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  1. I was thinking we might come out running this week. Last couple of weeks we have featured Ryan. If Turner can bust a few good runs early, I think we can take control of this game.
  2. Ultimately, we have to take care of business on the field. But I wouldn't mind getting a little help from the Cowboys today. Adding another loss to NO would be a great help to our quest. Cowboys are probably my least favorite team, but not today. Aside from that I have a question for you all? Did your ballot also get lost in the mail when they were voting for America's Team?
  3. I posted a thread that has gone unnoticed that points out these facts: He currently ranks 7th in the NFL with 864 yards. 6 rushing TD's have him tied for 8th. Point being, don't worry about Turner, he is still getting the job done!
  4. Michael Turner is quietly having a good season. He currently ranks 7th in the NFL with 864 yards. 6 rushing TD's have him tied for 8th. I think it's fair to give him partial credit for the success of the passing game. We are throwing the ball more now, and I suspect the fear of stopping 33 has something to do with it. We have what I believe to be the most balanced offense in the NFL. Pick your poison: Do you want to get beat by Matty Ice or steam-rolled by the Burner?
  5. I'm a Greenvillian, and I hate to tell you that the Carolina Panthers will be on TV for eternity. It sucks, but it's the truth. It's been an expensive season for me...Season Tickets and NFL Sunday Ticket on DirecTV.
  6. This one is especially saddening. I have to go in to work for a meeting at 7pm. Work is 45 minutes from home. That means I'm going to have to drag myself away from the TV around 615 to head to work. I've tried everything I could to get out of it. Best I could do was talk my manager into letting me be 15 minutes late. Hopefully Matty Ice and Co. can wrap this thing up in about 3 quarters.
  7. Maybe, but Vick was more impressed with our game than his...He commented on our game, stating "The Falcons won a real DOG FIGHT"... I'll vote for Ryan.
  8. As a fan, you celebrate EVERYTHING that is favorable to the team. Whether it be one play, one drive, one game, or an opponents game. We needed a Giants loss in order to allow the Falcons to control their own destiny. As fans, let us celebrate. But, lets hope our Atlanta Falcons football team isn't celebrating, but is focused on next weeks game instead.
  9. Congratulations on getting to watch the Falcons on the road! I know you will do your part. The only road game i got to see was the year of the expansion when Carolina played at Clemson's Death Valley. The next Road game i plan to see is when we play in Dallas next February.
  10. I toasted with the falcons kool-aide. I've been drinking it for 20 years, but it tastes a little better this year!
  11. I hope not. I don't want to sell my tickets. My work schedule is already set. No way am I going to drive to ATL for a night game and then back to Greenville that night so I can work on Monday. 1pm is just fine. Worst case though, I can make money off of my tickets and watch the game on TV.
  12. One game at a time. I'm thinking the guys will be resting on the couch, with the TV tuned to the St.Louis game. We will worry about Green Bay when the time comes.
  13. Very true. I still think there are some missing ballots when the vote was taken for "America's Team". Besides, I need some fantasy points from Dez Bryant.
  14. Go Panthers? I'm going to drink several before the game starts. Otherwise, I'm going to have a hard time uttering those words.
  15. I've been blessed. My cancer battle started in early '07. But i haven't had any type of treatments since that summer. I Go every 4 months for an MRI...so far so good. Much like the Ravens, cancer can be beat
  16. What is your dad's name? I'm recovering from stage 3 brain cancer myself. Every night I pray for myself and 3 others I know fighting the disease. I would be glad to add your dad to my list. God Bless, and Go Falcons!
  17. There was, especially after the go ahead score. But they had some mysterious powers...because when the game was over and we were walking out, they were nowhere to be seen.
  18. It's not an issue to me for one reason...Ryan is getting better at finding the open man...It just happens to be Roddy White and Tony Gonzalez most of the time. As long he isn't forcing the ball into coverage, I don't care who he throws to.
  19. I feel your pain brother. I'll be at the game, but it will take me 3 1/2 hrs to get back home after the game. I trust that the Falcons will make it worth it for the both of us!
  20. Correct. The funniest thing is that Marcus learned to type so he could come on here and support his brother Michael. None of us saw that coming.
  21. Yes, they want to put a line out that gets equal action on both sides. That way, they are guaranteed a win. But whoever is giving up the points is still considered to be the "favorite to win".
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