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  1. Let's assume that we can only keep Julio and Grady with worst case scenario contracts - basically, not getting Grady for 10 million but more like 16 million; and getting Julio for a high end contract. Will we be able to afford one of the big time free agents for the Offensive line? or are we stuck with a couple mid level talent FAs? I assume we can't keep coleman and alford since we have to pay so much for Julio and Grady?
  2. still a fan but one thing that's finally made me almost completely apathetic is choosing to win the last three meaningless games. I'd be MUCH more excited for next year if we had a top 5 pick (for each round). don't think we'll have much money for free agency and there are just too many holes we really needed an incredible draft to replenish the team just think it will be another better than average year
  3. the point of the super bowl--weren't the falcons given lots of inexplicable penalties near the end of the game? or at least penalties that are generally overlooked by refs? if you go on youtube you can see plays that clearly looked rigged--one running back motions to a defensive player with his hand to let him in the end zone and the guy complies. another where a female ref sees a fumble in a large scrum and immediately calls it for one team even though a guy on the other team holds up the ball ten yards away. things may not be staged but at the least the refs may be choosing to call penalties more against one team than another
  4. is he good at in game changes based on what the opponent is doing? that always seems to be a problem [that may be what socalfalcon fan was implying as well] also is there any way we could approach the offensive juggernaut of 2016? i'm worried we won't have the running backs for this anymore bc Tevin may be gone and bc of our ever injured freeman
  5. seems to me we concentrate on defense in this draft--may need cornerback to replace alford in addition to a Dt in first round and a DE. if we went this route would we have enough money in free agency to bring in 2-3 VERY good offensive linemen as our key free agents, or only enough money for one bigtime free agent? will there be enough offensive linemen available to bring in? basically are we screwed bc of the big contracts of ryan ("I want a super bowl more than anyone but make me the second best paid QB in the league") and future contract for julio, or will we have enough money to build an off line in free agency
  6. what has long bothered me far more than losing was how we've responded as a team since then. with the SAME players that completely dominated the pats we've sucked ever since!!! I've always blamed shanahan for being a complete dishonorable coward for not delaying looking for another coaching gig another year (he could have gotten a diff head coaching position later) and not deciding to return, actually win the next super bowl in the manner of Rocky 2, then ride off into the sunset. recently however someone told me that shanahan actually accepted the position in san fran before the super bowl (I'd forgotten that), so I guess I can't blame him ... so virtually the same players and the only difference being a new off coordinator, and here we sit ready for a top 5 draft pick!
  7. wouldn't we get killed having to spend money on them due to big contracts even though we trade them?? how does that work??
  8. if we go def line in first two rounds or corner, do we have the money to bring in two high paid very good off linemen?
  9. if we lose coleman next year but keep ito and freeman, will we be much worse off or can ito fill in and do what coleman does, esp. with screens and quick passes down the field?
  10. We seemed to have lacked our dominance in the running game most of the season until the most recent game (against a very good defense). Why do you think we've suddenly looked so good, esp. with our injuries on the Oline? Are we throwing more to our running backs (such as that great screen pass to Coleman)? What was our problem before (it seemed only our pass game has been great all season), and will we likely remain as awesome running throughout the season? This seemed to be the reason our offense was impossible to stop in 2016. can we consistently do this against the elite teams? for instance, if we had to play the eagles again in the playoffs. I've always loved coleman--I suppose there's no way we can keep him next year?
  11. so why did we take him as a top ten pick??? was Quinn (defensive guru) our coach at that point, I think that was the year Quinn became a falcon??? I know many top ten picks don't pan out, but it's incredibly depressing to think that neither he nor Matthews (our most recent top ten picks) have turned into dominant players. they should be playing at a Julio level of domination. it looks like we'll be picking top ten again or close to it. just got to get it right this time. what's so odd is our later picks have been so consistently great over the past few years, I remember being in awe that we picked ridley for our first round and thinking our GM has balls to make that pick which wasn't a need pick given Julio and our other receivers... it will be even more depressing if we have to go for a DE as our first pick since Beasley is less than stellar
  12. it didn't help that Sherman started things off by burning our fair city
  13. We're in the Bible belt. we think it's our Christian duty to make other teams and cities feel good. I will say, I'd much prefer the heartbreak of almost getting there than just being mediocre forever like Cleveland, Detroit etc even though new Orleans won a superbowl, I think our history since we drafted vick is at least more...exciting ... and frankly I hate brees and overdramatic cam newton (I guess I'd rather lose with the falcons than win with our rivals), I find our players much more likeable which is why all this is so disappointing
  14. I've been really critical of the falcons since the super bowl including ryan's ridiculous contract which could have been used for bringing on or keeping good players also I'm still in disbelief about bringing on sark and losing our completely awesome and nearly record breaking offensive attack the new Orleans game gave me hope however that maybe that offensive attack is almost back... and then of course the injuries came like an avalanche. even if we trade Julio for two first round picks or more, there's no way i'd do it we're just another decent team without him he's dominant like no other offensive falcon has ever been or will be and make ryan much better than he really is (ridley won't replace him although he'll be good) also there's the psychological / branding aspect of Julio he puts us on the map honestly if we lost him, my already waning interest in our falcons would go down drastically--not bc i'm not a true fan but because I'd give up hoping we'll ever be dominant'll say 'that's not being a true fan' but in fact it's almost like falling in love with a beautiful girl who keeps disappointing you and you just can't take it anymore. got to keep Julio he makes you believe at any moment he can break a game wide open
  15. so how would it work if we signed teco to a big contract and let freeman go? would we still have to pay freeman outrageous sums of money bc of the big contract? Or if we traded him would another team pay all that money? someone said above we'd get a third rounder for him? basically how would we also give a large contract to teco?