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  1. But Matt Ryan is the problem. His stats are all garbage time. Noodle arm. His salary is killing us.
  2. Going to fix it for you: 90% of the teams in the league would love to have him. AND be willing to give up more. This get rid of Ryan non-sense is from people who no nothing about football and just looking for a way to fix the real problems, that they don’t even see, quickly.
  3. The guy has one of the best playoff performances EVER and he is criticized for giving up 25 points in a quarter, not blocking a free rusher and holding on the O line. He has more 4th quarter come from behind wins but yet he is criticized for not being clutch He is one of the most accurate passers under pressure, not under pressure, it doesn't matter, but yet he is criticized for not doing enough. He has historically had one of the worst offensive lines and worst defenses in the NFL, yet still has great numbers and more wins than losses. Not sure exactly what you want. No other QB has ever done what he has. He might not be flashy enough for you, but the dude is a winner.
  4. Betcha Arizona scores 35+ on us this week and we score 34 or less.
  5. I want a Belichick clone. Someone that says, "do you job" holds players accountable and has no hesitation of benching or trading a player. He also densest have a problem changing offensive philosophies from year to year and does so based on the rules, how to win and what talent there is out there. One of the major problem with Quinn and most of the other coaches out there is that they are so set in their schemes, they can't see when they don't work anymore and are lost trying to force a square peg into a round hole. Not Belichick, he will change systems from year to year without blinking.
  6. I think DQ should go and so should Koetter and TD. Maybe keep TD on as a money man at this point and that is all. Koetter's system doesnt work with our personnel and I think it is dated and won't get you very far in the modern NFL. One of the assistants will be the intern as we look for a HC/GM. Not sure who would be the best candidate at this point. Someone who understands how to adapt to the environment and knows the right players to fit their system.
  7. This is true. We can't even change systems or tweak philosophies because we don't have the correct people. We are stuck with this level of putrid on defense until next year. Fast and physical!! Quinn speak for get your *** handed to you.
  8. There is no reason for optimism. It's not that we don't have some good players, but we have a lot on defense that just aren't that good and we have terrible coaching.
  9. I’ve always been a Author Blank fan. I’ve met the man and even worked at the third HD he opened in forest park. But, you have to provide value to your market segment or in this case, the falcons fans. I love the loyalty, but football is two things, entertainment and a business and that is all. The team is in no way entertaining and from a business perspective a dumpster fire. It’s painfully obvious Quinn is not a good coach. 2016 was a product of the OC, who isn’t here anymore and the defense only picked up because teams were afraid of our offense and thought they had to score 100 points to keep up. The Pats exposed our defense in the SB. Blank has let the falcon FO invest in a RB that was never that good, 15 million on a defensive end that lets face it, was never starting nfl material and a secondary built on smoke and mirrors. Think about all those years with a terrible O and D line. Now, two of our best players, Ryan and Julio probably have no chance at a Super Bowl and eat way too much cap. Sorry Mr Blank. These guys aren’t your friends, they are your employees. It’s time to burn it down and start over.
  10. The truth is that nothing is going to help. Our defense is just plain bad. Takk and Beasley both Suck. Sorry, I know there are people here who like Takk's "fire", but the dude rarely shows anything. We have got no serious starting DE's on this team. We don't have any serious start CB's on this team and the only guy who was really any good on our secondary is on IR. Letting Poole go was a HUGE mistake. Letting Alford go without a quality replacement was a HUGE mistake. D. Jones is our best player on defense along with Grady, but Grady can't make up for the fact that he is the only starting quality dlineman we have. Our team was admittingly built with a bunch of backups that can rotate. Outside of Jones our other LB's are average to bad. That's not even talking about scheme. We have nowhere near the talent to run what Quinn wants to run and it so basic that a good high school QB could pick it apart. Quinn doesn't know or want to go to anything else and part of me believes it is because he knows that it will get worse if he tries to change anything. I mean really, what are we going to do now? Quinn has built this mess and TD has sat right beside him and let him build it. I don't even want to go into the offense. Yeah, we have talent there and you can say it comes down to execution, but Koetter is running something that we are not built for. We are going to end up this year with the worse rushing offense in the NFL and we might break the record for points allowed in a season and maybe yards allowed too. But, go Falcons!
  11. Yeah, maybe keep Matthews. I’m not thrilled with his performance this year but I think a lot of that is the **** scheme we are running. He is still relatively young.
  12. Yeah, I love those guys but their not going to win anything here and the sad fact is we could get first rounders for them today. But it’s the falcons, we will run them into the ground for nothing and have nothing in return.
  13. The only thing that will work is loud and constant “fire Quinn” from the crowd at the next home game. It’s going to be another pathetic showing so the few fans that are there should be motivated.
  14. This is true. QBs contract are going to shoot through the roof over the next couple of years. Ryan will never hold out, so he will be a bargain for some team.
  15. I never thought I would want a full rebuild but after today. I really think that is what we need. Quinn is in way over his head. We need a coach with GM powers. I love Ryan and Julio but Ryan has so many changes it is wearing on him. Koetter is an idiot running an outdated scheme. Ryan is trying his best but I just think he is done. Julio needs to be on a team that can improvise. I would see if KC would trade a first for him, or the Seahawks. By Mack, by Vick, bye Beasley bye Matthews. Take the picks you can get and go get a offensive line that can move the pile and find a six one, 230 pound back that can run hard down hill. Find a decent mobile QBs and some 2 or third rd receivers to compliment Ridley and Hooper and spend everything else on defense.
  16. I would go further and trade every player with value over 30. Build your team around Grady, d Jones, Ridley, hooper and our two new Olineman. Everyone else, bye, bye
  17. Why do people say Ryan’s contract is a problem? Next year his contract will be peanuts comparatively. You put him on a team with a decent Oline and a coach that knows how to run a west coast and he will win a SB in two years. We could easily get two 1st rd picks for him with his contract. Only a falcons fan would think otherwise.
  18. The second possession you mean. We are lucky to get five min into a game before the wheels come off.
  19. I disagree on a couple of things. First, I don’t think Quinn has done anything. He admitted when he came here he didn’t know anything about the offense and hired Shanahan. The only reason we went to the Super Bowl was because of the offense. Then, when we got there he didn’t know how to manage his OCs and cost us our best shot. Ryan isn’t the problem. Julios contract is much more of a problem and what in the world made anyone think freeman or Trufant deserved the contracts they got? How about Beasley? If Ryan had a mediocre line for half his time here, we probably would have won at least one more division and he has had bad skill position players and won with those. Ryan is not the problem; however, I would just burn it all down and trade him this offseason because I don’t he will get any better with his sixth OC and we could get something in return. We won’t get a thing for Trufant or freeman except dead cap and I doubt we could trade a 31 year old Julio with his cap hit.
  20. I don’t disagree, but when the HC and GM fail it’s up to the owner to correct the ship.
  21. Yeah, there is no way we make the playoffs. There is probably no way we win four games, but yeah, mathematically eliminated.
  22. Agreed. Probable scenario. Next HC will prolly have GM in title too. The Falcons team has inconsistent talent across the team and a lot of “talented” wrong players.
  23. I think as soon as it is obvious we won’t make the playoffs Quinn is gone. AB will want first pick at a new HC and I would be surprised to see TD gone as well. The HC we get will more than likely want to be GM too.
  24. The real reason Quinn should be fired is because there are a number of TAFT posters who could take one of the Falcons opponents teams and win. I’m talking about a complete novice with no NFL experience. That tells me that Quinn is totally reliant on the talent winning at every position and even if the falcons are more talented in some spots, the other coaches are adjusting to take any advantage we might have away. In other words, Quinn doesn’t know what he is doing. I mean, how many ex head coaches do we have on the team?
  25. I don’t think the fans are loyal to the players. Not one bit. Tell me there is anyone here who wouldn’t be okay with a straight up trade of their favorite player IF the Falcons won a super bowl. Ryan, Julio and D Jones are my favorite three players, in that order but if we traded all three tonight and still win a super bowl I’m fine with it. What I want to see is improvement and there hasn’t been a shred of improvement Since LI. That is totally on AB. It’s been three freaking years!!!