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  1. I think that what all these QB's moving is telling us is that the QB position is overpaid. At least that is what it looks like to me. Teams are taking a hard look at what their QB is really worth in the team sport environment. They will / should always be the highest paid position, but some of the contracts are getting ridiculous. Mahomes is going to be a really interesting situation when it comes time to extend him. Contracts for quality starting QB's are going to regularly hit and exceed 35 million a year. What else can you do with that money? Does the QB consistently produce enough to deserve that much? Productive QBs, are they productive because of the system? Oline? Skill positions? Defense?
  2. Under 19 and this virus has killed exactly zero people in the US. How many 19 year olds or younger have died in car accidents. This disease isn’t about the virus, it’s about the virus and comorbidity factors. It’s has multi variant causality, as do most disease states. The Thermo Fischer’s testing platform just went from being able to run 16 tests a day to over 10,000. Yes, we are going to see a huge spike in reported cases.
  3. Those numbers do not show comorbidity factors.
  4. all numbers below are from the CDC or WHO databases: 90 people die every day in the us due to car accidents; 1200 die every day due to smoking; 822 due to obesity; 85 due to firearms; There have been between 16,000 and 22,000 seasonal flu deaths in the US this year* as of 9am on 20March2020, there have been 218 Coronavirus deaths in the US *the exact number of flu deaths is hard to determine because many fatalities of the sick and elderly are never confirmed by tests as being caused by the flu
  5. Since it was brought up. The data shows, and I mean the real data and not the garbage the media and moronic governmental officials and publishing, that if you are under 60, have no comorbidity factors such as immune compromised, smoker, obese or have pulmonary disease, COVID-19 is less harmful then the flu. If you don’t believe that go to any site such as the CDC or WHO, where they are now reporting individual cases and find a single healthy 30 - 50 year old that has even been hospitalized. Mass testing has just begun and what the data is showing is that many people are infected, or have been for a while. They have all been asymptomatic. Also, everyone is reporting worst case data, which some experts are now saying will never occur. If there is a 2% mortality rate, it will be 2% of the potential patient pool, which only includes elderly and people with comorbidity factors. Basically, driving a car has a higher risk of killing you then this virus. I guess they need to ban car travel.
  6. Coaching was better, overall talent was better, drafting was better.
  7. He is absolutely correct. The best thing this team could do is rebuild. Sorry, but this version of the Falcons is done and there is nothing that is going to fix it. I think we need to keep Grady and DJ, figure out a way to sign Hooper and then start cutting. Freeman and trufant should be first. I hate to say it, but we need to get rid of Julio. No way we could trade him, so a straight up cut might need to be the case. Yes, Julio is the best WR in the game, but no person who touches the ball 12 times a game should get a contract over 12M a year. No team has ever won a Super Bowl having one of the top three WR on their roster. Look it up. There is a reason for that. You have to keep your left tackle, but Mack has to go too. We would suck for two years until all of the dead money comes off the books and Ryan will probably be washed up by then or injured, but at least we will still have some decently young talent and money to work with. I have a feeling we will do the most conservative and least disrupting thing possible, go 7 - 9 again, then finally fire quinn and TD. After that the new GM and coach will do exactly what we should have this off season, one bad year after that, then we will have a chance to compete. Right now, 2023 is probably the first real chance we are going to get again to sniff the playoffs.
  8. He should have said this when people asked him about Ryan, Julio and Grady.
  9. Tabeek is a ra-ra guy who is also a football moron. The Falcon's completely cleaned house with their media department a few years ago and this is the only guy they could find who would constantly spin the Falcons in a positive light no matter what was happening on the field or at the branch. He hasn't had one critical evaluation of anything since he has been reporting for the Falcons. I could care less what he says about the draft, even if it mattered. I'm sure it won't be based on any intel he might be able to get (because he doesn't get any) or any true critical evaluation of what the Falcon's need.
  10. In another two years the Pats will be a perennial 8 - 8 or 7 - 9 team like they were before '91. They had a really good run and did some incredible things, but their time is over. There will be about six fans in the stands in Foxboro in a couple of years. The past is all they have to hold on to.
  11. You are not wrong, but I will say that an offense that can control the clock and take away opportunities for the other teams offense to be on the field, really helps the defense. The 2016 Falcons are a great example of that. For most of the year, Shanahan's ego was in check and we ran the ball effectively. Helps the offense obviously, but also helped the defense. In the Superbowl the ego took over and not only did we not run three times and kick a field goal, but the Patriots ran something like 90 offensive plays to our 60. If we ran just 5 more times in the second half, we would not have only won, but the Patriots would have only been able to run something like 82 plays assuming we didn't make a single yard on any run (that didn't happen).
  12. This is the Falcons. They are going to do exactly the opposite of what they should and what makes good football sense. They will keep Freeman and let Hooper walk. They made their mistake is giving Freeman the contract. Every year since then is just denial at the highest level. We will probably draft another WR and corner back in the first two rounds. That's the logic of this organization (or lack thereof). This team needs to fix the lines and use the fourth or fifth rounds, or FA to get a 220+ pound back that can make one good cut and run hard. Won't happen.
  13. The Super Bowl is going to be the 49ers against the Titans.
  14. That’s not true. The Panthers tried to let him heal natural and put him on IR with the designation to return. He was is such bad shape they shut him down for the year around week 11.
  15. He will run. That is the problem. Cam can’t throw so he has to run. He has been a man ineffective runner the last two years regardless of how much he ran. That is why the coaching staff was pleading with him to stay in the pocket. His foot is not the issue. It’s his knee and hip. The foot injury was caused by all the other problems with his body. It came out of no where this year.