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  1. It's way to early in this regime for me to have lost faith but the cupboards were left pretty bare and I just think that series of teams will clue us in on where we really are and how far we have to go to get back to respectability.
  2. I'll watch Sunday but I have low expectations because I think it's already a blatantly obvious given we are not on the Bucs level. I contend that the upcoming games against Washington, the Giants and the Jets will give a better gauge of what the Falcons actually are. Go 3-0 or 2-1 in that stretch, hey, maybe we are average. Go 0-3 or 1-2...we are bad, really bad. Thoughts?
  3. I've been a Falcon fan over half a century now. I've seen it all. I think I'll give Terry and Arthur a fair chance before I prepare for impending doom because we traded a 32 year old WR.
  4. Watching the Titans media and fans fawning over Julio is to be expected but it's also kind of funny. What about "32 year old WR who is unable to practice most weeks coming off an injury plagued season" do they not get? I love Julio but he just isn't what he once was. No WR that age is.
  5. Again, I wasn't talking about replacing Julio in the production sense and of course any offense would be different without him. I still have a hunch they go after a veteran journeyman WR at some point. That's not only talent that walked out the door, it's a bunch of experience as well. Just don't ask me who it might be.
  6. Of course he can't be replaced. My thought was more where they might go. They still have very little extra money, if any to spend but I saw one site that mentioned a veteran like Golden Tate and it just got me thinking in general about our WR corp.
  7. Obviously Ridley is now our #1, he was last year when Julio was out. What are peoples thoughts on who gets the spot on the WR roster? A guy we already have or do they go look for someone on the cheap?
  8. Agreed, it had to be done, it's the first step out of cap ****. I hope Julio does well in TN.
  9. Haven't been on the board in a long while but had to show up today. Had to be done, hate to see him go. Moving on... Ridley is the new #1 but who take's Julio's spot on the WR roster?
  10. I hate the kid got hurt but geez...put a dress on him. Where is Mike Pereria or whomever. Someone needs to explain how that is roughing! 3 free points for the panties.
  11. I wish I could afford to go. My current favorite Falcon is Deion Jones. Y'all take good care of him please!
  12. Passionate fan base but a lot are ill informed and way too reactionary, just like every other fan base in sports.
  13. The fact that the team is sorely lacking in the trenches has nothing to do with anything? Really?! Geez! Front office and Quinn but more front office. A lot more.
  14. I say that Quinn deserves two years to right the ship. Hopefully we are not so snakebit by injuries next year and TD and Pioli finally do some work in the trenches. I'm telling y'all, this business of firing coaches every 4 or 5 years doesn't work. I hate to keep pulling out the 50 year fan thing but I've seen a lot with this franchise and the NFL in general so I do think I know of what I speak.
  15. Does no one agree with me about how very offensive our line is or are you all so intent on having Sark's head on a stick, you just don't care? I don't care who the OC is, no one will do very well until the FO fixes the O-line and we have some semblance of a consistent run threat. This is an ongoing problem that was only partially fixed in the Superbowl year. It's ridiculous that both lines have gone so long with only band aid fixes attempted. Mack and Jarret can only do so much. O-line has no one of starting caliber but Mack. Jarret has to be paid and should be paid. Jury still out on Tak but signs are positive, Beasley continues to be an enigma.
  16. I just don't want to see Ryan have to deal with yet another OC especially since I think the offensive woes lie with the fact we have a horrible O-line and not so much with Sark. That being said, I could get onboard with Whisenhunt and not only because I watched him play for us. Does Scott Case coach defense anywhere? Talk about bringing a nasty streak. Of course in today's wimpy NFL, most of what he would teach is now illegal. You get flagged if you breathe on someone now, especially if you try to punish QB's for leaving the pocket and running. Defenses need to be able to make guys like Cam Newton, Crablegs and Lamar Jackson think twice about pulling the ball down and running but they can't. Sigh... I miss the old days.
  17. A LOT of people thought the Falcons were going to the SB this year. No reason not to. No one could forsee season ending injuries to key players and significant time loss for others. Been through this all over this board. You can't replace Deion Jones and no amount of coaching and scheming can make up for the loss. Apparently there was no one on the team to replace Freeman either. Clearly Teco is a complimentary back and not a starter. Backups are backups for a reason.
  18. I say again, still need a running game. None of the OC candidates mentioned here will do squat without it. Fire Sark if you must but until the FO seriously addresses this very offensive line and we have a starting running back that can stay healthy, Freeman or whomever, same ole same ole.
  19. I'm on the fence about Manuel but I think Sark would be fine if he had a decent O-line to work with and Freeman could stay healthy. Even in today's pass happy NFL, you still need a running game. I hate the thought of Ryan having to have yet another OC.
  20. Wrong! Thank God AB is not as knee jerk as some of this fanbase, nor as dense and downright stupid. He knows that three down linebackers like Deion Jones don't grow on trees. Unfortunately what will happen is that assistant coaches will be sacrificed because of the FO's continued failure in drafting and signing free agents for the O line especially but the D line as well. Outside of Jarret and Mack and maybe McKinley, we have no one of starting caliber on either side.
  21. Also rare to play QB's the caliber of Rogers and Mayfield after their team fired the head coaches the week before but why bring reason and logic into the discussion? Easier to talk about how bad we suck aye? Our backups suck! Most backups suck, not enough elite players to go around. Backups are backups for a reason...lather, rinse, repeat. I see actual voices of reason have joined my thread so I will retire from it once again and let it run it's course. My thanks to all those who see my point or even partially see it. You have restored my faith in our fan base!
  22. You're right. It just feels good to win again finally. I don't care if it was the lowly Cardinals. Nice to be able to walk away from the TV because the game is in hand in a positive direction and not out of hand in a negative one.
  23. What many teams? I've been watching the Falcons and the NFL for FIFTY YEARS! How many teams came back from devastating injuries to key players to win it all in that time frame? Do you know? Do the stat monkeys know? I don't but I'd wager that it was a small number comparatively speaking to the ones that didn't. Of course if you go back that far, you run into the point I already made about how dynasties like the Cowboys and Steelers could just stockpile talent and build enormous stores of depth which isn't feasible today. Back then injuries weren't an excuse. I believed and lived the credo that injuries are no excuse, everybody has them, for years. I just have the good sense to realize it's not true anymore. People want to talk about coaching because two teams fired their head coaches and then beat us? All that proves is that if you put exceptional talent on the field, coaching doesn't matter so much. Aaron Rodgers needs no introduction and Baker Mayfield is a bonafide rising star. They beat us in spite of mid season coaching changes, not because of them. Our coaching could be better but not losing key players is what would have made this season more like it was expected to be. I say again and again, backups are backups for a reason. You people that think coaching can overcome the loss of a three down linebacker like Debo need a serious reality check! There isn't another one of him on the team. Not even close! This team has other problems besides injury, both lines are abysmal except for guys like Jarrett and Mack but this season would have been different without all the injuries to key personnel. I know it, everyone knows it. I don't know what else to say. Instead of trying to argue against my points intelligently everyone just wants to bring up COMPARATIVELY RARE INSTANCES of teams that overcame significant injuries to have success. Either that or some stat monkey wants to talk about rank and file players on IR and not the real handful of elite game changers who are the difference in winning and losing each week. Lord, talk about being hardheaded and dense. You folks have a nice day.
  24. I wasn't going to reply again but GEEZ.....week 15! What if they had lost him week 1? Eagles are an exception rather than the rule. So is every other team cited in this thread that overcame injuries to win big. Yes it happens, the law of averages says it must but the cases of it are few and far between in the grand scheme of things. Quit giving rare examples and prove any point I've made about the entire subject even remotely wrong. Answer this simple question. Why is a backup player a backup? C'mon, you can do it, I know you can. Because the starter is better and more talented than he is! There is only so much elite talent to go around in the NFL. I'm not talking theory, I'm talking fact in the modern day NFL. Injuries matter! Bugger off yourself!
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