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  1. Like the mock. love the Lee trade. Hope we improve @ LB early today. Mack Wilson would be my target.
  2. I like big Dex and am cool w Bunting but not before round 3...also don't love Lindstom late In Rd2
  3. Love it.
  4. Falcons get Ford & Lawrence & future starters at CB & WLB?...yes please!
  5. Really like the first 3 to 4 picks. Would be happy if the draft played out that way. Not a big fan of the Harmon, Davis and Holyfield picks. Moreland is solid and a cheaper P is a good idea IMO.
  6. That's an awesome draft. I don't like the LSU TE and probably prefer Gardner Minchew to Rypien as a developmental QB but otherwise solid. Walk away with Wilkins, Winovich, and Johnson is a win IMO.
  7. I like the mock. In that scenario I'd probably pick Rashan Gary or Devin Bush in R1 and get my RT in R2, but I kinda expect the Falcons to go OT in R1. Would also prefer a LB earlier, probably in place of Gaillard.
  8. I like alot of those players...particularly Baker if he is available in Rd 2 and Hardman on Day 3. Here is a counter of an all Bama draft. Blend the two and we'd be solid...or make it an all Bama, UGA, & Clemson draft... Rd1 - Jonah Williams, OT Alabama Rd2 - Josh Jacobs, RB Alabama or Damien Harris, RB Alabama or Irv Smith TE, Alabama Rd3 - Mack Wilson, LB Alabama Rd4a - Deionte Thompson, S Alabama Rd4b - Isaiah Buggs, DL Alabama Rd5a - Saivion Smith, CB Alabama Rd5b - Christian Miller, Edge Alabama Rd6 - Ross Pierschbacher, C Alabama Rd7 - Lester Cotton, OG Alabama
  9. Who is your first choice?
  10. I think he's also had a couple knee injuries...still would be my #1 choice.
  11. Interesting trade down. Really like the Lawrence pick. I think he can immediately strengthen our entire D-line and make guys like Tak and Beasley better. Lindstrom, not so much. Just not a fan. Would prefer one of the other OT's instead. Also would prefer a LB higher. Like the two CB's you picked and like a WR that can be a PR/KR (I prefer Mecole Hardman). Lastly, not a fan of Holyfield at all.
  12. Trade down 12 spots and pick up a 2nd and a 4th??....YES I'm on board with that! I actually like Simmons as a player but I'm not taking a player in the first round that probably won't play this year. A first round guy needs to be a solid contributor year 1. I'd be OK taking him in the 2nd though, especially if we added an extra 2nd. I bet if you tweaked your draft to take a DE or OT in round 1, then Simmons at 45, then the DE/OT at 59 most folks would love the draft. I like the rest of the draft too.
  13. really good mock! Like the first two picks and love picking up Hardman...he will be a punt return stud. Nitpicking but would have preferred a LB.
  14. Thanks and I agree with you that we should be able to get Lawrence a little later and pick up additional draft capital. To me it comes down to how much we love Lawrence in this case. If he is the guy we have targeted we aren't going to trade down. If he is among a pool of players still on the board that we have rated similarly, such as Lawrence, Wilkins, and Gary, then we'd be more apt to take the risk.
  15. We lost Alford, Poole, and Bethel, have our top two safeties returning from injury and haven't really added anyone as of yet. Drafting a couple CB's and a S to develop seems reasonable. Plus these guys, assuming they make the roster, will be expected to contribute on special teams. I don't love the day 3 safeties which is why I think we may go the route of finding a college CB that we move to S. We've done it before. Definitely not opposed to drafting a mid to late round RB though.