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  1. Just now on sportcenter, he picked our team because of our balanced offense and noted the offense is ranked 7th overall. Not that this is significant, just thought I would pass it along to those who don't have sportcenter on at work 24/7.
  2. 14-2 is certainly unlikely, but I wouldn't be totally suprised if it happens. If we end the season 12-4 or 13-3 that could earn homefield advantage. 11-5 is typically the number needed to guarantee a playoff spot. Go Falcons!
  3. Isn't there a team you actually like with their own message board somewhere? If you are like this in real life, I imagine it would be a pretty miserable life. P.S. Sorry your dogfighting ring got broken up.
  4. Tony Smith O.J. Santiago Bruce Pickens Aundray Bruce my personal favorite... Michael Booker lol
  5. It was a good play all the way around. I'm glad it made the Top 10 on Sportcenter. Haven't gotten tired of that play yet...but I am getting tired of the Spurlock TD return.
  6. Steve Bartkowski Chris Chandler Matt Ryan Chris Miller Bobby Hebert Jeff George Billy Joe Tolliver Perry Klein Brett Favre Chris Redman John Parker Wilson Steve Deberg Michael Vick
  7. After spending all week trying to convince two people to go to ATL with me, I decided to sell my tickets. Having 2 games in 4 days is a lot, and it's not exactly a short drive from greenville, sc. So I posted my 3 tickets which are in Section 316 on the ticket exchange. They quickly sold at $40 a piece despite only having a $29 face value. Maybe I should have listed them at a higher price. Of course Ticketmaster makes their commission but I still come out 7 dollars ahead per ticket. I hate to miss the game, but I've got Sunday Ticket, so I'll be yelling just at loud from home. Plus I'll
  8. Falco as a teacher in front of a blackboard. Maybe properties of each bird is listed on the blackboard..the since falcons have greater qualities than a raven the blackboard shows Falcons>Ravens
  9. Usually I like to leave Greenville, SC by 700 so I'm there by 9:30. Quick breakfast at CNN center then back to the car to have a few adult beverages. I like to be walking into the stadium by 12:15 so I leave the parking area around 1145ish. This Sunday though, I don't know...I still have to find 2 people to go with me. If I end up taking my parents, I'm sure my arrival time in ATL will be later, but I still will be in the dome well before kickoff.
  10. Weems is a threat to take it to the house every time he touches the ball. I'm very comfortable with him as our return man. So if we don't compare him to the rest of the league, what do we compare him to? Maybe you just have higher expectations. Who do you suggest we use a return man?
  11. I'll be in attendance...hopefully I will be able to talk 2 of my so-called friends into coming with me. I'll be in my seats in 316, row 15. No way I'm missing this game or Thursday's game. It's a long drive from Greenville, SC, but well worth it. Along with everyone else, I've been suprised to see the dome soo empty at kick-off. It's not unusual to see entire rows of the mezzanine empty when the game starts. I hate to miss a single play. Luckily there are TV's in the Restrooms.
  12. I'm going to have to go ahead and disagree. A guy spending his presumably hard-earned money on his first Falcons game. It's natural to wonder what to expect. Wouldn't it be great if there was a message board of some kind where he could ask other fans what to expect? Oh wait! To answer the original question. Expect the attendance to greatly diminish after the 3rd quarter when we are giving the Bucs an Azz-whoopin'!
  13. +1...Go Falcons. Naturally, I predict a blowout since my voice had a week to recover. I believe my loud voice screaming from section 316 could be a difference maker! It's just nice to be at the mid point of the season and have a huge home game with 1st place at stake.
  14. all things considered, I'm going to pick the Falcons to win: Falcons 41 Buccaneers 17
  15. Never said I was expecting a blowout. I am hopeful, however. I'll take any form of win, but I wouldnt be suprised if we won in a blowout. We beat the saints, who blewout the Bucs. We blewout the Cardinals, who almost beat the Bucs. While I don't expect a blowout, I don't think anybody is crazy who does expect one. I'm just sayin...
  16. Is that our defense will set the tone EARLY in the game. I think we kick off to start...A TFL, a sack, and a rushed incompletion set up a early punt. If we avoid giving up the big play, I think our offense will get the job done. I can't handle another game like we had against them last year. There's so much riding on this game...first in the NFC South! I trust that Mike Smith has the guys ready to "Rise Up" after the bye week. I hope this game looks more like week 2 of this year than the other 2 home games. Let's go Falcons! Build a 30 point lead so we can rest our starters in the 4th qua
  17. What's unbelievable is the Referee's bias towards NO. He didn't know what he wanted to say, just knew he was going to disallow that TD. I didn't see anything conclusive either way, but it was a TD on the field.
  18. Riiiight...watch much football? As the season winds down there are going to be more and more NFC South vs NFC South matchups. We are going to have to pull for whichever team can most help our cause. It sucks, but there will be games where we may need NO, Car, or TB to win. Although, like most here, I feel we will take care of our business anyway, and won't need any help. But, any help from other teams would be nice too.
  19. I'm torn. Do we pull for the Panthers since they aren't much of a threat to us this season, or do we pull for the Rams since we all hate the Panthers? I'm thinking the Rams since we still have a game against them.
  20. But I won the AFMB 1 pick 'em challenge last week with 11. I plan to move up the overall leader board again this week. I'm 4 games behind, but that can change. I'm just sayin...
  21. Thanks! I'll start putting a few dollars from each check aside
  22. Ok...I agree with the post, but have a question to ask This is my first year with season tickets. I assume season tix holders have first choice at playoff games? What about Super Bowl Tickets? Any long time ticket holders know the answer to that question?
  23. Lets give Brian Finneran some love. He has performed admirably this season. I know some people doubted him coming back from injury this late in his career, but he has been an integral part of our offense this season. Keep it up Finn!
  24. For all those saying Matt Ryan is not, and never will be an elite quarterback, consider these stats from this season: Matt Ryan is tied for 4th with 12 TD Passes. Ryans 5 ints is fewer than: Rivers, Palmer, Flacco, Romo, McNabb, Cutler, Eli Manning, Rodgers, Favre, and Brees. Hmm, seems like those are some pretty big names. I won't rant anymore, I think I've made my point.
  25. I'm in the opposite situation. I always schedule myself off on Sundays, but I'm going to work this week since we don't have a game.
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