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  1. Let's just look at that for a second. In recent history The Falcons were usually known for making rookie and backup QB's look like Tom Brady. So nice not to have a rookie QB embarass our defense again.
  2. Yeah I kind of forgot that. We sure did in our game last year that was their only regular season loss.
  3. As I've told panties fans many times, running QB's have a limited shelf life in the NFL. Vick, RGIII....etc. I don't care how big scam is, when his wheels are gone then he's going to be gone. He cannot continue to take the amount of abuse he does. It's going to show up and I think that is already happening. I am never happy when a player is hurt but scam and the panties have brought this on themselves. When he is pressured and rattled he becomes surprisingly ordinary. The Broncos exposed him in the SB and now other teams are just following suit.
  4. Oh geez gazoo you almost had me there! Nice dose of sarcasm. I highly approve!
  5. There is one thing though. I think we went into prevent to soon. I don't like the Mike Smith style conservative defense. We should have remained aggressive longer. When you have your foot on their throat, don't let up. That's what Smitty used to do!
  6. Rats! Being a recovering alcoholic with almost 18 years of sobriety, I can't try that but I suggested it to my wife, who still has a drink once in awhile. She and I both think it sounds good!
  7. I agree, their certainly were some of the same old issues today and they still need to be fixed but let's celebrate getting out of Oakland with a win. The upcoming stretch of schedule is brutal and I'll take the W's anyway I can get 'em. Never apologize for a win!
  8. I knew going in that this game would be close. We extended at least two TB drives by penalties when we had them stopped otherwise. You cannot expect to win games against decent teams that way.
  9. Exactly! This is a problem with all running QB's but especially Newton because of his size. If you are going to put yourself in the position of being a running back then you are going to get hit like a running back. The defender doesn't know if you are going to throw the ball or tuck it and run so he can't very well "pull up". Normal rules to protect QB's don't apply.
  10. Maybe I'm a little soft and sappy in my old age but I think it's really wonderful and cool when they take the time to do this for these kids. At 53 years of age and in fairly good health, I'd be thrilled to have an experience like that. I can't imagine what it must be like for the kids!
  11. I don't care for Cam or the panties. I hate that offense. If I want to watch college football, I'll watch it on Saturday where it belongs.
  12. Do they still have the "defensless" receiver rule? I remember when you could lay the wood on a WR coming across the middle in order to separate him from the ball. I'm an old man now but way back in the dark ages, I played the WR position in high school and I still remember how much that freaking hurt. As I already said, football is by nature a very violent game.
  13. Oh crap, a discussion about Cam. I got in a major argument with some Bozo panties fan last year because I rightfully pointed out that the panties were basically running a high school/college type offense and that if you took the running options away that Cam would become easily frustrated and retreat back under his towel. I think the Falcons first exposed that in the second game with them and then Denver proved it beyond all doubt in the Superbowl. Cam is a great athlete but I still don't think he is the brightest light in the hall when it comes to playing QB
  14. This morning I was listening to Dave Archer trying to explain what the difference is in a chop block and a cut block. We already have officials that don't know what a catch is and they have no idea what pass interference is, either defensive or offensive and now we want them to try and decide whether a block is legal or not? Good luck with that! They put dresses on the QB already so I guess it follows now that we are going to put them on defensive lineman too. Football is a very rough and violent game and I hate to see injuries but if you are worried about getting hurt then maybe you shouldn'
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