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  1. It would be funny if someone filed a class action law suit against the NFL for the two missed face mask penalties, one that would have lead to a first and goal from the two for the Rams. And don't forget about allowing the Saints to run a play a good second and a half after the play clock was at zero, which they scored on. The way I look at it, the Saints should have been down by 14 points before that ill fated drive started, so even if they did get the call and scored on the very next play, they were still down by 7 and the Rams would have had the ball. The Rams are the team that got screwed by the bad calls in that game. They should have won by more than a touchdown and never gone to overtime.
  2. If you’re literate and on their board, you’re controversial.
  3. We have some babies and trolls here too, but most of the people on this board are at least semi - quasi - some-of-the-time - partially - now-and-then - occasionally reasonable. Wait.... no we’re not.
  4. I hope the Rams file a lawsuit for the three missed facemasks and replay the game from when the Rams would have had first and two at the two late in the fourth quarter.
  5. Are you serious. Why did that call change the outcome of the game? Maybe the next play was a fumble or an INT. The only play a missed penalty changes is the one during the penalty. You telling me that three missed facemasks penalties didn't change the game under your logic. One would have resulted in a fresh set of downs in the red zone and probably resulted in a Rams TD and not a FG. If that happened the missed PI is moot. Snapping the ball on at least two occasions after the play clock expired, one of the plays was for a TD, didn't change the game according to your logic??? You are tripping!
  6. Keep Beasley if he will take a reasonable offer. Strip away year two and he has a very meh career. I don't think he is a bust, but he is not anywhere an elite pass rusher or DE. Right now he is a one trick pony. He has one very good trick (speed rush) but is too easily neutralized. If he wants 8+ million, let him walk. If he takes an appropriate offer, keep him. He has no bargaining power here. Take it or leave it is what I would tell him.
  7. So can we troll NO now with 13 - 0?
  8. Yup. Remember what happened to Manning. Now, Manning had serious neck surgery which really exacerbated it, but you could see it his last two years. The year before he retired by the end of the year he was done. His last year, I don't think he could have played another down and his was bad the second half of the season and putrid through the playoffs. Only reason the Broncos won the SB was because of that incredible defense. I think the same thing is happening to Bree's but it's not as pronounced because he doesn't have the injury Manning had.
  9. Hahahahaha is all I have to say. If you were that good, one play shouldn't have influenced the outcome of the game. Aint's got more than their share of calls (and non-calls) during that game. Before they even suggest legal action the courts would first need to look at pretty much every game play in NO since Katrina. They would have to give back their Super Bowl and all of their division and conference titles, but yeah go ahead and entertain the idea of reversing the call. Hahahaha, Karma!!!
  10. This, this and this again. Many may not have agreed with his game philosophies or coaching strategies, but there probably isn't a single person who did more to right the Falcons ship than Smitty. He took a perennial losing organization at probably the lowest it has ever been and not only made this organization relevant but made them consistent winners. He did this by using discipline and instilling work ethic (trust the process, minimize mistakes) to a team that was all over the place. Any success this team has had from the time he left can be attributed to him and his hard work. Thank you coach Smith. The man deserves to be in the ring of honor.
  11. Yeah, your right but I do think Ridley has more potential as a pure receiver. Roddy was one of the best block WR ever.
  12. I think Desean Jackson’s mouth and attitude were the issue. Not Koetter.
  13. At the same point in each career, yes he is. We will see if he turns out better when it's all said and done, but if you had to pick Roddy or Ridley after their rookie year, Ridley would win 10 out of 10 times.
  14. There is a reason they say Koetter runs a 4-vertical. You might see four receiver sets where all of them go deep to drive the defense back and they will then hit the underneath guy, or they may run 4 WRs and send one deep and use three in intermediate routes. The point is that Koetter will use a lot of WR sets and uses all his receivers in the passing game. If Ridley runs good routes (which he does) and catches the ball (which he sometimes does) then Koetter will use him. Koetter does not have a problem getting the receivers involved. Ridley will be used. A lot.