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  1. No way would a kindergarten teacher risk getting fired over putting him through.
  2. I'd like to see Houston keep this up a few more weeks before I start praising him. He wasn't exactly running stride for stride down field while keeping his head turned
  3. Besides totally missing the point....you must have been stoned throughout the nineties
  4. Our D WAS porous at times. If you want positive all the time, go hang out with Mora Jr.
  5. Hey look, it's the wise man from Indiana....you must be the only one! Congratulations!! BTW If they ban me I will just Vick75 ...so don't bother. PS: Join the mass suicide
  6. Significant??? So you're saying a guy who would be our 5th WR if he was here and content would be a loss of production??? That's hilarious. If you're a 5th WR (without Robinson) you better be willing to play special teams which Horn would never do. He would rarely see the field on offense and would not get many or any looks if he did. There's a reason he isn't signed, because HE'S WASHED UP AND A CANCER. But let's sign Cris Carter if it's all about going on what people did in the past. Go to sleep, moron
  7. Please....i'm begging you to just listen to me....you are a moron. Just accept that and carry on with your meaningless life.
  8. **** yea! I'm not gonna suck up to the mods like half of this board lol.
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