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  1. More than 9 million is dumb. Like it's been said, cap number is coming down. We are not a one trick pony. I like free but it he wants more use him one more year then tag him or trade him, or let him walk. Our dline is more important than one rb on a team like ours that is loaded offensively.
  2. I'm feeling a trade coming on. I think the browns need an rb for their 2018 #1 pick.
  3. I've been to New Orleans about 40 times. Half before and half after Katrina. The tourist part of the city is actually cleaner and smells better since Katrina. A lot of stuff actually got cleaned up, replaced or repaired after the hurricane. You want to smell bad, go the week after Mardi Gras. People are Pizzing and puking on the streets and in their hotel rooms. I used to stay in hotels right beside the convention center and the carpets were permanently pizz and puke stained. The city is a dump.
  4. xs and os

    I am Meh on Shanahan. His playcalling at times was good, but he didn't do anything any other pro OC is capable of or understands. Shanahan just wasn't stuck in a system and that is what made him dangerous. He would change his plays and the game strategy to match the team. For some reason, a lot of OC's just wont do that. They think that if they run their system flawlessly it can't be stopped. That's BS in the NFL. Every offense can be stopped. You better be able to adapt. The problem with Kyle is that he would get it into his head that he knew everything and thought he was smarter than everyone. If he would have just checked his ego at the door we would have a superbowl. I think this team is going to be better off without him. Matt knows what Shanahan was doing, like I said, he doesn't do anything special. Sark and Matt are going to keep the same situational football awareness and just tear teams up. Now, we have an OC who will listen to the QB during the game and I'm betting Matt is going to speak up more in certain situations. With our talent, if we don't improve, I will be surprised.
  5. I almost feel sorry for the bears. They have so many issues and they are going to get a team that has everything to prove that first game. Not to mention we will be trying to get some momentum for the following Sunday against Green Bay in Atlanta. I think we will know exactly what we have 10 minutes into that first quarter.
  6. I could care less about Dak, the cowgirls or EsPN. the only thing I took out of that segment was that Ryan "might" be considered elite right now and when they said that other QB's would perform as well as Ryan did with the tools he had... F you EspN
  7. If we had run the ball two more times and gotten zero yards, we would have hoisted the Lombardi.
  8. How many teams in the past can be at least considered as having the best WR tandem, best RB tandem, MVP QB, best front 7, most under rated CB and I'll add secondary. On top of that we have no major holes and I bet our LBs are considered outstanding by mid season. I can't think of one team in recent memory that has been this loaded on both sides of the ball.
  9. Don't forget best QB!
  10. Some people think that we are going to regress this year because Shanahan has left. I think that Ryan now owns the offense and Sark is there to be his eyes and ears from the booth and to manage player changes and of course the initial calls. But make no mistake, at this point I would be shocked if Ryan doesn't have Payton Manning control over the offense. On top of that, our D is going to be able to really put pressure on other teams. I bet that we get on average at least one more possession a game because of our improved defense. We scored TD's over 50% of the time we had the ball last year. I think we keep that same rate. That's at least 8 more T.D.s. I for one see Ryan leading this offense to be better than last year. I would be surprised to see our starters pulled by the 4th quarter in half our games next year. Yeah, I'm that confident.
  11. You are correct. This isn't like the Ravens, who had an epic defense but a putrid offense. Teams just tried to keep it close and didn't take chances. Atlanta's offense is going to abuse the other team, which will cause them to open it up. Other teams will get some yards but I think because our defense is much improved you will see our offense with an additional one or two possessions a game.
  12. Yup. There's not going to be any hang over. The offense will be as good, if not better than last year and that defense will and has improved.
  13. This is a stupid assessment. We have a better OC mainly because we just lost the massive ego of shanahan and got a few new wrinkles. Plus, I guarantee two things will be different. One, we run the ball more than 5 times in the second half in this years super bowl and two, Matt is put in a position to call more of his own plays and audible from the line. Barring injury, we will have a better offense than last year. We got better everywhere.
  14. I would have bet prior to the draft that we would not keep a FB and keep an extra TE. The extra TE being used as an H back. Not sure if Saubert can do that because we need someone who can block at the H back. Now I'm thinking we keep a FB, but it really feels like a wasted roster space as he probably will only see the field 6 or 7 times a game. Maybe Lolo will be our H back??? We need him on the line as a traditional TE. I dunno, but I'm sure that the coaching staff has it all planned out already.
  15. No one in Carolina except the fans think their Oline is going to be any good. It's the joke of the team on local sports radio in NC.