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  1. Hey dude, I don't know what happened to you but I miss talking to you.

  2. I know right, my life is just so much more amazing than everyone elses here and your contributions mean basically nothing in the game of life. j/k guys.....j/k
  3. Not a new job, but I was in school, working full time and I bought a house July of last year so I fell off with posting. I just finished college and my house is a little more settled so I may get to post more. I tend to go through phases though where I post a lot then fall off.
  4. Man, imagine if someone on here was posting from a cubicle that was actually IN their Mom's basement!! ::MINDBLOWN:: You guys, seriously though, post less that is what a message board is all about.
  5. Ugh......never drink Yoo Hoo hot. That is insane.
  6. Guess we can't score on all of their pitchers....that would just be unfair.
  7. I was going to cut the cable and just get MLB.tv, but that service is basically useless if you live local to Braves games. That service blacks out local games. Honestly, that seems so stupid to me, they would get many more subscribers if they didn't bow down to local TV sevice providers.
  8. Happy to see that. Much more comfortable with Teheran going against Lee than Hale.
  9. This was exaclty what I thought on the caption this picture thread! I swear I commented over there and came here and just saw this! HAha!
  10. "Why am I using a crazy land line from 2003?"
  11. Hey, Merry Christmas to all of you and have a great New Year! Looking forward to more discussions, arguements and jokes in the coming season!
  12. Sad to see McCann leave, but extremely happy to see him be rewarded in the way he was. He has an opportunity now to play on a huge stage and there are plenty of awful guys in MLB who gte huge contract and I am just glad to see a good guy like McCann get rewarded. I will always root for him and hope he stay strong in the AL and continues building on what could one day be a HOF career. Also, how much will McCann be praised for defending his team in NY as opposed to every national media outlet trying to cricitize him for that in ATL? Alot of people will change their tune. Good luck BMac, I will actually watch a few Yankee games next season.
  13. McCann has been my favorite for a while, but since he is leaving I am gonna have to go with Freddie Freeman.
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