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  1. I know this is the wrong forum, but I'm really racking my brain for who to pick with #3 in the draft. I was thinking Julio, but he didn't put up that many TD's last year (compared to how much he could've) and now we have more weapons around him! When would y'all pick Julio??
  2. Wow! How'd you get field passes? Have any extras for a fellow falcons fan??
  3. I'll be there with a few Vandy alums. Hitting the Vandy game Saturday, then Falcons on Sunday.
  4. I bought it from here: http://www.wofmts.com They have a bunch of cool shirts. RISE UPPPP
  5. I was reading a "fantasy sleeper" article on FanDuel and came across this.... https://www.fanduel.com/insider/2015/08/20/fantasy-football-sleepers-6-players-to-keep-an-eye-on-in-2015/ I, for one, think Freeman's gonna play **** well for us the way he hits the hole so hard. Really anxious for these guys to get healthy so they can battle it out (or just work great together in tandem).
  6. My draft is tonight (early I know) and I can't come up with a name! Anyone have any good ones?? (sorry wasn't sure where to post this)
  7. What does Matt always say "blue 80 set hut" ?? Seems like it gives defensive lineman a leg up on exactly when they need to start their rush. Even just "set hut" would be better.
  8. You really think the average NFL corner could cover this pass? LT hauled it in for a TD.
  9. This is the link: http://www.nfl.com/draft/story/0ap2000000349763/article/houston-texans-atlanta-falcons-revitalized-by-2014-nfl-draft?akmobile=ios&akcarrier=other
  10. Houston Texans, Atlanta Falcons revitalized by 2014 NFL Draft No, no, no -- you read it wrong. I didn't mean that the Houston Texans and Atlanta Falcons would meet in last season's Super Bowl. I meant that they would play in Super Bowl L -- you know, following the 2015 regular season. At least, that's what I should've written. Bad play, bad luck and (in Houston) bad coaching doomed my ill-fated preseason prognostication. The Texans and Falcons didn't need a rebuild; they needed a reboot. They aren't bad teams; they just played poorly and, consequently, posted bad records. But Houston and Atlan
  11. He just got declared out along with Jackson, according to twitter.
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