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  1. Wow, great write-up/videos from an outsider.
  2. That was pretty cool to watch. Thanks for posting.
  3. Wait, does every team do this??? My aunt has Steelers season tickets, but is technologically challenged ha. Wouldn’t want a free GamePass account to go to waste...
  4. Sounds right. The link said he's played 44 defensive snaps: 28 at CB, 12 at safety, and 4 at linebacker. At least that's where PFF listed him..
  5. Yea, that confused me as well. Apparently only 12 of his 44 snaps this year have been at safety.
  6. This is from the twitter handle, @PFF_Falcons, who is an interesting follow. Link We absolutely have to figure out a way to get this guy on the field.....
  7. Ha, he’s not hurt. He beat up a cabana boy in South Beach. And also brought a loaded gun to the Miami airport.
  8. Apparently he’s the best LB on their team. I’ll take it..