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  1. He is not wrong
  2. Most teams don't have a real weapon. We have Ryan, Julio and Freeman as you pointed out. Sanu is a lot better than you give him credit for and Coleman is as good as he is used. This year that was not very well. We do need TE's and a better #3 WR. With that being said, we had enough talent on this offense to put up a lot more than 22ppg or whatever it was. There was no excuse. The talent at our skill positions is outstanding. The line needs work and our TE's are not very good, but I disagree with your assessment. You are grasping.
  3. That was the play to run on first or second down. The shuffle pass was stupid and so was the roll out on fourth. Two wasted plays in that series. All on the OC
  4. Role out for gods sake
  5. Watch, next play will be a two receiver route.
  6. This is the reason sark has to go!!
  7. Why are we running between tackles?
  8. The play calling this game has been horrible.
  9. Good, the fact that they need locker room material means they are not ready.
  10. Ryan looked like Rodges the whole game.
  11. I don't think we were changing the defense wholesale, but several times we shifted from an over or an under. We got caught a couple of times when the Rams quick snapped, I think they called turbo, and our DL didn't have their hands in the dirt. It was smart because just shifting the line was screwing up some of the Rams blocking assignments. I don't think we did it that much, but there was at least a half dozen times where you could see us obviously shifting our DL and linebackers around 10 to 12 seconds.
  12. Totally agree, plan for Philly. But after we Woop their azz, it will be nice to role into the swamp and beat the NO rats.
  13. The OC manages the offensive position coaches, or at least their performance measured on the players ability to execute the game plan.
  14. Actually, you proved why sark isn’t that good yet. There were issues and he didn’t adapt early on. He did the last two games but most of the year sark thought he was calling Alabama’s plays. We didn’t execute on a lot of plays, but asking players to take too many risks gets you what we got all year. Poor execution.
  15. Glad the saints won. I want another shot at them.