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  1. There is a 30% rule in the current CBA which says that contracts signed during the time of the current CBA cannot increase in value by more than 30% in 2021. That means you can't backload contracts like you could a few years before. Also, there is a chance the CAP actually decreases due to the possibility that TV revenue will decrease. The current TV contracts with have a mandatory 7% increase each year. They is likely to go away when the new TV contracts are signed starting in 2020. Front loading big contracts this year and next is a wise move. There are going to be some teams who have to void contracts or cut people because they are not managing them wisely.
  2. Dude, I'm 50 and attended every home game at Fulton county from 74 until the Dome on with my dad. I saw Joe Namath's last game and O.J. in his last season. Reeve's wasn't that good of a coach. We had an above average team talent wise every year he was here and he couldn't win big games. He had a losing records at NY and Atlanta and monster loaded teams at Denver where he couldn't win the big game. He was an old school coach that was out of his league in the '90's and didn't do a good job adjusting to the changing football environment. He was a Tom Landry clone. Also, when he was hired as the coach there was a lot of people who didn't want him coming here and there was never a strong admiration by the fan base. Funny how 20 years after a coach is gone how a bunch of people like to ramble on about why they were so good and did such a great job. Yeah, I was alive when he was coach and no he really wasn't that good relative to the other coaches at the time. He was here for three years (2 1/2) under blank and had no clue how to use or manage Vick. Oh, in 1998 we had the 4th ranked offense and 4th ranked defense in the league and couldn't win. In 2002 we had the 5th and 8th rank O and D and couldn't win. We had very good talent on our defense when he was here, unless you think guys like Dion Sanders, Jesse Tuggle, Travis Hall, Ray Buchanan, Robison, Brooking, Chuck Smith and Patrick Kerney were cheap and not that good.
  3. What if pig flew out of my ***. Reeves was an average coach who had some talented teams and like to play his QBs to much during the preseason.
  4. Why do people like reeves. He had a losing record and really wasn’t a very good coach.
  5. Good. Now do something about it.
  6. Yup, that and the lack of being prepared or taking over when things get ugly. Mora just kinda wanted to be everyone's friend and never seemed to hold anyone accountable. Quinn is starting to look the same way to me. All you hear is brotherhood, brotherhood, bla, bla, bla and then you see guys make stupid mistakes and a general lack of accountability.
  7. Is it just me or is Quinn starting to remind anyone else of Mora?
  8. Well you know we have the highest paid WR and top 3 DT. We have an all first round Oline. We have a fast and physical defense and a coaching staff that preaches fly to the ball. What can possibly go wrong???
  9. God I hope he goes to Carolina. Can you imagine the absolute meltdown between him and Cam. It would be a circus.
  10. A lot of people prolly dont know what the 30% rule is but I think you’re correct. Prolly only saving us 1 - 2 million on cap.
  11. Yeah, this is kind of incomprehensible. It's not like you don't know what either side wants. I can understand the back and forth for more guaranteed money, length of contract, etc. But at this point both sides know what is going on. If this becomes an issue, it's on blank and the organization, not Julio. And just for the record. I think the only people with an issue right now are the fans and media. It becomes an issue Sunday, in my opinion.
  12. AB is a clown. Julio deserves a raise just for being a good teammate and putting the team first.
  13. I think he said he was sore because they practiced on the inside field the day before. The turf on those indoor practice fields suck. I think JJ was just being too honest for his own good.
  14. I think in the world we live in today, we have been programmed by absolutes. It's in sports. It's in politics and it's even in religion. People want an absolute answer to everything and if they don't agree with you 100% then you are wrong and there has to be conflict. The world is multicolored place and that is what makes it beautiful. Blank has said that he want's Julio for life and that he can't see why a deal won't be done, but that is not a 100% guarantee. Blank also said in his interview with the Athletic that he doesn't conjecture with anyone but his children. In the same interview he said he would be disappointed if a deal wasn't done. I'm 99% sure Julio will play and get an extension, but if someone has a logical reason why he won't, I'll listen. They might have a point I didn't think of and have a valid point. I can think of about a half dozen reasons why it would be a good idea not to give him an extension, but I think those are all outweighed by the benefits of resigning him. Adding to this is you have these reporters that can't even seem to ask a simple question using appropriate English.
  15. I agree. All I’m saying is that these reporters suck. The question was poorly worded and to me it looked like Julio had a hard time answering gibberish. He should has replied “what” and asked the reporter to use proper grammar.