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  1. Mike Vick was our most expensive player on the Field. He had an outstanding Oline the whole time he was here and a very good defense. He still never had back to back winning seasons and never made it to a Super Bowl. Cam Newton made it to one Super Bowl and other than that did nothing and that year he had the best defense in the league, a top ten Oline and a very good supporting running game. Mahomes has one of the best Olines in football. Wilson had a top three defense, top 10 running attack and very good Oline when Seattle was regularly going to the playoffs. Your logic is flawed.
  2. I use to think the OP was just obnoxious. Now, pretty sure he is just an idiot that tries to have smart prose. Not only is his post not factual, there are some down right incorrect statements.
  3. I lol'ed at this because it's true. How many times does Chuck Smith get brought up as some type of magician with fixing a D lineman. Dude has got zero results. I don't recall a single player that Chuck Smith has worked with that was anything but hot trash.
  4. I would actually be okay with Bill Cowher. I don't think he wants to coach, but if he did why not? I lived in Pittsburgh for a few years when he coached. He kept that team disciplined, didn't put up with any BS and took a team to the Super Bowl that wasn't very good. Plus he likes the 3 - 4 and can evaluate talent, especially defensive talent, really well.
  5. I'm not sure why people think Takk had any value at all. The fact that he was picked up and maybe the Raiders wanted him means nothing. Actually, it means that he had less value. The Bengals are in desperation mode. This is a blind shot to see if they can get anything out of the scrap heap. The Falcon's have done this for years. Takk only has value, IF he signs a contract next year. He won't. The dude is a bum.
  6. Ehh, disagree. The equation takes performance, post season awards and playing time into the formula for assigning compensatory picks. Takk has no post season awards and his performance was below average. The only thing that would have brought up his value is playing time, but guess how many snaps out of possible snaps he has taken? It's well under 50%. Benching him would have lowered that number. Takk was worthless for a trade or compensatory pick. He has no value. Cutting him was the best thing we could have done.
  7. This is just a stupid statement. Comp pick?? Really, does this dude even understand that you don't just get a pick because we trade him. To even be considered for a comp pick you have to 1. Lose more value than you gain from FA. So, trading players does squat for Comp picks. You have to lose them from free agency. 2. Compensatory picks are determined by the value of the contract signed minus the free agents playing time and post season awards. Let's see, Takk has no awards and was mostly injured. Really think we are getting anything? 3. If say Takk was to eek out a 7th round pick, if
  8. Yeah agreed. There is no way in the world we would have gotten any compensatory pick for him. He may be lucky to sign a one year, low value deal, but that won't be worth anything. Maybe, and that is a big Maybe, we would have gotten a 7th for him, but do you really want that azzhat on the team for a 7th.
  9. No, this is a realistic football fan. The typical falcons fan is what you are being. Get all excited about beating a really bad team, when you have more talent, and then watch as the team gets embarrassed against a good team the following week and saying, "gee, we could have won if...". No, the coaching on this team is bad, the owner who wants to win badly is not considering what it takes to win and there are some players that shouldn't be on the field, much less starting, but they do on the Falcons. Let me know when we beat a team with a winning record, then maybe you have a point. Until
  10. Yeah, the Broncos were a much better team. We should have beaten the Patriots, but we were lucky to squeak by the Vikings.
  11. Why was he coach of the week? For almost letting a really bad team, with no NFL talent on offense, almost come back by three touchdowns in the fourth quarter?
  12. Agreed. Not trying to pizz on a good thing, but how many times have we seen this. The Bronco's aren't very good, so in a way a good measuring stick. We should have the talent to win two games in a row against bad teams. The following two weeks will be interesting against New Orleans then Oakland, I mean Vegas.
  13. It was Carolina, who are in full rebuilding mode. They didn't have their best and only good offensive player in the game. Our defense did nothing special, they just didn't suck as much as the other team. Next week we will see the real falcons defense.
  14. We disagree then. Our corners are hot trash. A.J. might be good, but he is a rookie so really can't say much about him his first year. Maybe the corners are being coached to be in the wrong position almost every play, but I think they are overcompensating for the fact they are just not that talented. The draft line with A.J. coming out of clemson was that he was a good athlete and physical, but lacked technique. That has show this year and his coaches are not helping him. My god, the CB's even sit in the incorrect zone when in zone coverage much less play man. Half of the TD's thrown o
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