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  1. Oh God, is this silliness still going on???? Can we not just have this absolutely pointless and stupid thread deleted? Gurley is a Ram....deal with it. NO WAY WE WOULD TAKE A RUNNING BACK AT 8 WITH OUR DEFENSE!!!!.........Enough said....
  2. So let me get this straight.....you wanted to draft an injured RB with the 8th pick when this team desperately needs defense and a pass rush? A RB who is not exactly the type you need in a ZBS I might add.....SMH. I can't even begin to absorb how ridiculous that is and I'm as big a Georgia Bulldog fan as they come.
  3. I've been a fan since 1968 but never was able to afford season tickets. I used to got to Atlanta Fulton County stadium quite a lot with a friend who did have season tickets. Later on I got to go to a few Georgia Dome games with another friend that way as well. I just can't see it. As a lot of folks have already said, if I had it, I'd put that kind of money towards building a tricked out home theater. Heck, maybe I'd put it towards a one lane bowling alley in the basement. I've always wanted one of those!
  4. I thought Kroy was an "OK" player up until last year. Last year, be it the achilles, the scheme or the wife he stunk it up. Again though, I'm going to trust Quinn for right now. Maybe he can get more out of Kroy than Smith did.
  5. The scum bag paid her off not to appear which is basically witness tampering but that's so hard to prove that the DA doesn't have the stones to try and prosecute it. Lord I wish someone else would sign this scumbag so all the chicken littles will quit whining about him!!
  6. Not that way at all. Most of us just have a wait and see attitude about the FA's we have accquired and aren't whining and gnashing our teeth about who we haven't signed. We are being practical and cautiously optimistic rather than wanting to jump off a cliff over every move or lack of move. Of course, if offered a viable option to improve at the right price and right terms, we'd take it. Hardy is not a viable option to a lot of us.
  7. I think the whole thing is smoke and mirrors but if there is any truth to it at all, Lord yes I'd take Bennet over a scumbag, woman beater like Hardy any day of the week!
  8. You know, we need a tight end, maybe someone should put up a poll about Aaron Hernandez....
  9. If he wasn't guilty then why did he pay her off? Why not go through the justice system and exonerate himself and clear his .....cough cough..... good name. Most, but not all, judges are very good at knowing when people are telling the truth. There was enough evidence to sway the judge. I'd bet it would have swayed a jury too. Yes, I know we aren't supposed to judge but it's human nature to do so and I think the guy is scum. The only thing that the people who want him here are judging is his football prowess. He could have murdered the girl and the ones who voted yes would not care but if he was some average Joe you'd all be saying he was guilty as ****. If he was still going to be a Panther I guarantee their would be threads of outrage on this board that he was allowed to get off but because someone thinks there is a remote chance we will sign him then it's all OK. Sickening......
  10. Thankfully we actually have people with some class and sense running the Falcons organization and not you. That scumbag coming here isn't going to happen. Are you actually so dense that you can't see that he paid the woman off? He was found guilty by a judge in the first trial and paid her not to appear in the second. I don't think the NFL is going to take all this as lightly as some of you do.
  11. Whatever....I'm not asking everyone on the team be model citizens but there are places where most decent people draw the line. If you sign a domestic abuser then what's OK after that? A rapist, maybe a murderer? Where do you draw the line? Like I said earlier, I doubt you'd feel the same way about this scumbag if it was your daughter or some woman you knew he was knocking around. I've wasted too much time here already this morning...I'm outta here...
  12. So we should just sacrifice every bit of self respect we might have to sign a scum bag all in the name of winning? I fully believe we can win without him and that he's not worth the baggage he has. You guys talk about him like he's God's gift to football. He's good but he was only one part of a good front seven in Carolina. No guarantees he would equal that production here or anywhere else.
  13. I'd say more likely than not, it's for the same reason I don't want him here. He's a woman beating scumbag.
  14. Has nothing to do with guns. I own several guns. Doesn't mean that I condone domestic abuse in any way shape or form. I do hate that those two things are being connected here.
  15. The truth is nonsense?....OK whatever .... Nice to know we actually have at least 48 folks on this board that have some sort of moral compass and know the difference between right and wrong. Please will some other team out there sign this scumbag so we can't get rid of these endless and pointless threads and talk about something productive?