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  1. On the third day of christmas the falcons gave to me...
  2. I'll agree with you. some of the others will give you a hard time about it. But, as fans, we are allowed to overlook, underestimate, and prognosticate. That's what we do. Players get paid NOT to do that. If we aren't supposed to overlook opponents, what is the point of making preseason prediction threads? So, I'm with you. Falcons win in a blowout, proving that THEY AREN't OVERLOOKING anybody.
  3. I think you mean to say, "ARE all Saints fans this f**cking Stupid?" No, Saints have some classy fans. Unfortunately, only a few of those fans visit this board.
  4. The Atlanta Falcons to Greenville, SC. They used to have training camp up here, so they would be comfortable playing here. Not to mention, local coverage would be for the Falcons instead of the Panthers. They would save me a ton on NFL Sunday ticket. Also, I would save a lot on gas money since I'm a season ticket holder. We could be either the "Greenville Falcons" or the "South Carolina Falcons" But, If I'm to be realistic, I would relocate The Carolina Panthers to the Southern Conference. I think they would be more competetive with the likes of App. State and Furman.
  5. I think we might see his understudy in week 17...mr Reddy Ice.
  6. Sold in a collector's edition 17 pack to celebrate 17 wins in the 2010 season.
  7. Well, Mr. Rison, I thought you had learned your lesson. Apparently, that isn't the case. My Advice: Stay away from CABS (Crazy Azz Beeeches)
  8. Well, be proud, your grammar skills equal those of Michael Vick. Or, are you directly quoting the AJC?
  9. For everyone getting upset...Please realize this is a bumped thread that was started in APRIL!
  10. I voted yes. I believe we can beat any team, anywhere. I ain't skurred of the Patriots. Guess we will find out how good they are when we match up with them in Dallas in a couple of months.
  11. I hope we can get that kid from Boston College. He could be the answer for us at the QB Position. And, I've heard that he doesn't run any dog fighting rings.
  12. hmmm...late sunday afternoon he might have been thinking this..."C'mon Mike catch this ball and score. We can't go to overtime...i know this will force her in to labor if this game has to drag on any longer!"
  13. If he's a boy, it certainly must be..."Matthew Ryan ______"
  14. Power Rankings Key point: Current Team Previous 1 Falcons · Trends 1 Winning a game on the road when you don't play well, which they did against Tampa Bay, is a sign of how good they are. It will be a real shock if the playoffs don't go through the Georgia Dome. Ok, so they had us at 1 last week, but validated the point this week.
  15. You guys keep mentioning we should use a "vanilla offense"...HELLO! That is our offense. We probably have the most balanced offense in the game. That is what we do. Problem is, nobody can stop us. We don't have a flashy offense filled with reverses, flea flickers, etc. That being said, I agree. We should use a vanilla offense against the saints, meaning we should keep doing what we do!
  16. I think this is probably the worst idea I've ever heard. Did you even look at the NFC standings before making such a ridiculous post? Please tell me how a loss "wouldn't affect us at all". The only way I would give any value to the post would be if we had homefield advantage locked up. Besides, I pay a lot of money for season tickets and NFL Sunday ticket. If I were to be shorted a game, I would be one of Thousands of pizzed off customers. Not a personal shot, but you might want to go back to the drawing board on that idea. I'll give you a C- for creativity though.
  17. And I'd like to point out that one more win by the falcons will ELIMINATE the Bucs from the NFC South Race. Or, another loss by the bucs will eliminate them.
  18. I'm not superstitious, I'm only a little stitious.
  19. I'll probably bark so loud that my neighbor's dog will start talking.
  20. But until we win on the road, in the month of december, when the temperature is below 32, when the other teams starting quarterback has an even numbered jersey, in a leap year, against an NFC South opponent, where there isn't a single lucky play or bad call... we can't be considered an elite team...
  21. because even the falcon is afraid to watch. He is doing a heck of a job, but I can't even watch at the end of the games. I take a knee and listen for the GA Dome reaction...then I ask whoever I bring "Did he make it?"
  22. I'm a South Carolinian, and have DirecTV and NFL Sunday Ticket. It's well worth it to me, even though I bought season tickets this year. Only problem with DirecTV is you lose signal during rainy conditions. Well worth the risk though, IMHO.
  23. And that's assuming I drink at that many before the game. With the colder weather, I may be tempted to drink at a slower pace than normal. Also, I don't know if I'm going to have to drive back home as well. I need to drink a few before the game to ease my nerves. No matter who we play, I'm always nervous before the game.
  24. No need to simply answer the question so I'll give my itenerary: 6:00 AM...light breakfast followed by a shower. Pack the Cooler full of Coors light. 7:00 AM...pick up my older brother and his girlfriend, and leave Greenville, SC via 85 South. 9:30 AM...park the car and head to the CNN building food court for a pregame snack. 9:52 AM...Open beer #1. Drink beer. 10:07 AM..Open beer #2. Drink beer. 10:22 AM..Open beer #3. Drink beer. 10:37 AM...Open beer #4. Drink beer. 10:52 AM...Search for a port-a-john in a nearby parking lot. 11:00 AM...Open beer #5. Drink beer. 11:15 AM...Alert my gue
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