plays as last year? I know it might take a year for shark to really learn the nuances of shanahan's system, but why can't that be done? Also, why isn't Ryan pushing for playing the same plays that made him the MVP?? Is there a way we can hire another offensive coordinator next year who will be similar to shanahan? or will blank and Quinn stay loyal to shark on this sinking ship? If so, it's just a ridiculous and depressing waste of talent. we're not going to have our best players playing at a high level for much longer and i'm truly afraid I will NEVER see another falcons team in the super bowl (ie when will we EVER get a player like Julio?)
  13. Julio is beyond awesome in games like yesterday. one reason I was pissed about the super bowl is because his incredible catch near the end as he somehow stayed in bounds was wasted because of Shanahan's stupidity I like the idea of Julio maybe being injured the last few games, then turning it on yesterday when he was healthy. but like everyone I'd like to see him that dominant against the best teams saints, Vikings, playoffs because he is often double teamed it gives the impression that he disappears
  14. yes it's really encouraging but remember seattle and dallas were REALLY depleted teams we haven't played the big boys yet--basically what scares me is philly rams and saints all resemble falcons from last year, with a great ground and air combo attack and qb play at our best this year is not nearly as good as we finished the season last year beginning with the playoffs more to prove but remain 'optimistically skeptical'
  15. I'm not assuming that we can split between both saints and panthers. we basically have to play at a very high level with it all perhaps coming down to the last game against the panthers .... then instead of having a bye and home field advantage we have to immediately jump into the playoffs and win all our games to get to the super bowl. Yes, if we play like last year no one can beat us, but that's a big if. I guess the question is how good are the eagles, saints and rams this year and how do we match against them?